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reasons why year round schooling is good –

reasons why year round schooling is good

Are you looking for the topic about Pros & Cons of YearYear(New Research) The Argument For Year Round Schoolingisn’t it? If so, you can check it out right here.

Pros & Cons of Year

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Margaret Trimer-Hartley, Superintendent of University Prep Science and Math talks about the benefits to students of year-round classes and the objections she hears from students and parents.


  1. Shirtless

    The “learning loss” argument is BS, and it is just a ruse to persuade gullible people to adopt year-round schools. I attended public school in suburban Detroit from 1962 to 1971, and there was no “learning loss.” For example, when we attended the Third Grade, we used the Third Grade books. When we entered the Fourth Grade, we started using the Fourth Grade book, and we did not miss a beat. What has changed is that, nowadays, given the changes in home life and parental involvement, a student who taken 2 ½ months off for Summer vacation needs to be retrained on how to sit still pay attention, and show some respect, and that takes time.

  2. Ojasvi K

    like they're kids, and now ur making them work even longer. let them enjoy being one for as long as they can until they have to work

  3. Aidan Witham


  4. Claire S.


  5. Nathalie Rodriguez

    i did an argumentative essay on this . they talk so fast .

  6. Sona

    69 likes 69 dislikes ey?

    Lol I did something everyone will hate me for

  7. The CheesyBagel

    they don't talk about the cons that much

  8. Bigdawg


  9. lilrog0909

    I might be biased but I've notice kids who go to school year round are just plain smarter than traditional students. Kids want summer breaks but half them time you are home having risky unprotected sex a lot, and smoking pot. It's not like your going to a new theme park every weekend and who says you can't just save your fun til the weekend like most adults in this real world! who think has to form the bill for vacations? the only downside most year programs I've seen do not have sports… it's most artsy and boring theater plays

  10. Connor

    Here is how I see it. I was put on this earth to live and survive all the hardships. But with societal development and technology improvements life is much more complicated. We were not put on this earth to "learn" and even have school for that matter. And what are we even learning exactly? As a current senior in HS I have come to a conclusion that half of the stuff we "learn" is so pointless and an incredible waste of time and money. I want hands on training, I want more career enhancing classes, I want classes that will teach me more than just a book. But instead we dont have hardly any of that! Oh but we have plenty of standardized testing, which needs to be majorly reformed in our current education system. People say Americans are becoming more stupid just look at the test scores! Well I am more than a test score, I am more than a number and a grade, and I am more than a student. America needs to go away from the current system and become another. If I ever became president, America would be the best country in the world. But our education is holding us back! Thank God I am almost done!

  11. Stormrunner2019

    good video

  12. Meaghan Kodet

    Who is the man interviewing her?

  13. Colson Rizzuto

    nothing you learn and school is used so why make us learn more of it??? 


    men mmen mmmen mmmmen mmmmmen MMMMMMMMEN

  15. StellaBellaMSP

    I Go To Creech Road

  16. StellaBellaMSP

    I Don't Like Year Round school So I'm So Not Going Here (:

  17. Ola Shaltout

    I agree with Alexx. The video is completely biased, she mentioned a lot of pros. Even when she was asked about the cons, she related them to pros.
    For example: The air conditioning and the heating, she said that it is no problem because they use it anyways.
    Even the boxes that popped up on the screen were all for the year round schooling, so i definitly think that this video is biased.

  18. Alex Steele

    Like it is no big deal. Also, the text boxes that appear on the screen all list pros towards year round schooling except for one.

  19. Alex Steele

    This video is bias because they mention many pros about year round schooling, but only few cons. When ever the interviewer asks about some cons, the lady acts

  20. WildBillKMan

    ANY form of mandatory year-round schooling is disgusting. As it is we already treat children as though they are BORN with the obligation of school! As a child I learned lots from my teachers but also found certain talks pointless. The least we can do for children in this day and age is give them a fairly long break during which they attend programs that are just fun or do whatever they wish. Think of how YOU felt when you were a child! Don't their viewpoints count for ANYTHING!


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  1. Maurice dareus

    I wonder where these kids are now ?

  2. Kate Electric

    I would pick being deported to North Korea rather than going to a year round school

  3. Jake 100406

    This alternative wouldn’t be the end of the world but many are opposed to it including teachers. There is no long break to look forward to at the end, nothing big to be excited for, just another quick break and then back to work. Maybe I’m wrong, all I know is that I don’t want this plan to spread internationally.

  4. Jake 100406

    So they think school is easy?

  5. Jake 100406

    Most kids have the same opinion, but, I believe that this schedule wouldn’t work out internationally and many students would start breaking down without any long break to look forward to after a long year of hard work.

  6. BrickNBrock


  7. Noobjo.mp4


  8. Omega cringe

    This could be cool but at the same time I don’t think I would like it

  9. bkbk21

    A modified version of this plan for other schooling districts might be helpful. Also, how long did that kid have to stand there doing nothing at the end? I thought that the video froze.

  10. Biggest Toe

    I feel bad for the boy at the end…

  11. Sam Banks

    guarantee all the kids are downvoting this LOL


    so they get homework on their break too?

  13. Patrick Elliot

    very bad and very stupid

  14. DJ Gaming Legacy


  15. aidan giordano


  16. Myakeekee Naufahu

    I don't get it
    * *

  17. Jackson Stover

    Not be racist but is there only black people there or is just me

  18. Travis V

    Wasn't helpfull

  19. Determined Observer

    Was this part of a news broadcast? Is the year round schedule still working out?

    Where can I see the original story?

(New Research) The Argument For Year Round Schooling

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New educational research sheds light in the learning impact of year-round schooling versus traditional academic calendars.

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst” ~ William Penn

From 8:00 am start times, to 50-minute class periods, to 3-month summer vacations, our modern schooling system is rife with time-based organizational practices that have long since outlived their historic function.

In Chapter 9 of my book ’10 Things Schools Get Wrong (And How We Can Get Them Right)’, I dive into the interesting history of these practices … but in the interest of brevity, suffice it to say that many of these time-based rituals are maintained out of habit, tradition and routine.

Although people may try to fight against them, routine is a like a moving train: it’s difficult to stop once it has momentum.

In this ‘From Theory To Practice’ video, I discuss the summer vacation issue. Specifically, I look at a meta-analysis from 2019 that helps us understand the learning impact that a 3-month summer break can exact on students:

Single‐track Year‐round Education for Improving Academic Achievement (Dan Fitzpatrick and Jason Burns)

Here are some of the questions I tackle in this installment:

• What is The Forgetting Curve, and what does it say about how long we generally retain new knowledge?

• What is Spaced Repetition, and how does it effectively help you combat the normal erosion of memory?

• What is the ‘summer slump’, and how far do students generally regress after a 3-month summer break?

• According to the research, what is the learning impact of implementing a year-round school calendar versus the tradition 9-month on/3-month off model?

• What are three practical takeaways that schools and teachers can draw from this meta-analysis?

Give it a watch, and let me know what you think in the comments.

And, as always, if you find this video valuable, interesting and/or entertaining, you can support our channel by liking, sharing and subscribing 😉

#YearRoundSchool​ #WhySummerBreakIsBad #ScienceOfLearning


Dr. Jared Cooney Horvath is an award-winning cognitive neuroscientist, best-selling author and renowned keynote speaker with an expertise in human learning, memory, and brain stimulation.

Dr. Horvath has published 4 books, over 30 research articles, and currently serves as an honorary researcher at the University of Melbourne and St. Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne.

His research has been featured in popular publications including The New York Times, WIRED, BBC, The Economist, PBS’s Nova and ABC’s Catalyst.



LME Global is a mission-driven company aiming to serve teachers, students and educators through applied brain science.


  1. Jared Cooney Horvath

    Hi all. My new book '10 Things Schools Get Wrong' is now available. David Bott (my co-author) and I are hosting 3 free 'book launch' webinars starting Feb 17th. The first one will deal with Digital and Distance Learning. You can register at — LME(dot)global/webinars — I hope you can join us … they will be a lot of fun!

  2. Daniel Bubela

    Hey man,

    Great video. What research did you use when referencing the Forgetting Curve and the relationship to the Spaced Repetition? I am doing an assignment for one of my classes and wanted to reference that portion of your video.

    Thank you,


  3. C FF


  4. Craig Simpson

    Hey Jared, obviously in Australia we only have a 6 week summer break rather than the 3 months you mention, is there any research on how this specifically impacts student learning in our neck of the woods?

  5. husseinsingu


  6. Yulin Liu


  7. Valence

    Hey Jared, you probably don't remember but you came to our school last year. There were COVID restrictions so you gave us zoom sessions, and it was awesome. Our school is GVGS and it was great having you. Thanks for coming and please come back some time :). Thanks for what you do man.

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