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Where Can I Get Balloons Filled With Helium? (9 Places) –

Where Can I Get Balloons Filled With Helium? (9 Places)


One of the hallmarks of any great party is balloons.

There’s no question that balloons filled with helium rather than air tend to last longer.

That’s because helium is lighter than air.

As long as the balloon you’re using is also quite light, the helium will make the balloon rise.

Helium has an average weight of 0.1785 grams per liter.

This is different from nitrogen which weighs 1.2506 grams per liter.

Nitrogen is what comes out of your lungs when you breathe into a balloon.

Since it’s heavier than helium, balloons filled with air from your lungs won’t rise as high.

If you want the best balloons, then you know you need to get them filled with helium.

However, you may not be sure where to get it.

Here are a few places where you can get balloons filled with helium.


Where Can I Get Balloons Filled With Helium? (Top 9 Places)


1. Party City

Party City Discount Super Store exterior


If your town has a Party City, then you can expect it to have helium services.

Party City is an ideal place to fill your balloons with helium because they sell just about anything you could need for your party.

That includes several types of balloons.

There are several different ways to get helium services through Party City.

One of the most common is to simply buy balloons that are already filled with helium.

Every day, Party City blows up a few balloons with helium.

These balloons are ready to go and only need to be purchased.

You can pick which balloons best fit your theme and continue on your way.

Another way to get your balloons filled with Party City is to buy uninflated balloons.

Some of their balloons come with a free helium fill-up service.

Not all of them do, however, so it’s worth checking the balloon in question.

When you’re ready to have your balloons filled, you purchase them, then allow the cashier to blow them up for you.

Party City tries to make buying and inflating balloons easy.

That’s why also provide delivery services.

You can order balloons online and have them filled at the store on your behalf.

Then you can either drive to the store and pick them up or have them delivered to your door.

A final way to have your balloons filled at Party City is to buy balloons elsewhere and bring them to the store.

Party City will still fill up the balloons, but you will need to pay a small fee for the service.


Cost Of Helium Services

The cost to fill up balloons at Party City depends on a few different factors.

If you bought a foil balloon at Party City, then the helium service is free.

You’ll see a note on the balloon that indicates whether the helium service is free or not.

If you buy a latex balloon, then you will need to pay a small fee for helium.

That fee ranges from 99 cents to $1.29.

The number of balloons and their size can determine how much you will have to pay.

If you choose to buy balloons from elsewhere, then you’ll face slightly higher fees for helium services.

For example, if you buy a foil balloon from another store, then you can expect to pay a fee anywhere from $1.99 to $15.99.

If you buy a latex balloon from another store, then you can expect to pay a fee anywhere from 99 cents to $1.29.

It depends on the number and size of the balloon.

To ensure you get your helium service for qualified balloons, you’ll need to either bring your receipt with you to the store or use the service right after purchasing the balloon in-store.

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Finally, you can also buy a helium tank.

Party City has several different tanks of various sizes.

Whether you need a large one for several parties or a small one to cover just a few parties, they have you covered.

The cost to buy a tank is higher than having the service performed for you.


2. Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree Discount Store


Another place that can fill helium balloons is Dollar Tree.

Like Party City, Dollar Tree has a few different ways you can use its service.

The first is to buy filled balloons directly from them.

Although they don’t have as wide of a selection as Party City, Dollar Tree does have its own party section.

Part of that party section contains several balloons.

They fill some of these balloons up now and then.

You can purchase them as-is without having to worry about a helium service.

Another way to use their service is to buy a balloon and then have them fill the balloon for you.

They can only provide this service for foil balloons.

They will not fill up latex balloons with helium at their stores.

They also will not fill up balloons that you purchased from a different store.

For example, if you buy a foil balloon at Party City, then you cannot fill it with helium at Dollar Tree.

You can also buy foil balloons online from the Dollar Tree store and have them filled with helium in the store.

To prove that you bought the balloon from their online store, you’ll need to bring your receipt.

This service does not cost you extra.

They do not sell helium tanks.


Cost Of Helium Services

Filling your balloon with helium is extremely cheap at Dollar Tree.

In most cases, it doesn’t cost you anything since the cost of the balloon includes the service.

However, in some instances, you may need to pay a fee.

The good news is that the fee is only $1.

Whether you have a large balloon or several balloons to fill, their service can save you a lot of money.

Other stores, like Party City, can have higher prices on large balloons.

At Dollar Tree, you only need to pay one dollar to fill your balloons with helium.


3. Target

Exterior view of a Target retail store


Although Target doesn’t have helium-filling services, it does provide you with the means to fill your balloons.

Target has a decent party section in its stores.

You’ll find foil and latex balloons in various shapes and colors for different party themes.

The store also changes out its balloons for each major holiday season.

You’ll find spookier balloons for Halloween and merry balloons for Christmas.

These balloons come flat, so you’ll need helium if you want to inflate them.

Luckily, Target has you covered in that they also sell helium tanks.

Unlike other party stores, Target actually sells large helium tanks.

That ensures that the tank has a lot of helium and can last for some time.

Their heavy-duty helium tank costs around $50.

It has 14.9 cubic feet of helium in it.

The cheaper version is the 8.9-cubic-foot tank.

That one costs around $25.

Target does not have a helium party service that will fill your balloons for you.

You’ll either need to buy the tank from Target and do it yourself or take your balloons to another store for filling services.


4. Dollar General

Dollar General Retail Location


If you don’t have a Dollar Tree in your area, then you may have a Dollar General.

Since Dollar Tree and Dollar General fall under the ownership of the same company, you can expect similar services.

Dollar General also sells helium-filled balloons.

You can buy them directly from the store.

They also have a helium-filling service, but it is only available to those who buy their balloons from Dollar General.

They cannot fill a balloon that you bought from a different store.

They also sell an 8.9-cubic-foot helium tank for around $35.

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You can choose to buy this tank and fill your balloons yourself at home.

Since Dollar General also only fills up foil balloons and not latex balloons, then you may need the tank if you plan on buying latex ones.

You can also buy balloons from their online store and have them fill the balloon up for free at the store.

You’ll need to bring your receipt with you to get the free service.

Like Dollar Tree, if you do find yourself needing to pay for a helium service, then it will cost you $1.

This can save you lots of money depending on the other options available to you.


5. Walmart

Walmart 24 hour supercenter in Hallandale Beach Florida


Not every Walmart store offers helium services.

Those that do tend to be the larger Supercenter versions of the store.

If you have a Walmart Supercenter in your area, then there’s a good chance you can receive helium services.

Walmart also sells various types of balloons.

In their party section, you can find several balloons with different themes.

Some stores even pre-inflate a few balloons.

This allows you to buy the inflated balloon directly without having to wait for helium service.

Walmart will fill any balloon whether it’s foil or latex.

However, they will not fill a balloon if it comes from a different store.

You’ll need to take your receipt with you to the customer service desk to receive a helium fill-up to prove that you bought it from their store.

Other stores might have their helium services in another location.

Walmart also sells various helium tanks.

This allows you to fill the balloons up at home and potentially save on money through the years.

The cost of their helium service is relatively cheap.

The average price per balloon is 25 cents.

That said, they do increase the price depending on the number of balloons and their size.

They might also charge you more depending on the type of balloon.

For example, latex balloons may cost more than foil balloons to fill.

Although Walmart locations won’t fill balloons from other stores, they will fill the balloon if it came from a different Walmart store.

You only need the receipt to prove where you bought it.

You can also buy balloons from a Walmart online store and take them in for a filling.

Again, you need to have your receipt with you.

Since helium services only occur in a small portion of Walmart stores, it’s worth calling your local Walmart to check to see if they provide the service.


6. CVS

CVS Pharmacy


Along with providing first aid, a few groceries, and being an ideal store for medications, CVS also has a party section.

In that party section, you can find a small selection of balloons.

Because they sell balloons, CVS also provides helium services.

In an effort to grow beyond being a mere pharmacy, CVS has expanded to include party supplies.

They’re attempting to become a one-stop shop for various needs.

However, not all CVS stores have progressed as far as other CVS stores.

Smaller CVS stores, for example, may strictly be a pharmacy with minimal other products.

These stores likely don’t have a party section which means they also don’t provide helium services.

Larger stores with various departments, including a party section, do tend to have helium services.

CVS does not charge extra for their helium service.

The price is in the cost of the balloon since CVS expects you to fill the balloon within their store.

Most of them do not fill balloons purchased from other stores, but it’s worth checking your local CVS store.

Those that are willing to fill your balloon from another store will likely charge you a small fee for the service.

They do not sell helium tanks, so you’ll only be able to fill your balloons with their own helium service.

If your local CVS store has a party section, then you can expect them to also have a helium service.


7. Kroger

Kroger Supermarket


Most areas have a Kroger grocery store, even if it doesn’t carry the Kroger name.

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Kroger has a reputation for providing high-quality produce and other products.

Another service that Kroger provides is filling balloons with helium.

One of the advantages of choosing to fill your balloon at Kroger is that they accept balloons from anywhere.

Even if you bought your balloon at Walmart, for example, Kroger will still fill them.

That’s because Kroger has a helium fee service.

No matter if you buy the balloon at Kroger or elsewhere, you’ll need to pay a fee to fill up the balloon.

Kroger sells several different types of balloons.

The main ones are latex and foil.

They also carry balloons of various sizes.

The number, type, and size all determine the price that you pay for a helium service.

The average price to use Kroger’s helium services is between $3 and $8.

It can be as cheap as $1 for a standard latex balloon.

Large balloons, those with a length of 12 or 15 inches, can cost anywhere from $7 to $15.

If you want to buy pre-filled helium balloons, then Kroger can also help you.

You’ll find various helium balloons already floating and ready for purchase in their floral department.

The price to buy these balloons reflects the helium cost used to inflate it already.

Although there are cheaper methods to inflate your balloon, in a pinch, you can always take it to Kroger for inflation.

Evaxo Jumbo Helium Kit (50 Balloons)

Evaxo Jumbo Helium Kit (50 Balloons) 


8. Meijer



Although Meijer is a regional grocery store, many residents of states in the Midwest consider it their go-to for grocery shopping.

Meijer also boasts a fairly large party department that’s filled with anything you could need for a party.

Since Meijer sells balloons, you may wonder if they also provide helium services.

Meijer fills up balloons and also offers several services that other grocery stores don’t.

Meijer allows you to call in an order of a large number of balloons.

They’re similar to a party store in that sense.

You can call Meijer and request that they fill up 20 or so balloons for you.

Meijer will then give you an estimate on when to expect the order to be complete.

It will likely take longer than a party store since the Meijer employee will have to do their other duties, too.

However, in most cases, you can expect your order to be ready in two to three hours for larger orders.

If you only have a small number of balloons, then it will take less time.

Meijer also sells pre-filled helium balloons that you can buy at their store.

Since every store is different, it’s worth calling your local Meijer store to determine if they will fill balloons bought from another store.

Buying and filling your balloons at Meijer is easier and more comprehensive than other retailers.


9. Publix

Exterior view of one Publix Super Market


Another major store that fills up balloons is Publix, another regional supermarket chain based in the Southeastern United States.

Similar to other stores, Publix charges a fee for filling balloons.

Even if you buy the balloon from Publix, you’ll still need to pay a small fee to have it filled.

The good news is that Publix doesn’t have a limit on how many balloons you can fill.

If you want to buy 200 balloons for a special event, then Publix will fill them all for you.

You’ll just need to expect that it will cost you a lot of money.

Latex balloons cost $1 to fill whereas Mylar balloons cost $1.50 to fill.

The size of the balloon also determines the price.



There are several places to fill balloons with helium.

The best place to go is a party store since they have the best prices and a variety of balloons.

However, if you find yourself without a party store, then you should find that most grocery stores or pharmacies that have a party section will also have helium services.

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