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How to Get Wild Honey –

How to Get Wild Honey

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There are a wealth of resources that are up for grabs in Slime Rancher, but one which may be a bit tricky to figure out is how to get Wild Honey.

A byproduct of bees, Wild Honey is an essential ingredient in a number of crafting recipes you’ll need to use to create new structures like teleports, spring pads and med stations.

Not only that, but it can also be used to craft decorations for your ranch. This includes everything from a stylish lamp to more natural structures like mossy tree stumps and towering Sunburst Trees.

To get Wild Honey though, you’ll have to go through a few specific steps and know where to look for the bees that produce it.

How to Get Wild Honey in Slime Rancher

First and foremost, you’ll want to build the necessary structures needed to gather Wild Honey. These are called Apiaries, and they can be constructed after you purchase either the novice or advanced-level blueprints from the Builder’s Shop.

The Novice Apiary blueprint costs 500 currency and will allow you to craft an apiary with a lower development cost but a lower resource yield; meanwhile, the Advanced Apiary’s blueprint costs 1,500 and draws in more resources overall.

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Purchase whichever one is more within your price range, then head over to the Fabricate Gadget to craft the structure.

The Novice Apiary will cost 10 Pink Plorts, 6 Phospor Plorts and 6 Honey Plorts to create, while the Advanced Apiary will cost twice as much of every material to make.

Where to Gather

Once you have an apiary, you’ll need to do is go to the area where Wild Honey is exclusive to; the Moss Blanket, a lush, green area taking up the upper left quadrant of the world map.

It’s one of the first areas you can enter during Slime Rancher, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get to so long as you’ve put in a few hours of playtime.

Once you’ve reached the Moss Blanket, head into the forested area and press the T key to open up your gadget menu. This will highlight areas where you can place structures and gather materials over time.

Find a suitable highlighted spot, click on it and then select the apiary you constructed earlier to place it on the highlighted location.

Once placed, you’ll simply need to wait for a few minutes before it finishes collecting Wild Honey that you can then take for yourself.

That’s all there is to knowing how to get Wild Honey in Slime Rancher. For more, check out our full breakdown of who Casey is and how they’re significant to the story.

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