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where do people in south america tend to live –

where do people in south america tend to live

Are you looking for the topic about Top 10 Best Latin American Countries to Live in SOUTH AMERICA EXPLAINED (Geography Now!) 10 Best Cities to Live Comfortably in South America isn’t it? If so, you can check it out right here.

Top 10 Best Latin American Countries to Live in

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Top 10 Best Latin American Countries to Live in




The perks of living large, Latin-style. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Latin American Countries to Live In. For this list, we’re counting down the most ideal places to live in Latin America – and why.

00:31 #10. Ecuador

01:10 #9. Panama

01:52 #8. Peru

02:36 #7. Brazil

03:07 #6. Bolivia

03:44 #5. Chile

04:26 #4. Costa Rica

05:06 #3, #2 and #1 ???

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  1. IAT Gaming

    Include Canada

  2. Robert Galdino

    # 1 – Florianópolis city – Santa Catarina – Brazil

  3. Julia

    You can't assess a country based on its natural beauty alone. What about their crime rate such homicide, femincide, infanticide, suicide, murder, brutality, unemployment, corruption, etc ? Have you considered those facts & figures that show many of these Latino countries are top in the list for being top 10 most dangerous countries ?

  4. Paul Delker

    This person has ZERO experience in Latin America. Just none.

    1. Colombia
    2. Brazil
    3. Mexico
    4. Guatemala
    5. Costa Rica
    6. Peru
    7. Ecuador
    8. Argentina
    9. Panama
    10. Chile

  5. YisusMG

    ¿Porque no enseñan el Skyline de México?

    Que manía tienen con retratarlo como un pueblo

  6. Кингфиш

    Have you even been there? If you put Columbia and Venezuela here then…

  7. Sam B.

    Brazil??? Lol you insane??? Not a safe country!

  8. Nel L

    In 2021 Argentina is going backwards, is very poor by now.

  9. Swldn’s Story

    Me moving to Argentina after watching Violetta 😂😂

  10. felipe miranda salazar

    Argentina, the country in perpetual crisis

  11. Falcon Adam

    Venezuela among the honorable mentions? this video is old

  12. XxX One

    I'm surprised chile isn't number one. It has the best economy and modern cities in latin america. This coming from a mexican american.

  13. Arturo Pratt Chacon

    🇵🇾paraguay🇧🇷brazil🇪🇨ecuador🇨🇴colombia🇻🇪venezuela🇵🇷puerto rico
    🇨🇷costa rica🇲🇽mexico🇺🇲usa🇨🇦Canadá
    my favorite countries

  14. San SV

    Well, by the currently times, might be a great idea to update the list haha

    Bueno, a día de hoy, quizás sería buena idea actualizar la lista jaja

  15. Italy

    Argentina Eh… It's Decent
    My Top 3 Fav Latin American Countries
    3. Brazil
    2. Colombia
    1. Mexico

  16. Laura Buchanan

    My favorites are Ecuador.,, Panama, Peru, Costa Rica and Mexico. Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. Uruguay Argentina Chile

  17. juanjo.ff13 🇨🇴


  18. LB


  19. GMoney

    As soon as they mentioned Venezuela, it completely destroyed the trust in this video.

  20. Fernando Garza

    Not this girl bringing out the crime theme when Mexico comes out, lol, why all other countries do that, like I’m American and everyone says that right here

  21. RoboticBloxxer

    Isn't Belize Anglo-Saxon?

  22. Rhamilly Cardoso

    os países latinos são tudo de bom, mas estragamos tudo com violência e poluição

  23. 664 TheNeighborOfTheBeast

    Cuba should be no.1 best quality of life in Latin America

  24. Jordan Fire Star

    Bruh half of these "positives" are negatives

  25. Ginno Regales

    No Colombia?

  26. yuri narag

    Brazil isn't Latin

  27. Filippo Bello

    I choose Chile and Mexico

  28. Ganesh Aravindh

    Respect to all Latin American countries by India🇮🇳

  29. Sebastian Diosdado

    no es cierto jodete watchmojo, saquenme de latinoamerica

  30. ARandomSweat

    Damn bro I’m American and I would Cuba more than anything

  31. PP Antártico Chile


  32. Majestros

    Brazil and Peru have the best food


    Venezuela 😅😅

  34. Luciano Soto

    Como Argentino digo NO
    Do not come to Argentina …saludos

  35. Noah Oliver Cedillo

    I don’t know why I feel like I would be terrified of going to Latin America

  36. Jornal C Fontes

    From now, I think the only not bad country from Latin America is Uruguay. Argentina changed from one of the best to one of the worst

  37. Jornal C Fontes

    Top 10 Latin America countries for live in…
    and lose all your rich money,
    And never find a job,
    And if you find, congratulations, you are a slave!

  38. Jornal C Fontes

    Are you kidding me? XD

  39. Giovanni Martinez

    All of my family is from Mexico fuck yaaaaa

  40. Thiago Azevedo


  41. Endryyy

    The correct is:
    #10 Paraguay
    #9 Mexico
    #8 Peru
    #7 Colômbia
    #6 Ecuador
    #5 Panama
    #4 Brazil
    #3 Argentina
    #2 Uruguay
    #1 Chile

  42. Motasem

    Venezuela? What the actual f*ck

  43. Barcelona 6

    I'm surprised they didn't mention Puerto Rico

  44. Heber Ferreira

    1 Uruguay 2 Brasil 3 Chile 4 Argentina 5 Ecuador

  45. Mason Powell

    Venezuela… id automatically be a billionaire

  46. Diego Pons

    Do you love steak? Weed? Gay marriage tolerance? Marvelous beaches? Beautiful people? Amazing culture? Soccer (fútbol)? Chill society? Vibrant history?
    Then Uruguay is the country for you! 🇺🇾💪

  47. Daniel Max

    Mexico is dangerous place to visit

  48. Ана Люсия – Hetalian

    Here I go:


    But fr, it's not cheap to live there ;-;

  49. Gerardo S

    This is dumb. All latinamerica is poor, dont recomend to live in there

  50. trextrextrex

    Ask Mojo then run like hell from their recommendations


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  1. Geography Now

    We are working on the next few country videos however literally the DAY after we filmed this, the Venezuela gatherings and Juan Guaidó movements began. After the situation clears up a little bit and more information comes out we would like to do a follow up video explaining the current state of affairs. I will have my Venezuelan friend who has family in Venezuela helping me out as well. Stay tuned!

  2. Chase Vlog

    I'm watching from Guyana 🇬🇾

  3. Siberian Husky

    I love how the subtitles say we have the original Rapits instead of Arepa.

  4. Dayshawn Alexander

    I was like Who the hell thinks you can explain South A merica and under 18 minutes? Then

  5. Orlando Ferreira Junior

    Let’s see if u know Portuguese traduce this: Gente, se traduziram isso vcs são até q um pouquinho bons em português, mas provavelmente nem vão ver esse comentário kkkkkkkkkk

  6. 4YPOO

    Ta o cara faz um vídeo sobre a América do sul e nn bota legendas em português e espanhol

  7. Felipe Santos

    Sucesso, mano! Um salve de São Paulo!

  8. treespunk


  9. Deralt Trélazé du mont perier

    "we have the original arepas". That is a bold claim

  10. Ismael Santos

    Deveria ter um brasileiro nesse vídeo, para ficar mais diversificado, seria 1 falante nativo de inglês, 1 falante nativo de español e 1 falante nativo de português brasileiro.

  11. Matemática BR

    Brazil 🇧🇷

  12. David Gantt

    I want to go to South America so bad! Especially Colombia & Ecuador, but also Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil & Chile. And Paraguay as well! Brazil's southernmost regions really intrigue me… Curitiba and all those areas with lots of Ukrainian, Japanese and Italians.

  13. kov

    i mean, we are lol

  14. L. Iwakura

    disgraceful hellhole please get me out of this place

  15. Shinkツ

    Dude, this video attracted so many xenophobic people lmao

  16. Rosario Ponce

    Argentinian wine is the best!

  17. escobar matatoro

    What do you mean Cuba isn't a México City???

  18. mati


  19. Gabriel González


  20. La máquina

    GRANDE EL REINO DE QUITO no ecuador saludos desde QUITO LUZ d e américa

  21. guille

    us colombians have the cleanest spanish AND WE CREATED AREPAS 🙂

  22. Reinhard

    Chile wins

  23. Paraway

    First: Argentina

  24. grafted olive branch


  25. YouMyself

    if you say to a brazilian to dance samba he will literally open the door and leave with the most hatred face.

  26. María Luján Caruso

    this video pretty much has just said Argentina=buenos Aires
    Idk kinda unfair

  27. lnxred

    🇧🇷 Brasil de vermelho, kkkk

  28. capibara deluxe

    Get me out of South America

  29. esteban alejandro camacho torres

    Como quiero hacer un tour por nuestro bello subcontinente

  30. Nacho Merino

    As an argentinian I can really confirm that:
    Yes, we are the best in the sub-continent. Is like we are the Europe of South America. Don't ever doubt about it.

    Heh! Jokes aside, Is a very diverse country, mostly because we have roots from various countries of Europe, like Italy, Germany, Ireland, etc, also there are lots of chinese, too.
    We are proud of our people, a lot. And most countries in the world know about our existence by, nowadays, Maradona and Messi, like we love football as much as Brazil and Uruguay does.
    But when you do tourism here don't ever get into politics, ever. That's all.

  31. Kael Videos 2.0

    independece for guiana

  32. Pablo Eduardo

    Man I wish people that come or just even describe Bolivia realizes that it’s just more than cholitas or La Paz… Bolivia has this other completely different greener and amazing half part that nobody talks about that it’s equally as beautiful as the altiplano and even nicer…

    Sights in Camba 😪

  33. Deustche Bag

    Liberals: Omgggg i love Peru so much they have a state with the LGBTQ flag on it♥

    Peruvians: That's uhhhh That's Just Cusco

  34. Ana Laura Andrade

    My thoughts about Ecuador: I hate when my football team plays La Libertadores there… oxygen problems

  35. Nathan Rech

    Argentina on the video: "argentinians are really cool, nice, sweet people"

    Argentina on rocket league: MaAcACo

  36. Samuel Fernandez

    Argentina: Che 👃

  37. Sarkastic Chik

    Ecuadorian here 🥰🇪🇨

  38. Leandro Gimenez

    que onda perri como sabes estas cosas?/

  39. Christian Carrillo

    You forgot to mention that Venezuela is the only South American country where Baseball, not football (Soccer), is the most popular sport.

  40. _just_relax_

    I see a lot of argentina slander and as an argentinian i encourage it LOL
    great vid

  41. Guzyedits

    Only fields in uruguay? We have hundreds of KM of amazing beachessss

  42. Rodrigo Alvarez

    People talk a lot about beautiful women in Venezuela and Colombia, but I still haven't met even ONE woman from Chile from 18 to 50 YO that doesn't look like a top model.

  43. John Doe

    Chile has the largest community of palestinians outside of the Middle East.

    I just wanted to mention it since you mentioned the fact that Brazil hosts the largest community of japanese outside of Japan.

  44. deni140492deni

    Basically: what you think about Brazil? Answer by autor: Rio de Janeiro. The state that if the Brazilians could, we would cut it off and throw into the ocean or gift it to the country that we hate the most. Such a cursed state which the rule is: if you are poor or if you are rich there's a huge chance of you being a criminal. Srly, if you ever meet a Brazilian from Rio, if he's poor, he'll rob you. if he's rich, he is envolved with corruption and white collar crimes or abuse of authority.

  45. Praising Yeshua

    Romanos 10:13

  46. Kodai Young

    "Chile has the best wines"

    Says who? We have great wines being produced all over south america.

  47. Ozarazil

    We venezuelans and colombians have to admit that the neither of us has the original arepa. The arepa comes from Centro America..


    I don't get it. These countries seem nice, but yet why are millions of them from some of those countries, trying to get to the United States?

  49. J.A JOSEPH

    people understand that carnival in Brazil is like Halloween in the United States exists and people celebrate yes, but only that ends up there, has no influence in most regions the rest of the year, I believe that 50% of the population of Brazil has never danced samba or heard at a party because it is simply not part of their culture so it is not part of mine.

  50. Isaac Mendonça


10 Best Cities to Live Comfortably in South America

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South America is sometimes forgotten by residents of rest of the world, but savvy expats continue to flock to this region for a great variety of reasons. In addition to the cultural and scenic highlights, the entire area is quite cheap by international standards. Living in South America can be very inexpensive and housing can be surprisingly affordable as well. No matter if you are still working or retired, there are cities that you can really enjoy and see yourself living in for quite some time to come. We’ve got Ten cities that might suit remote workers and retirees looking for a new base in South America. They offer both affordability in global terms and a higher quality of life than you might find in some of the continent’s other major cities.

So here are 10 best cities to live in South America.





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  1. Bruno Correia

    I'm from João Pessoa and live in Santiago! They're two excellent cities, but obviously my heart sounds stronger for ❤️ JOÃO PESSOA ❤️!!

  2. Paraibano

    João Pessoa – Brazil ❤

  3. Marcelo Albuquerque

    I lived in João Pessoa for a few years, until the early 90's. The city was already wonderful and today it's even better!

  4. Anderson MedicVet

    JOÃO PESSOA it's a haven of welcoming and hardworking people. Most beautiful city in Brazil.

  5. dlK

    João Pessoa is a great city to live in, in addition to the cheaper cost of living, our city is very beautiful. ❤️🇧🇷

  6. Humberto Carlos Souto Diniz

    João Pessoa is the city in Brazil which is most attracting people to live because it gathers many qualities as beauty, modernity, safety and beautiful sea views.

  7. Marcio Ricardo

    I Love João Pessoa Brazil 🇧🇷🥰

  8. Niceval Lima

    I living in João Pessoa, Brazil. The best city.

  9. David Sandoval

    I went to Chile south of Santiago Rancagua staying 6 month it's been a great experience spending $ 5000.00dollars and still have some money for for returning to my home.

  10. Vlad Mordekeiser

    Joao Pessoa is great.

  11. Pedro Guedes

    João Pessoa is beatiful, has a great cost of life, a good climate and gastronomy but it lacks in urban mobility and safety is not the best

  12. Ric Fermi

    Oh my oh my…some of those cities are scorching 🥵 hot all year round, unbearable! Others have daily quakes. All of them are politically unstable and economically a disaster! If all that sounds exciting to you: go ahead!

  13. Ivan Kerguelen

    COLOMBIA has several locations that are inviting for EXPATS. Colombia also has an excellent and affordable health care system that ranks higher than the USA (Colombia #22 and USA #37). Colombia also has a stable economy and is probably the USA's closest ally in all of Latin America. As for cities, Medellin is a cosmopolitan metroplex located in a beautiful valley with cool nights and comfortable days. Bogota, another cosmopolitan city, is cold at night and cool during the day. It has the Andes Mountains as a backdrop with tons of activities for both day and night. Cartagena (Rosary Islands) and Santa Marta (Tayrona National Park) are both amazingly gorgeous cities on the beautiful Caribbean Sea. There are so many more places to list so your search of Colombia…it won't disappoint!!!

  14. The UrbanShaman

    2 miles = “more than a mile above sea level”

  15. Marcos Oliveira

    As someone who lives in South , I would certainly add: 1 – Belo Horizonte; 2 – Curitiba; 3 – Florianópolis, 4 – Bento Gonçalves (These four options in Brazil). These cities have high standarts of living, are cheaper compared to ones mentioned on your video. In case, Belo Horizonte is located in Minas Gerais, the safest state of Brazil, and has the most delicious food in all SA. Bento Gonçalves has wineries everywhere, Curitiba has a cooler weather and Florianopolis beautiful beaches with low costs.

  16. B L

    Santa marta is boring and dirty. the beaches aren't that great either

  17. crist67mustang

    Several US visitors who has been in Buenos Aires, Argentina uses to compare it with New York, huge, super elegant, night life, less houses and more buildings. In other hand, Santiago de Chile same people finds it is similar to Los Angeles, California. Many neighborhoods and houses, mountain surrounding, freeways, dry climate, and also west coast.

  18. Pinchas Ben Abraham

    Santiago bella ciudad pero los chilenos la tienen toda destruida, mucha política

  19. William Santos

    João Pessoa is not the safest city in Brazil, it is only the safest capital in the northeast region. But it is quite violent compared to European standards.

  20. everett kincaid

    I lived in Santiago, Chile a few times. Really enjoyed it.

  21. Big Blaze

    Viña del Mar

  22. Roberto Araneda

    Love Santiago de Chile

  23. Etienne Dumont

    I wouldn't recommend Santiago, Chile at all for many reasons. 1-Cost of living is significantly higher than what this video says with Supermarket at same prices as North American prices except for fruits and veggies at the feria, Restaurant dinner and Hotel rooms almost at the same price as in the US and Canada, young delinquents committing crimes and assaults, frequent protests and earthquakes and packed subways and buses. I don't recommend it at all. Salinas, Ecuador looks really good though!

  24. JET 314

    It's Monte Ve DAY O…not VIDEO.

  25. Richie CS

    Highest safest index cities in Brazil are in São Paulo or in the southern states, João Pessoa is quite dangerous

  26. Carlos Guaman

    You missing Cuenca, one of the most beautiful cities in Ecuador

  27. Jaime Amaya

    Interesting that in another one of your videos " Places NOT to move in South America " you included Santiago, Chile & Medellin, Colombia.

  28. Ex Blvr

    Brazilian Northeast has the best climate in the world. Sadly Brazil makes it difficult to get visa for longer stays.

  29. First Last

    Argentina is a has been country and no self respecting business will do business with them. Crime is WAY UP because the government has cheated the people out of their futures. STAY CLEAR! Brazil is sadly going the way of Argentina. Corruption is rampant in both countries.

  30. S DURÃES

    João Pessoa is certainly the best! Love it!

  31. ok1

    I'm a brown Latin Caribbean good looking man , speak fluent Spanish & been to over 33 countries . All I'll say about Buenos Aires is , if you're not white you might feel " uncomfortable " .

  32. PalmerWhit

    Don’t trust the smiles down there.

  33. PalmerWhit

    Boinos aireez

  34. buk kuk

    These useless nuvo-riche parasites (called politly expat$ ) thats looking for low tax and slave work servants .. should go to dubai (yeah , there is thier perfect nuvo-riche playground >) .. .. and leave the rest of the world alone FFSake …

  35. Franco Usmiani

    You all are saying that South America makes Hell being Heaven!

  36. zoran ninković

    medelin;tnx, not for me.


    want to come columbia country please let me know how can i come safely anyway im from New York City USA


    I would pay you to be my tour guide lol

  39. sky

    l did south America and then europe and found Turkey . İt is cheap , safe , friendly and the Food is amazing .
    Check Marmaris, Alanya for a beach town and izmir by the water for winter .

  40. Ignacio Manuel Morelli Irastorza

    Montevideo en Uruguay,la desventaja que es cara 😆

  41. Michael Cooke

    I'm moving to either Buenos Aries Santiago Medellin Santa Marta Montevideo or punta del esta

  42. gabriel dias rato

    santiago y medellin estan en el top de los peores lugares …… ¿?

  43. Laura Buchanan

    Ecuador and Peru

  44. mirembe2u

    What about AQI in Santiago?

  45. Mr Bush Lied

    Cusco has extremely thin air that could be fatal to seniors. My hotel piped oxygen through the vents. Also, the air in Cusco smells of automobile exhaust.

  46. deinis perez

    Venezuela seria un destino maravilloso para vivir en sur América pero esta jodido por el socialismo comunista

  47. Why This


  48. que ti

    I am from Santiago de Chile🇨🇱😁

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