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Doraemon –


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Doraemon | Battle game & Fun stuff bot


Some commands have its subcommands, if so the syntax will be: cat [command] [subcommand] [arguments]

Battle game

Claim characters, find weapons, collect gadgets, buy gems, upgrade your equipments and fight with bosses and other users

tutorial Learn how to Battle

me Check your equipments. You can equip 1 character, 1 weapon and up to 3 gadgets

character Claim, search, equip, rename, reroll and check your characters

weapon Claim, search, equip and check your weapons

gadget Search, combine, equip and check your gadgets

gem Search, combine and check your gems

team Lead your team and go team fight together

fight Fight, fight solo rank, fight duo rank, fight with bosses and get rewards

adventure, worldboss Big journey to gain more rewards, better with team

dorayaki Battle currency. Earned by command work and selling things in Battle. Can be transfered to catnip for gambling

shop Battle shop

buy Buy items in shop by dorayaki

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item Check your items

sell Sell character, weapon, gadget, gem and get dorayaki

market Global user-to-user market

trade Trade with other users

up Upgrade character, weapon, gadget by gem. Especially, you can upgrade weapon strength level by gem houtu and .. your luck

use Use items in inventory

work Farm dorayaki, gadget, gem

marry Marry and fight together, collect love point and earn bonus rewards

divorce Divorce


Play gamble games with bot and other users (PvP) using catnip

slot Slot machine

baucua A traditional gamble: Baucua

blackjack Play blackjack with your friends

coinflip Classic and Extended coinflip

gtn Guess the number with random hints spawned randomly

threecard Play threecard with your friends

lotto Buy tickets and win jackpot

Custom games

ludo Play ludo with your friends

amongwumpii Discord version of Among us game


Doreamon’s catnip currency system used for gamble games.

give Give catnip to other user

daily Get daily reward every 12 hours

lixi Give and take catnip randomly

nip Check your balance

task Finish assigned tasks and get rewards or custom your task to setup Conditional Giveaways

transfer Exchange catnip and dorayaki


Language & Prefix

language Setup bot language for text-to-speech command (speak) and bot response (if language supported)

prefix Custom bot prefix

Feature Channels

Make your channels become more powerful and interesting

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Command channel with subcommands:

  • counting – setup counting channel
  • onewordstory – setup one-word channel
  • twowordstory – setup two-word channel
  • wordwordchain – setup word-wordchain channel. eg: loi chao – chao hoi – hoi han…
  • charwordchain – setup character-wordchain channel. eg: hello – object – tea…
  • info – check channel info
  • reset – reset channel to default


Send, Reply message (content, images, attachments) to a channel. Everything is anonymous.

Setup cfs channel: catchannel cfs (key)

Setup cfs pending channel: catchannel cfsp

Command confession with subcommands:

  • ban Ban a user or anonymous user through confession message link or reacting in pending channel
  • bans List banned
  • unban Unban a case

Temp Voice Channels

Let members customize their voice “room”.

Command voice with subcommands:

  • setup Set the current voice as Voice Channel Creator
  • unset Unset a Creator
  • setname Set the name pattern
  • name Rename voice room
  • lock Lock room and allow all members in room
  • unlock Unlock room
  • limit Limit users in room
  • deny Deny user to connect
  • allow Allow user to see and join your room
  • transfer Transfer host
  • claim Claim non-host room
  • info Check room setting
  • reset Reset room setting
  • hide Hide your room from everyone
  • show Show room to everyone
  • softhide Hide room from blocked users
  • softshow Show room
  • block Block user and stop seeing his room, if you softhide your room then it hiden from him
  • unblock Unlock someone
  • join Join with other user voice chat no matter where they are
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Create, add requirements, end, reroll, show list giveaways. With task types:

  • send messages | has role | join server (time) | stay in voice channels | mention users | be mentioned

Command giveaway with subcommands:

start Create a giveaway. Tasks (requirement) can be attached

end End giveaway before times up

cancel Cancel a GA without finding the winner

reroll Reroll a giveaway to find new winner

list See list ongoing GAs in server


Chat xp, leveling, rank, role rewards custom for your server

Command level


Cute emote actions

awoo | bang | blush | clagwimoth | cry | cuddle | dance | hug | kiss | lick | nom | pat | pout | punch | slap | smile | smug | stare


Random image with keyword. All shared by our members

meo | xinh | zai | meme | food | sexy

Fun & Others

Fun things

speak – text to speech

voicecode – custom voice name for command speak

say – send messages to any channel

feedback | info | link | ping | premium | stat

help – list of commands

help <command> – detail for command


If you need any supports, join Cat Server

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