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reasons why evolution should be taught in schools –

reasons why evolution should be taught in schools

Are you looking for the topic about Should Evolution Be Taught in Schools? Worst Top 15 Miss …Teaching Evolution is Not Optional Eugenie Scott (National Center for Science Education)isn’t it? If so, you can check it out right here.

Should Evolution Be Taught in Schools? Worst Top 15 Miss …

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Evidence America is going to hell with ignorance and education is failing.

Feel free to vote on which contestant gave the worst answer! I picked 15 varied answers for this video, but I could had chose about 35. The most common answer was to teach different views and let the student decide or some variation, which is a crock of shit.

Only correct answer is Evolution is the only scientific theory that is taught in science classes. This was something I learned in high school biology and 1st year College Biology class.

I judged on content of answer, Miss Nevada didn’t have a clue what she was answering, a clear winner. However, your criteria may differ. Special Sarah Palin award for creating a new word goes to Miss Hawaii.

Note: I disqualified Miss Arkansas for stupidity because she said they didn’t even teach evolution in her high school.


  1. Juan Pablo Peña-Rosas

    Possible answer: i think that questions in these pageants should evolve to something more respectful to us the contestants considering that this is such a controversial issue right now

  2. Juan Pablo Peña-Rosas

    Possible answer: ithink there would be people more qualified to have such an interesting debate, probably not wearing a bikini like us right now » Thank you

  3. Juan Pablo Peña-Rosas

    Possible answer: yes and in Other places too like supermarkets, zoos and every place such as…

  4. Juan Pablo Peña-Rosas

    Possible answers: sure why not? Thanks

  5. Juan Pablo Peña-Rosas

    They should just respond anything like Tokisha in the red carpet when asked what she thought she would do to celebrate or something of the sort and she just said « milk »

  6. Jambutty

    Scary stuff. Maybe bring civilisation and education to your own country,

  7. Shadow Princess Nami

    Wait so do they not teach evolution in American schools? Do they not teach Newtonian physics either?!

  8. Nick Alonso

    No it shouldn’t be taught in school Bc there is no absolute concrete evidence pointing to the idea that it’s factual truth. It’s no different than teaching God in schools Bc at the end of the day they are not different at all

  9. chile anyways

    Hawaii is great

  10. Walter LeSaulnier

    PLEASE tell me that most of the people in the video are not allowed to procreate or vote and are getting psychiatric help.

  11. Christopher Foote

    It's the theory of natural selection. Not evolution. Evolution is based upon the premise people developed from an inferior life form. To me that isn't very reasonable. Natural selection presumes we share a common heritage. Makes more sense. But I'm uncertain how it applies.

  12. arch shunrey89

    Vermont's answer to this is great.

  13. arch shunrey89

    Vermont's answer to this is great.

  14. Chris


  15. Bee N

    Oh what would Darwin say…..

  16. Szandika

    You don’t believe in evolution or the theories? It’s not the same…

  17. Brendan McClelland

    None of the contestants provided a good response, especially since they didn’t have any prompt knowledge of it.

  18. RonnieB

    From reading comments I gather, thankfully, that evolution IS taught in US schools – that's such a relief. I don't know about anyone else but I watched this with widened eyes and mouth agape… These brainwashed non-thinkers should start a critical thinking journey, starting with learning what 'theory' means in a scientific context… Then let them assimilate a documentary or 10 showing examples of evolution in places like the Galapagos Islands. Poor kids!

  19. erestube

    "We're smarter than ever these days." Most are answering as if evolution is not taught in schools yet. Why doesn't it surprise me that they weren't paying attention?

  20. J S

    Why was Miss Washington included in this? She was probably the most affirming of Evolution

  21. Schell 01

    Can't watch this to the end. It's making me sad to discover how incredibly vacuous these girls are.

  22. idk

    Dumbness explained

  23. The Jew

    And this folks is why I’m embarrassed to be a human being.

  24. achhantea

    Pre mordial soup, rock then here we are. Don't you realize how dumb is this belief? So those who don't agree with you are stupid? Pure evolutionist logic. Who is stupid now?

  25. Paul Smith

    And just think, they can vote…. Any coincidence most of the gals are all from the South?

  26. Doin Alright


  27. Rikki Lynn

    Oh that's a tough one…thinks for a second… Yeah. 🙄

  28. D10S Relish

    " Miss dum contest "

  29. Akif Nobody

    Meanwhile, in the Holy Islamic Curriculum of Iran, evolution is taught from grade 5.

  30. Jerry Tom

    Strange description of the video.People are going to hell if they don't believe a theory about apes turning in to humans? Education is failing? No, everone has heard about that theory, some people believe it and some don't.I personally think it's dumb and makes no sense.

  31. Blood Cotton Candy

    There's a reason why supermodels aren't pageant Queens. The amount of extremely beautiful doctors the world would have at this moment if we didn't have supermodels.

  32. Claude with no Speed

    A scientist saying our "common ancestor" started the chimp and human lineage because of a common DNA pattern is like a mechanic telling me that a car and ATV evolved from a skateboard because of similar axle and wheel setups.

  33. Ben Gilbert

    What was wrong with the last one?

  34. Noah


  35. Cesar Omiste

    these poor ignorant girls, it''s unfortunate that they don't understand that choosing what to accept (e.g. evolution theory) is not determined by how you feel or believe should be true. You should always make that choice but please people base it on sound principles of logic and the hard scientific evidence/data.

  36. Guy Bartlett

    I wonder if fake boobs are part of evolution?

  37. German Garcia

    Evolution on what matter

  38. Faby cho

    This explains so much

  39. Carlos Dorantes

    Dear lord!! I mean…geez…”thanks”

  40. Bizarro

    Religious indoctrination

  41. Paul Lever

    If only they had a brain

  42. Solomon Tsegaye

    I have some doubt about evolution now. How could natural selection allow such genetic traits survive to the 21st century.

  43. David Wirth

    Oh My! If we are smarter than ever , we are doomed!!

  44. Nono Zapennn

    Um, I think I lost some brain cells watching some of that

  45. Steve Martin

    Does anyone know where I can find a working link to video of ALL the answers from that year's pageant?

  46. Little Lamb

    I never knew how many religious extremists were out there until social media. It is a disgrace

  47. aL.h 23B

    Do they even know what evolution means themselves?

  48. poppemolke


  49. Prune Squallor

    Evolution can no longer be thought of as a theory, but rather it’s simply how all living things adapt to an ever changing environment on this earth we all share. These women talk about evolution as if Homo sapiens had a say in the matter, or even believe in it like it were a religion. The evidence to the affirmative is available to anyone who has the sense to open their eyes. Disagreeing with evolution, is the same as disagreeing with gravity. Disagree all you like, the laws that govern the universe will happen whether you agree, or disagree.

  50. Felix Gabriel

    Wait so it's NOT?

Teaching Evolution is Not Optional

keywords: #biology, #teaching, #Scopestrial, #creationism, #education, #intelligentdesign, #APBiology, #IBBiology, #biologyteachers, #law

Paul Andersen teams up with Keith Hughes to explain why teaching evolution is not optional for high school biology teachers.

Here is a link to the survey:


Click here to visit HipHughesHistory:


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Title: I4dsong_loop_main.wav

Artist: CosmicD

Link to sound:


Creative Commons Atribution License


  1. Cesar Ballerini

    Teaching evolution means basically telling every student that God doesn't exist. The problem with this big lie is that when you go trough problems in life you have no Jesus to come to rescue. Teaching evolution is pure EVIL.

  2. Vansh Nishchal

    Personally I believe God created the universe hundreds of millions of years ago. I am Hindu we have a diverse set of beliefs. In school I always accept evolution though to get good grades. I do like science though I am in Science Olympiad and enjoyed AP Physics 1. However I like mathematics the most.

  3. Sycosoulreaver

    If you are forcing teaching you must teach both theories. There is no way to prove either. Both are a belief system and If you can not recognize that you are already being dishonest.

  4. Andreas Bengter

    well to me as a christian I can't help to feel that your blind.. I think this is more of a heart thing than a head thing.. Me who have experienced god see things from another perspective, than someone who hasn't. To me it is clear when you connect the dots, you see a creator ordering the universe.. I have seen the solution of the puzzle so I guess it is much more easy for me. –> if you'd find a jumboyet in nature.. you wouldnt ask yourself what natural cause made this construction –> you'd ask yourself which human designed this structure.. and we humans for instance one of many fantastic living things we are more advance than a jumboyet.. a bumblebee are more efficient than the most advance airplain.. yet you think a bumblebee is a accident, and many random mutations (+natural selection)..

    Hate to break it to you the law of entropy doesnt permit a structuring destruction to happen, that would build and order information. but in fact the only outcome of a mutation is degenerating the information structures within itself because of radiation, that is the main force affecting our DNA not natural selection . When DNA is hit by radiation the belived main force affecting our DNA and a believed prerequisit for evolution it hits and destroy whats the, and cant actually build anything new only distort..

    1. Raditation = destruction/disruption.. that degeneration may sometimes be benificial to the organism temporary, but the mutation always leads to an overall information loss in the organisation of the organism that was there previously..
    2. Negative chaotic force of radiation –> causes a mutation –> a mutation is a change to the previous information that was there that gets change = a mutation can never add information only change what was allready there to dilude and distort it 99.99999999999999999% of the times. Do you really think radiation could build proteins? Radiation could only affect whats there, not build DNA. = so new question what force builds DNA and organise life. Clearly the evolution theory can't explain this conondrum. its not a hard question ofcourse God /the creator designed and created life. but for a secular scientist its a really tough question? I meen you guys should look into it if your are a atheist scientist.. nonewithstanding this none-college graduated hobyist filosophers thinking.. my logic is sane none withstanding my personal cridentials.

    3. if not do you think the universe has a universal soul that makes it self organise into proteins? Panteistic atheist.. if u believe that mumbo jumbo, it would be more sensible to take the smaler jump now into believing a personal creator: created the personal mankind with a free will.

  5. Andreas Bengter

    Is the beautiful marvelous peecock evidence of evolutions miracle or intelligent design? I moved the question here because I think it is relevant. ​

    I agree that christians could believe in the evolution theory. But the theory is flawed. And it is at fault I think for secularizing big parts of the western world. Theistic evolution theory makes more sense than the plain one. Still doesnt make sense theologically why a allwise God, and all powerfull would use this very random and flawed method though.. doesnt rime with christian view of God or the beautiful outcome in creation.. also there is no trace of any intermediate spiecies that is worth mentioning in the fossile records, there is 99% bunch of static fossiles with no traces of change, some extinct animals, and no traces of billions of intermediate animals and dead branches of the evolutional tree etc, but mostly fossiles of now living spiecies.

    So the empirical facts speak agains the vanilla evolution theory. it has been debunked by modern sciencitifical findings, yet people cling to into in lack of another explanation.. But thats not proper scientifical method I believe if a theory doesnt rime with the findings again and again you shouldnt tweak the theory you should discard the theory in all, and then get another hypothesis. And test that aginast reality. Thats what stephen Jay Gould – punctuated equilibrium did how come schools dont teach his theory whichs rhymes better with actuall findings? I would argue that intelligent design should be taught alongside the evolotion theory and punctuated equilibrium in schools. Punc Eq is that evolution isnt showing in the fossile records because it is happening in the none bone parts of the animals predominatly, and in perifial groups that didnt leave as many fossiles, who later stabilized into bigger breeds/groups. that would explain some of the lack of the empirical evidence in the fossil record for the vanilla evolution theory.

    Or what do you guys think?

  6. irving rivera

    The point about Laws is pointless in this matter since all Laws are not created equal. Bill Nye The Lying Guy, I mean Really? Didn't Ken Ham already wipe the floor with him?! Evolution with all of it's gaps and lies is but a mere theory and a weak one to put it lightly and to teach it to children as if it were Truth is really a diservice to them, to education, to science, and to society as a whole! If you must teach it… teach it in truth for what it is, a Theory that has not been proven but also teach the opposing side as well and let children decide which one is more magical than the other! Frankly it requires much more faith to believe in Evolution than in Intelligent design and that's the Truth!

  7. Juster5000 Jc5000

    There’s no proof that Evolution is real and there’s a mountain of evidence of the flood happed that proves the Bible where is the evolution us proof and they think we came from a rock look it it up for your self before you tell me I’m wrong!

  8. Sport CK highlights

    That's the same as indoctrination once things become mandatory that's violation of rights. Which Is why I commend the 60% of the teachers who don't force their views on kids. If you must teach, either teach both and let kids choose or teach neither. Forcing your views on others is no different than dictatorship no different than propaganda.

  9. Ed Aguirre

    AMERICAN ASTRONAUT James Irwin's God-honoring CHRISTIAN testimony FROM THE MOON. Apollo 15 had to orbit the round global earth before heading to the moon.


    Jim [James Irwin] felt God’s love and presence in a powerful way out there. Though separated from home by 215,000 miles, he sensed a nearness and presence of God that he never anticipated. Some other Apollo astronauts also had spiritual experiences during their missions, but Irwin knew the God of the Bible personally. In the midst of their hectic schedule, he had time to briefly quote his favorite Bible verse, Psalm 121:1, I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. It was particularly fitting against the massive hills of the Apennine Mountains and canyons of Hadley Rille, but we must hasten to verse 2, which gives the answer to the question: My help cometh from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. Graciously deferring to the hard-working ground crew back on Earth, Jim appended, “but of course we get quite a bit from Houston, too.” Several times when problems arose deploying experiments, he prayed for help. Almost immediately, ideas would come to mind that worked. He describes some of these moments:
    It was almost like a revelation. God was telling me what to do. I never asked Houston because I knew there would be a delay. I didn’t have time for Houston to get an answer to me; I needed an immediate answer. I could see several logical ways to go about solving these mechanical problems, but I wanted to know the best way. I prayed, and immediately I knew the answer. I am not talking about some vague sense of direction. There was this supernatural sensation of His presence. If I needed Him I could call on Him, call on His power. (To Rule the Night,p. 19)
    He describes the sensation of looking up at home:
    In the three days of exploration, there were a couple of times when I actually looked up to see the earth—and it was a difficult maneuver in that bulky suit; you had to grab onto something to hold yourself steady and then lean back as far as you could. That beautiful, warm living object looked so fragile, so delicate, that if you touched it with a finger it would crumble and fall apart. Seeing this has to change a man, has to make a man appreciate the creation of God and the love of God. (Ibid., p. 60.).
    "Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 5:1)."

  10. Ian Schultz

    True unless the town or township votes against it

  11. WhimpyPatrol

    Did these court case rulings also insist that side-by-side courses be taught about the constitutional rights of Americans to believe as they wish?

  12. WhimpyPatrol

    your 60/13/28 chart seems warped.   It means natural selection would have weeded out millions of atheists and agnostics since 1970 — probably by abortions.  Great granddad from NM says evolution was taught all thru school in the 1960's and that he took a high class on evolution.  Great Uncle Samuel remembers from high school in 1970 – 1973 Mill Valley, CA, only 2 classmates, a Christian and a transcendentalist, who still believed in God even way back then, 50 years ago.  Maybe teaching of evolution has dwindled because parents who believe in God have more babies and less abortions.  Supposedly 50 million abortions since 1970 when it became legal.  Why would evolution favor not believing in evolution?

  13. Jose Rodriguez

    You are lost in you little brain

  14. EclipZ

    Why should they teach evolution? Some people do not believe in it I feel that there should be an option

  15. nathan cruz vazquez

    evolution doesnt exist

  16. Mohamed Zen

    EVOLUTION IS NOT REAL!!!!! even doctors and scientists know that but they want to teach this to enhance atheism and that there isnt a god for all of this

  17. Primodernious

    why not just teach biology. from a engineer perspective is all molecular machines like robots. if your teach evolution, you must also teach that the same species that exist today are also exactly the same as in the fossil record as well as that many of the ancestors of humans are just frauds of either pig or monkey and that the only remains that can relate to humans are nedandertals that are just races of human diversity. if you teach that the age of the ice in greenland is millions of year you must also teach that each half year summer winter the ice melts flip around ath ground level and move into sea and then freeze with new ice every year and that the sand in the ice cores are nothing but sand from the near land that have topled over. if you teach evolution, you must also teach that bones is the last thing that become fossil in clay that you think is rock. if you teach evolution you must also teach that the remains of fossils are often and mostly found in ancient dried out river surrounded by mountains and that these rivers from time to time come back to life and remerge as destruction of cities and villages in those places where the ocean is still most active. if you teach evolution, you must also teach that the sendiments of fossils was to some degree found inside the grand canyon and that sink holes and underground erosion caused the formation of its deep river and that the intrusions in the rock was caused by water. if you teach evolution, you must also teach that most dinosaur fossils found are on display made in plastic and that real dino tissue was found inside fossil of bone that was still bone. if you teach evolution, you must also include that many dinosaurs was made from chicken bones in china and that reconstruction of many dinosaurs was done completly different than the arangement of the original bones. if you teach evolution, you must also teach that the oldest human is dated at 190 000 years above the age possible with carbon dating and that anything older is a wild guess based on ancient science fiction inspired geology in a time before the radiometric dating methods was even available. if you teach evoluton, you must also teach that a intact mosquito was found inside amber that is just liquid from trees that dried out in extreme temperatures like in australia recently and next to fires. if you teach evolution, you must also teach that the sahara desert was once full of human cities some 5000 years ago and the amazonas forest was once crop land and full of cities as well and that the oldest tree on earth is no more than 500 years old and that the closest relative to a trillobyte is a insect that looks almost idential to it that lives well and alive today. if you teach evolution you must also teach about a relative to the beaver is a platypus with a duck mouth and feets with skin between the feets and that most birds resemble evovled playtipus like animals originating from mammals and that the first stage of birds have the same kind of fur as the platypus and that the ducks also cares for their young just like platypus after produced eggs and that the pattern below the shells of a fish is indentical to the skin of a reptile and a sun flower. if you teach evolution you must also teach that the twisted neck of fish is a transistion from a fish that walked on legs that had a ancestor that relate to crocodile and that the closest relative to this today is a sea turtle from a land turtle and that wings originate from swimming that that penguins are likely a transition to bird from mammal as it loves its children like tha platypus. if you ever think that fish evovled into reptile, you must explain what the fish evovled from. if you teach evolution form just the propaganda of cambridge, you are educating biased thinking, sherrypicking evidence in favior of evolutionary theology and is a propagandist to that of a religious cult and are unfortunatly part of radical brainwashing.

  18. Tyler Hooks

    God is good and within the next 7 years if trump signs the peace treaty the world will end and armegedon begins don’t believe me the prophecies are lining up and when it happens I hope u remember my comment don’t forget this and you will not be saved if you don’t change y’all need to accept god in your life because you will be judged

  19. Tyler Hooks

    Evolution is fake

  20. James Weigel

    There is a lot of evidence coming out against evolution. If you are reading this please go do some research. This video will not age well

  21. Shayaan Danish


  22. Adrian Brent

    Well….it just doesn't belong in science….

  23. horatio71

    teachers teaching creationism should be fired!

  24. OnSafari247

    Why is teaching an absurd religion called "evolution" not optional in a biology class. Teaching any religion in a biology class should not happen at all……especially a mentally retarded religion like evolution. A case can be made for intelligent design in biology class since there is a logical basis for it…..but even that doesn't really belong in a biology class either.

  25. Andrei Dickerson

    Many lies, fake discoveries have been used to propagate evolution, why if it is truth,, why not use truth based on real science, and not a compilation of theories

  26. Andrei Dickerson

    You’re going to be dead a lot longer than you live, so you better hope you’re right all of you who place your faith in evolution. Your eternity is hanging on this unprovable to this day belief.

  27. Kevin Hall

    This video is old, but evolution being debunked is old news. Evolution is bull shit. I don't care if you don't believe in Creationism. The fact that non christian scientists keep debunking evolution is proof that it should not be taught at all. Sorry athiests, it's back to the drawing board (AGAIN). Go figure out some new bull shit theory to try and explain life (AGAIN).

  28. Ally the artist

    I’m two minutes into this video and I can already see a few red flags.
    Instead of starting the video off with percentages and the law you should talk about how it is the “right” answer.
    Another thing I wanted to say is there is virtually no difference between the theory of evolution and creationism. They are both religions no matter what people may say they are.
    Here is why I think that the theory of evolution is just as much of a religion as creationism.
    They are both unproved theorys that both have evidence it back them up.
    So please don’t be making fun of people who just CONSIDER it a possibility that it would be alright to teach about a different theory besides evolution.

    Thank you for reading, and yes, I’m Christian

  29. Oleg koi

    You will desire to commit suiside when you will learn that there is NO science behind the theory of evolution, but only deceit and fraud.

  30. Oleg koi

    You fucking criminal idiot, when you learn physics you know that the second law of thermodynamics prohibits such nonsense as evolution. You are a useful idiot in the hand of megacriminals.

  31. Oleg koi

    By the Law you are a criminal, and must be isolated from kids.

  32. Flag Football

    Creationism is for the weak minded

  33. Bassman Dan

    If I was a biology teacher, on the very first day, I would tell them that I would be teaching evolution. THE VERY FIRST DAY! Any one of them who has a problem with it would struggle in the course. And if their parents have a problem with it, I’d educate them too.

  34. niko

    The problem with "evolution" is how to define it. If you by evolution mean that animals can change to some degree and adapt to their environments, sure. If you by evolution mean that fish could eventually turn into fishermen, then no. That's a fairy tale and belongs in the trashcan (or in the fairy tale books I suppose). Science today REFUTES that humans, apes, or any other kind of organism share a common ancestor. According to science, humans begets humans, apes begets apes and so on. Ten out of ten times. No exceptions.

  35. zennah williams

    This makes me realize how much work I actually have to do… I'm excited about it tho & I appreciate all the input (even the opposing views)

  36. Xarai

    its not optional no duh
    teaching english in an english class isnt optional either
    we have proven evolution
    its enough, you butthurt christians need to get an actual education

  37. David Cooper

    If you're an angry Creationist about to comment about how you think the Theory of Evolution is fake and that it's "just a theory", (1) learn what a scientific theory is and the differences between it and the common usage of "theory", and (2) take the time to look at the masses of evidence supporting Evolution (DNA, the Fossil Record, etc.) and also learn what the Theory of Evolution actually states in the first place.

  38. Liberal and Progressive Atheism

    It must be a law to teach Evolution ONLY and no creationism AT ALL

  39. BeingHonest

    evolution is a religion

  40. Fenix Projekt

    You really are an idiot there's a reason that most people won't reach evolution and the other 13% teach creationism. The law may not be on our side. It science isn't in your side! Hahahhahahahahha

  41. Fenix Projekt

    Your an idiot

  42. Trashy Channel

    Lol look at all these salty evolutionist. What are you gonna do to me for believing what I want to?

  43. mrjames46062

    To make the clame that someone's creativity or intelligence is somehow affected by what they believe about evolution is utterly ridiculous.
    How does teaching evolution help the 99% of kids who will not be studying and working in the field of biology?
    Why here in the USA are public schools told to be open minded and forced to accept the lgbt community yet close minded and only teach evolution? Remember just because you believe it doesn't make it true.
    Can any one show me the fossil record of a sea creature turning in to a land animal?
    Can any one tell me why their is loads of evidence of human and dinosaurs living together?
    Just because something is the law doesn't make it right, this country was built on that concept.
    And listening to Bill Nigh is like listening to bacon fry it sounds good its just not healthy to take in. America needs to wake up!

  44. rogue comet



    The theory of biological evolution fails every test of scientific integrity. Its proponents behave like religious bigots in their abusive name-calling and their stated wish to defrock scientists who espouse Creationism. They dismiss special creation from the outset, simply because they find it distasteful to their naturalistic biases. When faced with evidence that disproves their theory, they seldom consider the possibility that their theory might be in error, but instead assume that the evidence must be faulty. Or, if there is certain evidence that their theory cannot explain, they blindly assume that a naturalistic explanation nevertheless exists, confident that science will someday discover it. Genuine science is objective and invites scrutiny and investigation. It does not ridicule the critics of its conclusions, but instead silences their criticisms by setting forth the evidence from which those conclusions are drawn. Genuine science seeks the truth that explains the observed evidence. It does not prejudice the investigation by ruling out, from the start, hypotheses that may very well provide the best explanation for the observed evidence. Genuine science rejects any hypothesis that consistently fails to fit observed scientific evidence. It does not persistently assume that the fault lies in the evidence rather than in the hypothesis itself. On all three counts, the commonly-accepted "Theory of Evolution" fails the test of being scientific. At the heart of the problem is the fact that Evolution, disguised as a viable scientific theory, is actually a tool of religious propaganda and cultural domination, used by those who hold to the religion of Naturalism. Naturalism is the belief that all things, including the origin of life, can be explained purely in terms of natural phenomena, without the intervention of a supernatural being or deity. Ironically, many of the dogmatic proponents of Evolution may not even be aware that this is the religion they hold. Most seem unable to distinguish their religion from their "science", and thus pursue their opposition to a Creator on what they suppose are purely "scientific" grounds.

    Evolutionists rule out an intelligent Creator from the very outset. Rather than asking which hypothesis provides the better explanation of the observed evidence, Evolutionists simply reject the possibility of intelligent design without ever giving it honest consideration. Clearly, they have no genuine interest in finding the truth behind the origin of life. Instead, they merely wish to misuse "science" to confirm their anti-theistic beliefs.

  46. Gearnu

    It SHOULD be

    99.9% Evolution

    00.01% Creationism

  47. truthsought

    Creationism is all wrong….completely disproven….EVOLUTION is a FACT…..the bible is vague and completely incorrect and every discipline of biology and other sciences are aware of this…teach EVOLUTION. Ditch the big book of bullshit and childhood horse shit….grow up

  48. TJ Heath

    I think the reason so many biology teachers avoid evolution is because they don't understand it. Many science teachers are under qualified to teach science. I think they should touch on creationism though, simply because it is culturally relevant in America and needs a kick in the butt. Creationism should be directly challenged with the Socratic method. "Ok little brats. If you think creationism is a hypothesis, then make a prediction with it and prove it. Make it a theory."

  49. snɹןɐʍ ǝɥʇ ɯɐ ı

    Evolution is only taught for one reason and one reason only. If evolution is real then divine creation is not valid. The powers that be want children to be subservient to the state not god. They literally are trying to hide God.

  50. Shoesalad

    I would like to start off by saying, thank you for making this video. It's good, as an atheist in the public school system, to hear that someone has your back. But I would also like to say how disappointing this comment section is. People saying that "evolution is just a theory" and "Science just solidifies my belief in God" are so grossly shielding their minds from truth… It's really aggravating. I would not put on a blindfold and tell you I saw what was going on around me.

Eugenie Scott (National Center for Science Education)

keywords: #evolution, #creationism, #intelligent, #design, #why, #teach, #Darwin, #darwinism, #evolutionary, #theory, #national, #center, #for, #science, #education


Recognizing and understanding the three main arguments against evolution or the “pillars of creationism”, says Scott, will help teachers and scientists to refute creationism and defend the teaching of evolution in public schools.


  1. Sean Jones

    Great video. I meet so many people that deny evolution and are creationists. Our kids should not be taught creation nonsense in public schools. The NCSE is an outstanding organization and they are fighting the good fight. I am very interested in how my son is being taught science and I will be paying attention.

  2. Joseph Nordenbrock

    Great video !!!! It's funny how so many neggetive comments have been flagged or shit canned before I could read them because of to many thumbs down votes. Curse words, name calling and hate speech just doesn't fly when it brings everyone down to a barbaric level.

  3. Organ Farm

    He's not concerned about proof. He's religious.

  4. Jungle Jargon

    Objects cannot make you because they don't know how.
    Reality must be your enemy.

  5. Organ Farm

    Arrant bullshit. You are a religious fundamentalist bigot.

  6. Jungle Jargon

    Thanks for showing you have nothing relevant to say.

  7. Zero9656

    So the answer to my question is "No one should care."

    You know, when I saw you had replied, I thought you may have finally come up with an argument that isn't founded entirely in fallacy and assumption. I was wrong. Don't bother responding. Your post will not be read.

  8. Jungle Jargon

    Objects are not able to significantly sequence any directives to make or program any working mechanisms of any kind.
    The violation is that the odds of getting a single small protein of about 200 amino acids are higher than all of the seconds in 14 billion years. There are hundreds of such proteins many of which perform essential functions without being able to change.
    The violation is that matter is not able to significantly sequence itself into being any directives of any kind.

  9. Zero9656

    That's a false dichotomy. You do realize object means something that can be seen or touched? That the natural forces of this universe, such as gravity, are intangible and therefore do not apply to your strawman? Great.

    There's no evidence the matter inside of us was programmed. It does not behave any differently than it does outside of us, does violate any known law of physics.

    So, that's two fallacies in one post. Why should anyone care about your fundamentally flawed, dumbass argument?

  10. Jungle Jargon

    Objects are the only physical thing there is for you to give all the credit too.
    Your choice is to credit the objects or the Maker of the programmable programmed matter inside of you.
    It is really very simple.

  11. Zero9656

    LOL Still arguing against this "I'm saying objects made us" strawman? Fuck off.

  12. Jungle Jargon

    You have no evidence to teach evolution.

  13. Jungle Jargon

    Evolution is not compatible with reality.
    You can only teach what there is evidence of.
    From everything we know, all the working mechanisms inside of us have a Maker because no physical objects or forces ever significantly sequence anything of any kind.
    Stop being such deluded mindless souls.

  14. Jungle Jargon

    You have no right to teach evolution the same as you have no right to lie to children.
    Science does not support evolution because science is about what you can know.
    Evolution has no science. Mutations never program any transformations of any kind.
    The variation of the same kind is not a transformation of any kind.
    Evolution is just plain idiocy and you have not right to teach idiocy to children.

  15. Jungle Jargon

    You have to prove objects made you before you can say they did.
    Show me a single directed working mechanism that is the result of natural forces, you poor brainwashed deluded soul.

  16. Jungle Jargon

    Evolution cannot ever exist without magic.
    No natural force ever results in evolution.

  17. Zero9656

    Yay! More logical fallacies!

  18. Zero9656

    …who said anything about magic? Or objects and forces? Seriously, can you produce an argument that doesn't contain a logical fallacy? Just one?

  19. Jungle Jargon

    I am calling attention to the fact that scientists are lying to us about the existence of evolution. They are in denial about the flood that buried everything living on earth. They think millions of years are missing from consecutive layers of sediments.

    I am the one actually addressing the issues and the observable evidence that we have a Maker.

    You have been unable to win the debate so you resort to irrelevant ad hominem slander that proves nothing

  20. Jungle Jargon

    You don't realize there is observable evidence of your Maker. Until you prove that objects and forces are able to do magic, you have a Maker of all of the directed mechanisms that you consist of.

    The identical electric motors inside of you prove there is a plan because the are identical. We already know the plan is the directives in DNA anyway. You should have known that too but you are acting naive.

  21. Jungle Jargon

    Objects and forces have never been observed doing magic.

    Prove that objects and forces do magic.

  22. Zero9656

    Prove it contradict the laws of physics. You've made the claim, now you bear the burden of proving it.

  23. Zero9656

    You don't understand what an argument from ignorance is. Commonly it's called a god of the gaps argument. Your argument is "We can't explain this, therefore god." It's one of the weakest arguments a creationist can make.

    I didn't fail to address anything. I won't address your "directed anythings" until you can prove they're directed.

  24. Jungle Jargon

    It has nothing to do with ignorance. It has to do with the known observable directed functions inside of you. Everything you consist of is directed by the preexisting directives in your genome.

    "Ignorance" is only when there is no evidence. You are the "body of evidence" of your Maker. You consist entirely of directed chemical mechanisms every part of which requires a Maker for the function of the working mechanisms.

    You failed to address the identical directed electric motors inside of you.

  25. Jungle Jargon

    You can't read. Evolution is not legitimate because it contradicts all of the laws of physics.

    Anything you have to say is an irrelevant strawman (and red herring) argument that proves nothing at all. A strawman is irrelevant. It is a fabrication that is not real.

    "Behold, all you who kindle a fire, Who encircle yourselves with firebrands, Walk in the light of *your* fire And among the brands *you* have set ablaze. This you will have from My hand: You will lie down in torment." -That is logic.

  26. bill smith

    You cannot win this argument. You don't have directed mechanisms , nature is able to direct everything without first having been directed to do something.

  27. Zero9656

    Lol… You're going to try to win an argument with an argument from ignorance? Epic fail, buddy. Epic fail.

  28. Jungle Jargon

    Evolution is not legitimate science. It contradicts physical laws. Nothing in nature is able to direct anything without first having been directed. The Bible is true, evolution is not true. Your refusal to see that is evidence of the demons that are lying to you.

    The writer of the Gospel of Luke was a medical doctor. Your arguments are strawman arguments. Sin does cause all kinds of illness and disease. You are not even telling the truth. Sin is a disease of the the human spirit.

  29. Jungle Jargon

    The hundreds of trillions of identical spinning electric motors inside of you are proof that they are directed because how can they be identical if they are not directed???

    You cannot win this argument. You have directed mechanisms and nothing in nature is able to direct anything without first having been directed to do something.

  30. Jungle Jargon

    You are ignoring the observable evidence of *directed* mechanisms inside of you that have a Director / Maker.

  31. bill smith

    your strawman ad hom slander proves nothing

  32. Jungle Jargon

    You can't ever do right or good to people without telling the truth.

    Scientists are doing the equivalent of having an orphanage "saving" children, taking them off the street, to teach them sophisticated cyber crime.

    Wrong is always wrong and evolution is wrong, corrupt, full of lies and more lies. I am not taking issue with legitimate science.

    There is no defending evolution. You are participating in those evil deeds. You are teaching children to hate their Maker.

  33. Zero9656

    I don't know how many times I can say this without it getting through your thick skull, but you haven't proven that they are directed. You haven't even provided evidence which may suggest that they're directed. You argument fails on every possible level.

    I'm not going to account for something that doesn't exist.

  34. Jungle Jargon

    Directed chemical reactions inside of you prove that you have a Director / Maker. That is observable evidence of your Maker.

    You don't have any evidence for what you believe because nothing in nature is able to make any working mechanisms comparable to life forms.

    You have failed to account for the directed mechaisms inside of you.

  35. Jungle Jargon

    They will not want someone like me to show them up so they will not publish any paper of mine.

    You will find things like transcription, translation, chemical chain reaction, Krebs cycle, DNA polymerase and ATP synthase which are all directed chemical reactions using working machine parts.

    Only the Maker of the elements would know that common elements could be used to store information and directives.

    Every working action and reaction in life forms is directed by the preexisting word.

  36. Zero9656

    Still failing to provide supporting evidence for your position? How sad.

    Have you ever been submitted for the Golden Crocoduck award? You really should be. Actually, I think may submit you myself.

  37. Jungle Jargon

    Your irrelevant ad hominem slander proves nothing. You can comfort yourselves all you want and you will still never have a clear conscience. You are using what your Maker gave you to fight against him.

  38. Jungle Jargon

    You are lying. Directed chemical reactions inside of you are observable and they prove you have a Director / Maker. Nothing you or anyone says or does will ever change the fact that you have a Maker.

  39. Jungle Jargon

    Speak for yourself because you proved nothing with your effort.

    You said nothing because there is nothing you can say.

  40. Jungle Jargon

    I have proved that my belief is true. The directed chemical reactions inside of you prove that you have a Director / Maker. Objects and forces are only able to do what they are made to do.

    …So Christian teaching is all true. We do have a Maker and He is the only one able to remake us again because there is no one else who can.

    …So you need to stop giving evolution the time of day.

  41. Zero9656

    I expect nothing from him, other than more fail.

  42. Zero9656

    Yay! More unfounded assertions!

  43. Jungle Jargon

    As a matter of fact, it is not mere religion, it is truth.

  44. Jungle Jargon

    You were speaking to ironman.

    I was just backing him up.

  45. Jungle Jargon

    You presented a biased baseless religious belief of your own persuasion.

    You presented no facts because there are no facts supporting evolution.

    Directed mechanisms inside of you prove you have a Director / Maker.

    Nothing in nature ever directs anything without first being directed by a preexisting word.

    Now address each and every issue.

  46. Jungle Jargon

    You have failed to account for the origin of the observable directives that made you what you are.

    It that too hard?

  47. Jungle Jargon

    Address the issues. Stop beating around the bush and answer the questions directly if you want to have any credibility at all to be left over.

  48. Jungle Jargon

    Face it, our Maker is all knowing, all powerful and able to stretch out the fabric of time space so that it has function when directed inside of you.

    That is the exact same description of Yhwh in the Bible. You should have listened to the Bible when or if you had the chance.

    Natural chemicals are not enough for life forms to exist, they have to be organized into specific life forms before they ever will be a life form.

    It is not even at the "myth" stage, it is "You are an awesome God!" stage.

  49. Jungle Jargon

    You cannot understand anything until you understand that you have a Maker of all of the directed mechanisms inside of you that cannot arrise on their own without being directed by a preexisting word.

    *Directed* chemical reactions inside of you prove both that there is no evolution and that there is a Director / Maker that directed the formation of everything you are.

    There is nothing you or anyone can say or do about it. Your *directives* have a Director that wrote them into your genome.

  50. Jungle Jargon

    Anything you say is all irrelevant ad hominem slander, red herring and strawman arguments that prove nothing because the *directed* chemical reactions inside of you prove that you have a Director / Maker that you have failed to account for.

    Your "research" is garbage. It does not ever almost address the issues.

    I just gave you observable physical evidence of a Maker of all things in the universe, nothing to do with any "religion".

    Evolution is based entirely on unobserved religious beliefs.

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