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what is the difference between taoism and daoism –

what is the difference between taoism and daoism

Are you looking for the topic about What Is Taoism? Taoism (Daoism) Explained + How it Could Improve Your LifeTAOISM/DAOISM: The Most Bastardized Philosophy isn’t it? If so, you can check it out right here.

What Is Taoism?

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“Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know.”

“A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

These wise phrases, which you’ve no doubt heard before are over 2000 years old. They come from Laozi’s Daodejing. What many consider to be the founding document of Daoism. This organised religious tradition is known for it’s care for nature, peace, and going with the flow.

But what exactly is Daoism? What do Yin, Yang, and Qi mean, and what does it have to do with Obi-Wan Kenobi? Well Let’s Find Out.

I’d like to thank the Associated Press for providing me with footage for this video




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There are many many versions of this you can read. Lots of people enjoy the Stephen Mitchell translation. It is written for Westerners to enjoy rather than an actual translation. Ursula LeGuin’s version is also quite good. But I like Addiss’s version. You can read it free here


All images are taken from Creative Commons or used in accordance with fair use. If one of your images has been used and I have forgotten to attribute please contact me by email or on twitter I will instantly resolve that.

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  1. Cogito


  2. Kian Curatolo

    It's sad to know the civilization he was born into now is literally trying to switch the direction of streams

  3. Rohit Arya

    OK who's here after reading Hell's Paradise?

  4. Roy Madewell

    Hahahaha! What a gift to hear a Bill O'Reily quote in his ignorance of the effects what we call gravity on the movement of ocean waters…

  5. Anonymous

    Love the explanation A*

  6. toni holappa

    +1 Engagement

  7. The Unfortunateguy

    Taoism operates well as Constant Gnostic Repentance!

  8. Ayush Nandan


  9. Tirnoschi Dragos

    You wont pray to zhong qui for passing an exam. Maybe if the teach is a ghost

  10. Anstapa Solivagus

    I took a "which religion matches you" test once. My 1st place "results" was Daoism, second Christianity. I am not Asian nor Mid Eastern, nearly entirely "northern blood" lol.

  11. Joey G

    I practise tai chi and Taoism is often discussed or referred to so it was great to get a rundown of this religion. I have a book but it’s been slow going. This video was really easy to follow and understand. Especially the part about wu wei. In the book I’ve been reading the explanation – or translation – was ‘action through non action’. I liked this video’s discussion of wu wei better. Thanks.

  12. Giovanni Balbosa-Mc Intosh

    There is no language called Chinese because China has 302 different languages.

  13. sentryogmixmaster

    The Tao of Pooh explains it all.




    Jesus loves you that’s all ✌🏽

  16. Pallav Shukla ❁

    Almost same like Hinduism…… 🤔🤔

  17. jndy

    I guess the correct way to pronounce 道 (tao) is Tao , not Dao (using D). You can verify by checking the pronunciation for 道 in google~~ 😊

  18. raimond white

    the wae is 369=love=pagan

  19. Mister OJ Zen

    Like Bruce Lee always Say’s, “Be Water My Friend” You can flow, or you can crash.

  20. Elle Em

    Can I just add, in Chinese culture deities were once living historic figures which did some great deed and were worshipped by locals by making a temple for them. As time went by, worship of these Ancestorial people became our dieties. So Chinese people tend to lean towards more worshipping their ancestors which is still evident now in how they would go pay respects to their passed families on certain special days of the year/month.

  21. Aiyaz Ashraf


  22. ManiHasan

    What are the key characteristics of Daoism

  23. Buddhist

    “Hinduism is the worlds worst religion”
    — Dr BhimRao Ambedkar
    Namo Budday ☸️
    Jai Bhim 🌸🌸🌸🌺🌺

  24. Pandemic MBM

    To be clear now in China they literally don't believe in those religious beliefs as much. I lived and they are clear about it if you ask about it.

  25. Toyohime No Watatsuki

    Byarkauren My reiligioon is batter than u

  26. Billy Soto Mártires del Batallón de San Patricio

    I am the Way of the , white sword

  27. okami fang

    For a 20 minute video on something so far reaching this was pretty good. Bagwa Chung holds a particular relevance that i believe should be focused on a lot if you ever dona part two (Pakua Zhang also called)

  28. Minarchist for Freedom

    Hello Toaists. I am currently going to every youtube channel of every religion I can find and asking them why I should join their religion. I will document all responses from all religions and decide which one I will join. If there is no response, I will cross those religions off after 1 week. Thanks!

  29. Mary Davis

    The WAY.

  30. Mind Mesh

    We are the same as the river that flows,
    And the birds that fly;
    We are all
    Of this planet,
    Not outside
    Or separate
    From it.


    Thank you very much for sharing all that knowledge, it clarifies a lot of things and now I know where to start my search =)

  32. Debra Thiel

    That's cool

  33. Ed

    the brazilian meme broke me a little

  34. Scott Aftem

    "We shape clay into a pot but it is the emptiness inside that holds whatever we want." -Lao Tzu

  35. John Smith

    What is dad? This is the way

  36. fred johnson

    “Tide goes in, tide goes out.. Sun goes up, sun goes down. You can’t explain it” -Bill O’Reilley

    Never realized Bill had such philosophical wisdom

  37. Max Waller

    ¡2:03 am Pacific Daylight Savings Time on Friday, 8 October 2021 Common Era or CE formerly known as Ano Domini or AD!

  38. bert wesler

    Taoism has NO Gods~!
    There are two Taos; the popular Tao and the true Tao.
    The True Tao has no gods, at all.
    Only the impersonal Tao.

  39. Skiddzie

    the main thing i don't like about religions like this is that they kinda seem to get caught up in metaphors without thinking about what exactly they're implying. "uncarved wood can be anything because it hasn't been carved yet, humans are like that too with language, etc"
    ok but if we never carved wood into anything then it would always be worthless.

  40. Pedro Bedoy

    Quiet your self look to nature . Bible and Taoism

  41. NotPo1sonous

    Dao means fat in my language lol

  42. barbie barbie

    Because of Chinese culture. All Chinese traditional culture is Taoist culture, including the five elements, the balance between yin and yang, Taoism has a lot of cultivation into gods, the unity of man and god, and the culture of half man and half god. So Chinese culture also has some half God feels that Chinese Buddhism, including Chinese Buddhism, has been deeply influenced and reformed by Taoism and Confucianism before it can be accepted by the Chinese.This kind of culture has also spread to Asia and has a great influence.

    Many people think that China is atheistic, but the fact is that the native Chinese Han people are very loyal believers of Taoism and Confucianism. The great ancestor is the Chinese god (sometimes called the teacher). He listens to the words of the ancestors. History is like the Bible. In history Attract wisdom.

  43. Ramakrishnan Subbiyan

    Family👪 Tamil👍 Enku
    Anku.. ✌Twos.. Twolity..

  44. Ramakrishnan Subbiyan

    Thank❤🌹🙏 wu way.. Gu.. Way.. We called 🐐goats to comes.. Tamil👍 language..

  45. Skullshot Skullshot

    Father of all asian religion is hindusim

  46. chakotay Mahony

    It's not Yin and Yang just Yin Yang they are two but not separate.

  47. Shahroz Mirza

    What If prime minister is your friend or relative ?…. So daoism starts with some philosophy and sayings and ends up with dead human gods….

  48. Dennis Engelen

    Laozi: "It's impossible to explain the Dao in words, and only a complete and utter idiot would think they could explain it"

    Cogito: Challenge accepted!

  49. Andreas Alfred Rokkjær

    Very nice video my friend. Thank you for your efforts in creating this 🙏

    In Zen we are quite intimate with wu wei. Here is how my Cifu talked about it:
    Wu Wei Wu
    Is when you let yourself become so absorbed in what you're doing, that your sense of self dissipates.

    The Cifu starts to arrange pebbles, and let's herself be so absorbed in the action, that the "doer" disappears. The distinction between subject and object dissolves.

  50. This video is currently the best interpretation of Taoism by any westerner individual. Much better than someone who equate spirituality to philosophy (ehem! Alan Watts)

Taoism (Daoism) Explained + How it Could Improve Your Life

keywords: #taoism, #daoismexplained, #wudangtaoistwellnessacademy, #china, #chinese, #wudang, #mountains, #daoist, #daoism, #whatisthedao, #whatisdaoism, #religion, #education, #taichi, #alanwatts, #master, #laozi, #laotze, #taotecheng, #taoistmeditation, #taoisttaichi, #taoistphilosophy, #taoismdocumentary, #taoismexplained, #taoismcrashcourse, #taoism101, #taoismexplainedsimply, #taoismexplainedforkids, #meditation, #mastergu, #yinyang, #yin, #yang, #tajitu, #wudangtaoism, #georgethompson

What is Taoism (or Daoism)? Taoism 101 over a cup of Tea with Master Gu in the heart of China…

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🔸Best Book for Beginners – Tao of Pooh:


Benjamin Hoff delightfully explores Taoist principles with the help of Winnie the Pooh.

🔸Best Tao Te Ching – Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life:


Wayne Dyer applies the wisdom of the Tao Te Ching to modern lives. This book is transforming how I see myself and the world – it’s a must-read.

🔸Supplementary Tao Te Ching – Tao Te Ching (Derek Lin):


An accurate translation, getting you closer to Lao Tze’s original meaning. Cross-reference with Wayne Dyer version.



The second most famous Taoist text after TTC. Profound philosophy told through humorous stories.

🔸Further exploration – “Tao: the Watercourse Way”

World-famous philosopher, Alan Watts, explores Taoist concepts in his signature witty style.

🔸For personal growth – The Tao of Success:


Derek Lin shows that being a Taoist doesn’t mean becoming lazy. This book explores how to grow in harmony with the Tao. Highly recommended.


  1. George Thompson


  2. szamszatan

    Is Winnie The Pooh mention a dig at the current leader of China? ;D

  3. Ming

    Funny, I'm Chinese and I'm familiar with Buddhism & Confucianism but not so with Taoism because it's so similar from the mix of the other 2.

  4. WanderAir999

    You speak way too fast George, please, take a deep breath and slow down.

  5. Jeffrey Sommer

    I think your description of Confucianism smacks more of Legalism. Confucius felt that Mankind was inherently good, and by reasonable and loving human behavior, one followed the Tao.

  6. Susan Hinrichs

    I loved the video, life changing.

  7. Crest of Scribbles

    I've had a teeny copy of the Doa de Ching since like middle school and somehow through many library purges it never left my shelf, even going into hiding somehow through a few of them 🤣 after questing for a spiritual path it finally occurred to me that I haven't looked at this book in forever! What do you recommend to begin to learn about and live through this peaceful teaching?

  8. 飞 刘

    Tao Te Ching is the greatest Chinese classic.

  9. flimsyjimnz

    Whats the difference, if any, between Taoism and Daoism?

  10. Thomas Shemelia

    Accept all that you can. When you cannot accept, you must create a solution, in what spirit you choose to do so is up to you. The easiest way for me to find acceptance with the toils of life is to put faith in divine order. Our lives are not ordained until the moment we make a choice, and the choice to accept that I am in the right place at the right time even if it's inconvenient for me, gives me strength and comfort. Thank you🙏

  11. A A

    Tao expresses when we connect to nature; birds, insects, plants, animals, all forms will regain space when we open our "power windows" to nature. All the spaces we try to separate from nature are recovered by nature. Tao is the natural state of balance humans seems to reject by means of his endless actions to transform nature.

  12. techkri

    I wish I visit China live there for years and experience Tao and Tea ☕️

  13. Natalie Harshman

    Thanks for the informative video! 🙂 Also, I'm curious, what kind of stance do Daoists take toward helping people who are suffering? Because there seems to be a lot about "being okay with everything as it is" but there are also a lot of problems that we can at least do a little bit to try and help, right?

  14. LightUpNancy

    I’m very interested in Taoism. Where I live in the US I see multiple Buddhist temples but no Taoist. Why is this? Is Taoism practice not as common? Thank you for the videos.

  15. Professor Gryphon’s Museum of Bits and Pieces

    Ritual is structure and structure is static! Enlightenment is not discovering anything …it is The release from structure and The full immersion in the reality of existence, without time, and without structure.

  16. Ocho Venado

    Just recently researches(years) found that a quiet mind it is a happy person. But the fact is how to keep in silence our minds? Occidental just proof that relationship between the our brain activities and the meditation, tai chi, chi qung, etc. Asian found thousands of years long time ago. Thanks for your time and passion on each one of your videos.

  17. The Red Heart Centre of Australia

    Thank you… I have Chinese background and speak Cantonese and Mandarin so, I understand the language of the Dao or the Way…and I’m looking forward to watch your Master’s routine…?

  18. Jacob Phillips


  19. prod. Kiriko

    This is a false world view, it makes yourself think you’re a God and this will make you stray away from the true Living God. Repent and turn away from idolatry and sin, Jesus Christ is the only way, truth and Life. Seek Him

  20. yeet skeet

    The problem is, is that I’m Lutheran. I believe in my god. The real question is whether I could practice this without disobeying my promises

  21. Sara Naddaf

    I respect your journey! I’m using it as inspiration, as this video spoke to my soul.

  22. Du Ne

    nice perspective and narration. Nice voice!

  23. 1-up Dad. Live, Love, Light

    Hey man amazing videos honestly it's funny I have started studying some Eastern religions more in-depth recently as I've been having a spiritual awakening period in finding more out about Taoism I feel like it is something I've always been and just forgot. Really appreciate

  24. Petriana Monize

    The idea of Buddhism given in the video is simplistic :–(.

  25. Nani Nobre

    I found a treasure on youtube today, it is your channel. Thank you! Can you please tell us what kind of herb was made this tea?

  26. Douglas Abrão

    Algum brasileiro!!!???

  27. Steve Tindel

    I really enjoyed your video , your heart, and the Tao teaching… I have been a serious Christian my whole life, started with a life transforming encounter with Gods presence on Maui, back in the waterfalls! I recently got introduced to Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu and it has completely rocked my world …. Totally changed my outlook on everything and everyone…. I feel like the Tao explains more deeply and thoroughly what I have always felt and experienced in nature and searching for truth and meaning in life…

  28. Orville Stoeber

    thank you

  29. Isabel Paterson

    Great video!

  30. Gardener Kate Carter

    Tao of Phoo , third time studying this little book, lost my way in part, simplicity is the key of this path for me….. lololol Thankyou for getting my attention again

  31. Gardener Kate Carter

    Ease,begin again.

  32. Based Brothers

    ”To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.” – Lao Tzu
    Stay Based

  33. Idle Hour

    Mych apperication for taking the time making this video. It takes time. Effort. Energy. So thank you very much

  34. Jenny Shen

    Hi George, thank you for these videos. How did you sign up for the school in China? I would be interested in finding out more about enrolling as well. Thank you.

  35. A human

    It's nice the instructions that were left in the Holy Bible for us. Shabbat Shalom

  36. bornkool

    Great Video

  37. Redd Alchemy

    I really enjoyed this look into Daoism and the beautiful setting you inhabit. I saw another expose on an American living there and he is now a Master, and it was amazing to watch his journey. New subscriber here. Thank you!

  38. Emre Kocayine

    I love the music at the end. Can you share the name of the track?

  39. Oliveiros Dias Jr

    Dear George, thank you for sharing. I would like to know if you have studied the Mandarin Chinese language before going to the Wudang Mountains. How was the process before going there?

  40. Ocean Way Art

    I love how you say "despite being 50 plus…." about your teacher lol
    I'm 50. Thankfully, having completed the menopause, I still feel youthful. Which is contradictory to the traditional societal norm.
    It's interesting. I actually operate, in my mind/spirit at your age. However, at your age, I was stupendously immature. Horrific lol
    Still so much to learn, for me.
    Love your channel ❤

  41. Jane Garnham

    watching this from wenzhou china been here now for a year and a bit.Wishing the country would return to yhe dao

  42. Somer Esquivel

    Thank you, I appreciate you in my life.

  43. Justin Hainsworth

    This video made me smile 🙂

  44. Christ the way, truth, life

    Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”
    John 14:6 (NKJV)

    Jesus is the only way to heaven.

    Confess and repent of all your sins in prayer
    Forgive those who have harmed you (this will free you from anger) as Jesus forgave you
    Believe Jesus died to blot out your sins and that He is your Saviour
    Believe He rose again 3 days later in the flesh by God's hand
    Be baptised fully immersed in water and be baptised in the Holy Spirit (if possible)
    Repent daily
    By grace you are saved through Faith (belief)
    Live pure and stop sinning
    Follow the spiritual laws:
    Love you neighbour as yourself and love God with all your heart, soul and mind. Believe Jesus is Lord.
    Develop a relationship with God to hear His voice.
    Be obedient.
    Do fruitful charitable deeds.

  45. Jay Umble

    Thank you George! I like the cool music too!


    Hello sir where can I privately message you? I have so many questions

  47. MAN-G

    Great work 🙏

  48. Amel El-Rayis

    I just don't understand the concept of non-action!

  49. Perry Pelican

    I imagine if everyone on earth followed Daoist lifestyle then the planet would be on its way to becoming harmonious and peaceful. I see the Donald trump following as the opposite. Their goals are not defined. They just follow the leader who is an extreme narcissist and pathological liar. The world is influenced much more by people like him than by people like master Gu. How can that be? Why do people like extreme self cantered liars? What's wrong with healthy, nice people who are peaceful and mellow? The problem of course is how to deal with the violence caused by those negative bad people? Well taiji qu'an is a formidable martial art that can empower practitioners to protect themselves and their families. The practice is successful because the best ones are not egotistical, nor violent. They are calm, and balanced and content. They are not selfish. So what's the problem? Why aren't the majority of mankind attracted to the daoist life? It's because idiots like trump convince them otherwise. Why do so many humans go with trump despite seeing videos like this and others that are clearly showing a much much better way to exist. It's because when you are part of a cult, the leader has you in a sort of trance where you believe and follow everything he says and does. We must do our best to convince others of the better way to go. It's it easy because western humans are conditioned to be active under the structure of trends and fear of judgement. Individuality is all but gone these days. Even those who follow positive paths are influenced by the terrible trendiness pandemic. They want things that have been driven into their minds by incredible sophisticated marketing. We must go after health and balance as a priority, not an afterthought.

  50. Tj Fryer

    Aren’t the teachings of Winnie the Pooh banned in China?

TAOISM/DAOISM: The Most Bastardized Philosophy

keywords: #taoism, #laotzu, #laozi(foundingfigure), #laoziphilosophy, #zhuangzi, #chuangtzu, #daoism, #LyceumofPhilosophy, #chinesephilosophy, #taoteching, #laotse, #philosophyoflaozi, #thephilosophyoflaotzu, #laotzuphilosophy, #daoistphilosophy, #liezi, #taoistteaching, #taoistwisdom, #whatistaoism, #taoistphilosophy, #chinesephilosopherlaotzu, #LaoTzuPhilosopher, #taoismquotes, #LaoTzuTeachings, #taoquotes, #wisdomoflaotzu, #bestlaotzuquotes, #laotzuwisdom

This video introduces Taoism/Daoism by explicating some of the biggest misconceptions that people associate with as well as attempt to analyze and discuss the ideas of two of the most well-known Taoists/Daoists. It also differentiated Taoism/Daoism from Confucianism and Mohism from the previous lectures to illuminate the discrepancy between different schools and provide a larger picture of Chinese Philosophy.

Copyright Disclaimer:


Wuxia2_Guzheng_Pipa by PeriTune |


Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)


Stock footage provided by Videvo downloaded from


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#daoism #taoism #laotzu


  1. porteal

    It can be pretty baffling to see the wild 'translations' written of the daodejing, which are really just the philosophy of the writer written in the place of the chapters of the daodejing

  2. Jack Clark

    Sorry but I can't follow your cadence. It's so choppy and incoherent.

  3. the gardener

    I think understanding our place is to go with the flow. we live in a universe of entropy but life itself is negentropy and while for life itself its parts are always undergoing entropy, life as a whole works to reverse it by using the energy released via entropy of various things like the star's entropy, it taps into that energy and stores it creating a cycle where energy is stored in biomass and the components it utilises and to me that is what lifes purpose is, to utilise entropy to facilitate negentropy and humans are an extension of that able to tap into more sources of energy and even increase the energy from the star coming to this planet etc. things like technology are not bad but you get good and bad people. to me humans are apart of this organism/code that life is. it is simply about taking things like the energy the earths core releases and putting it for something and for humans it is our ideas. life went on for millions if not billions of years trapping energy in the biomass, who is to say it did not reach some peak where decay matched growth and it created humans to utilise some of the energy, chop down some trees and make objects, utilise compounds to create the things we now use in daily life such as airplanes, satellites, even colonise other planets. what it is about though is utilising the energy to do something. we are a new species and we will use energy for better uses over time because entropy will force us to. and by that I mean nature works a certain way, and it in and of itself is negentropy, that is the flow we must go with to actually go with the flow, because that is what life is. for example in the way we produce our foods currently is not going with the flow and the consequences of that are entropy and the increasing auto immune conditions and other things people are suffering, requiring more of our output yearly to offset. because plants take energy and feed the microorganisms in the soils to facilitate negentropy, breaking down the compounds in sand, silt and clay and creating soils and making those compounds available to plants, because we generally grow crops with only a single species of plant they do not feed the microbes correctly to make those nutrients available to the plants as you need multiple species grown together as each plant only supports certain species. so as all of life works together to facilitate negentropy it causes weed's to germinate due to the lower oxygen in the soils caused by compaction due to lacking the species and as those microbes are not producing the defence compounds for the plants increasing pests and disease that we need to constantly put more of our output to yearly to fight and these pests and diseases also impact whatever is consuming those crops/ up the food chain as it lacks the compounds it needs, because the microbes produce things like the omega 3's and many compounds we cannot replace. growing meat and foods actually going with the flow of what nature is means we can put the energy to better uses, and as we are a new species overtime we will learn from the consequences because they will put greater pressures on us via entropy as a whole, but also individuals that facilitate negentropy by doing their ideas and using energy to do so. nothing can escape entropy, but life is about using energy for negentropy/ useful things and going with the flow. when people are doing that its not because you want wealth or money, but they will flow to you anyway because you are doing what is needed and going with the flow of life, people reward you by buying your products so you can do more of your ideas and you go on to create better jobs and things like that by better utilising the resources and energy than previously. what we need is more people doing their own ideas and doing the things they are interested in to develop their talents, they need to reinvest a portion of their income into their own ideas and then keep reinvesting anything they earn from it and develop their talents because whatever interests people interests others too and will give us the best life. it is not because you want money but because your ideas are good and benefit everything. from cooking, to dancing, to gardening or rock climbing, singing.. driving or playing basketball, skydiving whatever your interests are if you do them you can market them to others is my point and the more you do them the more you will develop your talents and enjoy life and do what you love because what you have to sell will be superior as you are not doing it for the money and want to reinvest as much as you can do simply do more of it and do it better, it actually frees up your time because you become more productive with it until you will not need to work and employing other's who are working for you while reinvesting into their own ideas too.

  4. Bart Van Riet

    I have read 3 different translations of the Dao De Ching and most of them give quite different insights into the work. The fact that there is so much difference only proves that: "The Dao that can be told is not the Eternal Dao"

  5. Sophia Shakti

    Please explore the Buddhist influence on Daoism. Would it be true to say that the CTM and martial arts have their beginning in this confluence?

  6. John Martin

    It is a way of doing the world.

  7. L.O. Ka

    nice elucidation! thanx

  8. Dal tsu

    Humans are part of nature what we do is not separate from the Dao. By attempting to align yourself with the dao you misalign yourself.

    Do as you do without expending the effort to be you. Someone like zhuangzi might retreat into the woods and become a hermit, but that does not mean taoism is saying you should retreat into the woods and become a hermit.

  9. phil mcdonald

    nice catchy title. bamboo is alive strong resilient outside empty inside. lau zi 8:1-4. beautiful pix. dau=now.

  10. Justin Thillens

    I understand daoism as a sort of structured Absurdism similar to the philosophies of Albert Camus. Claiming objective truth is a leap that neither the Absurdist nor the Daoist will choose. It's a rejection of dogmatic worldviews in favor of "going with the flow" because the flow, or entropy, is all there really is. To claim that there is one true way is to make objective claims about reality. It is philosophical suicide to the Absurdist and a rock in the stream to the Daoist

  11. Eternalised

    This is a great video! Very enlightening.

  12. Mr Robo

    I'd be interested in a video of which english translations you would recommend for the Laozi, Zhuangzi and other philosophers. Thank you

  13. Mr Robo

    Seneca wasn't born a slave I think you confused him with Epictetus

  14. Sergei Vorobei

    What a great lecture! Thank you a lot!

  15. XX ZZ

    This reminds me of Chapter 42 of Tao Te Ching, one produces two, two produce three, three produce myriad things.

  16. The Philosophorums

    I always thought Taoism was a religion… at least that's what all the textbooks say!

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