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What does it mean when your evil eye bracelet breaks –

What does it mean when your evil eye bracelet breaks

Superstitions are often based on culture, faith, and traditions. It is up to you to define what is important to you and as such, please be respectful of others’ beliefs.
An evil eye bracelet breaking can mean two things: first, it may be a sign of bad luck or it could be a reminder that you feel like you aren’t getting any good fortune these days. While the former should definitely not be taken lightly, if you find yourself coming up empty-handed too many times to count lately it might be time for an evil eye charm change-up!

What does it mean when your evil eye bracelet breaks?

Evil eye bracelets are a very powerful symbol of protection, and their breaking is an indication that the evil eye has been focused on you. It’s either drawn by you or someone who wishes harm to you. You might think that this would be an obvious sign that bad luck will happen if it is broken, but what actually happens after your evil eye bracelet breaks depends on how old the evil eye bead was.

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How Old Was Your Evil Eye Bracelet?

If your evil eye bracelet is brand new, it means something minor will change in your life for instance a little inconvenience like having to turn down coming home early from work or something of this nature. If it is one that you have had for a few years, it might mean something major is about to occur in your life… Expect some drastic changes!!

Should you wish to get a new one fast, please have a look at our evil eye bracelet collection. You’ll find all sorts of designs at various price points that are sure to satisfy any taste and budget.

Which Hand Was It On?

If it was on your right hand which is associated with evil and bad luck, and it broke, this means that something good will happen. However, if the evil eye bracelet was on your left hand, this means evil may have been coming your way but it has been diverted by you putting up the evil eye protection. In both cases, however, when the evil eye bracelet breaks, you should replace it as soon as possible because there might be more bad luck to follow.

If your evil eye bracelet is relatively new, then it’s possible that the evil eye charm has just broken. If you suspect that the evil eye charm has broken off recently, then perhaps your evil eye bracelet was not made well enough to last a long time.
A quick fix for this problem would be to remove the evil eye charm and add a new one over the threading. Threading may need to be done again if it breaks again and adding an extra layer of protection (two layers of evil eyes) can help keep one layer from breaking in case both charms end up falling off.

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If you’re into jewelry making then you can find lots of different Evil Eye Bracelet kits and amulets here. 

How Did Your Evil Eye Bracelet Break?

If your evil eye bracelet was snapped accidentally (you threw it carelessly on the table and it fell off) while some other person was at fault (like when you dropped it into the sink while cooking dinner), then bad luck can definitely be expected over the next month or so. How “bad the luck will be”, depends on how evil your evil eye bracelet was.
If you are not sure of any evil eyes, then this section might help you determine what kind of evil eye bracelet it was.

What Kind Of Evil Eye Bracelet Was Broken?

If the evil eye on the bracelet is blue with a circle around it, then this almost certainly means that your evil eye bracelet broke because someone looked at you with jealousy or ill intent. If there is no evil eye on the bracelet but instead just an image of another adornment (like flowers), then it usually means that there was never any evil at work. You dropped your evil eye bracelet by accident so all evil has been removed.
If the evil eye on the evil eye bracelet is red with a circle around it, then your evil eye bracelet broke because someone said something bad about you or wished you harm in some way. It should be expected that this person will cause some degree of misfortune for you over the next few weeks.

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Once a person has completed the evil eye bracelet they have to decide what evil eye item they want the broken bead(s) to go towards next. There are two different things that can be decided:

  1. The evil eye bead goes towards the oldest evil eye jewelry in one’s possession
  2. The evil eye bead goes towards one’s newest evil eye jewelry.

There is no actual correct answer about which way is better for determining how old an evil eyepiece of jewelry is. Some people believe that wearing older pieces keeps them protected for longer. Others believe that wearing new pieces keeps evil at bay for as long as possible.

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