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why are good grades important –

why are good grades important

Bạn đang xem: why are good grades important Tại

Are you looking for the topic about Do Good Grades Matter? Do Good Grades Matter? Why Perfect Grades Don’t Matter isn’t it? If so, you can check it out right here.

Do Good Grades Matter?

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Are you stressed about grades? Should you be?

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  1. Rishith Kasarla

    My grades are so bad
    I have a B+ and B, they are my lowest grades. I want to go to ivies and am so nervous

  2. house of beans

    “college grades don’t matter”
    right, i’m just tryna pass

  3. Anh Nguyễn Thu

    People think I must like school since I have good grades. But actually I have no choice because if I don't get good grades my parents will beat me up

  4. Doc House


  5. Domi | SuperRguy3000

    Being happy and getting a good job matters more, but they're not gonna let you get it UNTIL you get good grades. So technically they do.

  6. Killerpro3200

    I am depressed l am failing and l get shouted and l just wanna end this

  7. Xdrhackers via telegram

    All they need is school URL login ID and password,hack into computers system and changes your grades online
    I attend university of South Carolina ,I hired them to change my grades online and everything has been fixed properly.
    And I will suggest you speak with them on their website CYBERFINGERSHACKS💮NET .

  8. JeanLevon

    instead of your actual helpful skills, they look at grades in order for you to be accepted in a job… disgusting

  9. Ashley Ryan

    Well if we get under ahem 70% we get a behaviour point so apparantly it does in our school

  10. Kirt Awesome videos

    Grades don't determine how smart you are they just show your memory if understanding topics

  11. Baby Killer

    Class when there's no test incoming: I sleep
    Class when there's an incoming test: Panik

  12. kuromiscribbles

    whoever invented school really wanted children to suffer, stress, and become anxious, didn’t they?

  13. Woosh Karen

    American Schools: (what it feels like)
    A- Good job! 😌
    B-You did great you should study a bit more tho😁
    C-You barely passing 😐
    D-You failed😒
    F-your going to be nothing in life you worthless peice of 💩 your going to end up like all those homeless people and society is going to do nothing to help you

  14. Stony Tornado

    Asian: Listen to me very closely, if you don't spend every MILLISECOND of the day studying, I'll have your head on a spike

    Middle Eastern: Wait, Who are you again?

    American: it's because of that phone of yours!

    African: I didn't know my child was suicidal…

    European: well at least you don't have a mustache….

    Vote in the comments which one you think Is the worst!

  15. jolt ery8

    and im here in a country where my whole life will be dertemined by 2 exams

  16. wing mr Ta

    I just happy that i getting sick

  17. Helen

    My parents grade system:
    A: ok
    B: ok
    C: ok
    D: hm
    F: well…

  18. Kevin Xie

    Goods grades do matter if you want to be successful

  19. Gabriel Balon

    In school, the only thing that I'm absolutely willing to learn and have good grades at the same time, is the subject that I really love the most: Social Studies

  20. Denise Caballero

    I hate it because I keep getting grades I know I don't deserve🙂

  21. Trip

    Yes they do

  22. Tomass Girics

    I just got a bad grade today and im finding excuses that it doesnt matter

  23. sex

    School is just stressing me, I don't even know why I'm still alive anymore

  24. A man who rebells against the Illuminati

    If you want to build a Business and you have educated yourself then no it's not important if you don't know how to do that then it is because you can't say School sucks without knowing how to survive without being an Employee

  25. ᴍᴇʟᴏɴɪᴇ-ʟᴏʀᴅ

    :'(( school gives me nothing but problems…

  26. Blue Drink

    Type in "why good grades matter", and you get this.

  27. Yang Lian Hua

    rn, i got stress and anxiety and a lot of depressive times due to online school im more pushed to do things

  28. Regine Catubig

    I'm here because I think I'm failing 🤦

  29. Bloxy GatorRaid

    My parents get mad at little stuff, if I get a 85, they yell for not getting 90 or above

  30. Amardeep

    I have physics and French this quarter and I’m at a c plus in both and I just feel like my life is over no matter how hard I study or how much I try it just feels like my life is over and I just want to cry

  31. Kuki Bhagabati

    School is the only one that makes me tried of my life 😩

  32. ᴋᴏʀʀᴀ

    as someone who gets B's and C's, intelligence doesn't define much of your grade ( if that makes sense, idk how to explain it ) it means how much effort you put in pretty much

  33. Timea Cseri

    I think it does matter, it is a mindset and attitude becasue gives u ambition and driving force which lead to success. I mean it is just good to look back and saying U did it, right? Another achievement ticked, that’s all.

  34. Max de Vide


  35. diminished_my_energy

    They don't

  36. Klumsee

    I hate it when mom gets mad when I just say "School sucks." or "School is useless" (Which is true)
    She gets mad at my own opinions like wtf.

  37. Kevin Maulana Ramadhan

    Asian parents and teacher: it's those goddamn phone!

  38. GamingSquid92

    Math is the worst thing ever

  39. Harbinger of Payne

    40% is definitely not accurate

  40. Quikytron _YT

    I play games so i can be happy to not get depressed in highschool

  41. Faridah Anv

    I always hate school as Im always always scared that I will forget my homework.

  42. wef QED

    Grades don't matter, what really matters in the real world is your passion. On what you truely love.

  43. Leilani Aranda

    I hate school so much I get anxiety every time I join a zoom meeting. I hate it. We only live to go to school and work. I don’t want to live like this anymore

  44. Josh the Super Rabbid

    Is anyone gonna talk about why the kids are cheese men?

  45. Ryan The Robloxian

    I have so much anxiety cause welp grades

  46. theneverlandfairy

    This is kinda controversial but I rly dont think we should have grades, we could have a better system and grades are taking over the system its not even about learning.

  47. börk

    Principals and teachers: Oh no! Anyways,

  48. Christopher Jay Junio

    I'm here after not doing my homework

  49. evelyn jepkonga chemwetich

    This was great, been searching for "how to get really good grades in school" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Yeetta Gradeify Scores – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my co-worker got amazing success with it.



Do Good Grades Matter?

keywords: #Dogoodgradesmatter, #doyouneedgoodgrades, #doyouneedgoodgradestogetintocollege, #doyouneedgoodgradestogotouniversity, #goodgrades, #successinschool, #practicalwisdom, #grades, #college, #university

Much of our young life is spent in school getting an education, so that we can hopefully get a good job and hopefully live a happy life. You are born, and then given a few grace years to become a functional little human being, and as soon as you learn to go potty, poof! Away you disappear from the comfort of your parent’s house to a kindergarten where suddenly, you cannot do just anything you want. Knowledge is forced upon you and then after a while, you get these scary rectangular papers that show whether you remember what the teacher was blabbing on about or not.

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  1. Nicolás Lage

    a loooong intro Does Not make your video better

  2. ML Vendetta

    I’m here mid way through my gcses. I’ve started thinking about my future and I realized if I get As I could still end up making less money than people with ds and I’m wondering if it’s worth trying.

  3. Okami-Azz

    Sadly, the only thing I can do is get good grades

  4. Christopher Jaleco

    A grades just show how you develop your skills faster not really on how you work

  5. Oreo with a phone

    In short n O

  6. abhi reddy

    This is Complete nonsense, employers do not give two shits if you get good grades. I’ve worked plenty of jobs that didn’t ask me that.

  7. Domi | SuperRguy3000

    The fact that some people are left jobless without their dreams all because they failed school…

    I wish everyone succeeds in life ;-;

  8. Listvix

    we still use slavery bro

  9. Football content

    The top 10 richest people where c students and many more who are today succesful how becuase of him talent passion

  10. zcm007attack

    Working and learning are not the same thing. Students who work hard aren't necessarily learning per se, they are more or less only conforming to the teacher's standards. Do you think if we didn't use grades, there'd be no learning? If our elected legislators stipulate compulsory schooling for children, it damn well better be for the students' benefits, not the teachers, not the educational bureaucrats and certainly not the politicians. Teachers need to be reminded by parents that their tax dollars pay their salaries and finances their operations, so the teahcers are the ones indentured to the students, not the other way around. Which means any work a student is made to do should be for the student's benefit and it is the teacher's responsibility to help their students understand why the assignment is important and has a legitimate purpose that helps them in their lives. If a teacher just simply expresses "do the assignment because I said so", the teacher is admitting their own incompetence from lacking the ability to properly engage their students in the course content.

    Keep in mind, there is no universal standard for what constitutes A/B/C/D/F etc. Excellent/above average/average are not words of true or false, they are products of human judgment which is inherently subjective and imprecise. The teacher is the one who (behind closed doors) decides what points are assigned for each assignment/test, how much each contributes towards the final grade and when it comes to rubrics, it is the teacher who evaluates the performance, then the teacher has the nerve to face their students and convey a message to the effect of "my judgment has no bearing or influence on the results"? That is plain and simple hypocrisy.

    "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its life thinking it is stupid."
    -Albert Einstein


  11. Moto7

    I have a 95 in reading, it’s probably gonna go down tho. How do i tell my mom?

  12. Football content

    If your bad at shool college don't worry work on your passion work on your talent that will lead you to succes

  13. Dream the Noob Version

    Most of the people who focus too much on school ended up working for a boss who mostly have low grades..

  14. MJ Caranto

    creativty is more important cause other jobs could become automated in the future its ok to fail all of us are not perfect we always had a mistake but its better to know more at the house cause u can discover it on your own like our ancestor did they didn't know anything to much but they discovered it too and not all in school is real even in social media that why u need to know before saying its true ok happy .

  15. Hydra Otaku


  16. _.Haru._

    me: bad at every subject bc online school and my parent always mad at me without knowing why i got nad grade

  17. 한성찬

    I am getting good grades , but im still worried something might happend because of online school

  18. Bavin Hashem

    Me: I want to be an athlete

    School: let’s end this man’s whole career

    I actually want be an athlete but school won’t let me 😭😭

  19. fake name

    Nah they don't matter if I hate that one play and didn't answer the questions that were related to them. I mean if I didn't like The Prince and the Pauper- why forcing me to analyze it? Besides, it won't help me in real life.

  20. Jurgen Sala

    I think good grades matters.I think when you start a work for the employee is important that you know everything.

  21. Hello David

    For good jobs, nope cause Creativity is the main focus for success not good IQ.

  22. Kevin Grant

    This Video is so correct. I earn $175000 a year. 30% of that is from my job and 70% is from my realestate investments I did not go to college. My brother who went to college had a lot of student loan debt. He makes 90000 a year and has no financial education ………. He struggles, because he doesn't understand that education is not the end all be all in the world

  23. O’SSÉIN

    Grades are evaluation
    Drives is detrimental

  24. StoryShots – Free Book Summaries and Audiobooks

    Thanks for this. Do you have any plans for more animated book summaries?

  25. Beatrice de Waal

    I think it really depends on what you want to do in life. I’m in high school and for the past three years I’ve got the top score of my year (I live in Italy and my average result last year was 9.55/10). The greatest benefit I have got from that was that whenever I wanted to apply for an internship or something similar I knew I had a place secured because of my grades. This year for example I’ve been working at the physics department of the university in my town on a digital planetarium with some other students of my year. I’ve visited the place, met some professors and worked on practical tasks: if I’ll decide to study there this experience is going to benefit me undoubtedly. So I think it is about getting the grades at first and then using them wisely later.

  26. Betterment Boss

    Only if you want to be a good employee haha

  27. Erika Kullberg

    Education can definitely give you better opportunities in terms of what you want to make out of life.

  28. Talking life

    I wish it matters but seriously it does not because grades can never take the place of being educated and when i say education am not talking about a school

  29. Passive Income Tom

    A students tend to work for the C student sometimes. 🤔

  30. plateni um

    1st ……. 5 views

Why Perfect Grades Don’t Matter

keywords: #theatlantic, #grades, #success, #school, #education, #schoolmyths, #testscores, #academia

Research shows that chasing after perfect grades discourages creativity and reduces academic risk-taking. Here’s why good grades don’t always translate into success in life.

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  1. The Atlantic


  2. andrew zambrano

    my thing is why… why should i let a number otr letter decide the outcome of my life….. tell me that school

  3. VeryTalentedName

    I love social studies, but most of my teachers just sat at their desks not interacting with the class. Most of the class is just a video that they found on YouTube which I would love to listen to if it weren't for the video being quiet as how I wish my farts were in the middle of a quiet classroom. And if it were actually at a volume in which my ears could comprehend, I'd sometimes find myself confused which can't be solved by the teacher due to them not knowing the answer most of the time and saying, "Well maybe you should've listened to the video."

  4. Filip Razik

    The video isn't wrong because Pablo Escobar was one of the richest people in the 80's and still didn't need exams or a college degree.

  5. Yeetus1000

    dude i literally study for days for a math exam and i get a fucking 8

  6. Blabbermouth Gamer

    After learning all this now, screw schools, ALL OF THEM. There is another video that explains that Grades don't make you the money, but skills do.

  7. Tristan Larsen

    tests don't teach you anything. Everything you learn is purely just to memorize it for the test so that you get a good grade, then once that test is done you forget pretty much everything. Not to mention that the majority of stuff you learn in school is completely useless anyway

  8. Christopher L-B

    Where are your sources?

  9. WTF

    Im currently second grade in high school. Last year I finessed my classes but in my country this year we chose "specialities" let's just say. I chose health since my parents hopes are to be a doctor since my mother's father was as well.

    I don't enjoy school in the slightest this year, im not interested in the classes im talking. I dread in the thought that next year I'll have to be studying 6-8 hours daily for university entrance exams.

    Honestly, I'm not an academic person, im just not. I have ambitions in life, im creative, artistic and optimistic. There's a good chance I'm not gonna achieve my goals because they are just that hard, and im ok with that! I am willing to take the risk and im looking forward once I finish high school!

    Thank you for reading.

  10. Golden Lemon

    The funny thing that I asked my mom what will be the 1st thing teachers say to us in college and she replied "Forget everything you've learnt in school"

  11. Lordeo Angelo Dela Rosa

    my mom won't understand this lol

  12. Master Red

    Props To Finland

  13. Sagar’s Speedcubing and other good stuff

    "MOm why do I need As? They dont matter-"
    "Sure they dont, you need them for getting into a good college"
    "Why do i need college?"
    "So you can get a good job"
    "What if I dont like the job? What if I want to work at Minecraft or smth-"
    "You aint doing that kid."

  14. Sagar’s Speedcubing and other good stuff

    The worst thing about my school: Even in breaks, like lunch break, they dont even let us talk! just "Stay quiet!"

  15. Marco Adventures

    4.3 thousand schools disliked.

  16. Eduard Dez

    The thing most people don't understand is that school isn't gonna make you smart , the level in which everything is taught is MEDIUM(which is mostly introductionary level) so that everyone can learn general things . At school you don't learn how to programm , you learn ABOUT programming , same goes for phyiscs , maths etc. Schools presents you with introductions about these different subjects so that at the end you pick one of them and than focus on it. If you need guidance you have a teacher you can ask but you still have to work yourself , find materials(or ask the teacher for materials) ,ask the teacher about competitions if you want performance, going and preparing for Olympiads etc. So focusing on only getting Straight A's at everything is a waste of time since you aren't focusing on what is important (what you choose to pursue) . It's like a ship in the middle of the ocean who is going in circles , it will never reach the land because it doesn't choose a concrete path. Blaming school for your failings is also a wrong thing , it's like blaming someone else for your own laziness or disinterest. Think about what you can learn DESPITE the school teaching at a low level. If you want to be successful in your career (not just exams because these aren't life) it matters more what you did outside of school than the amount of a's you got at the end of each year , no one is gonna ask you at a job interview "What was your final grade in French in year 7?" it's absurd .

  17. Chizara Alaneme

    I failed my exam and I suck at the first trimester.

  18. Denis Isaac

    schools in america are so easy

  19. Kaustubh Kumbhar

    CBSE in a nutshell

  20. sugarplum

    im failing school rn and this was recommended to me

  21. Iceify

    As an student with Straight As with a 95 gpa, a+ doesn't matter on an unweighted scale because 93-96 and 97-100 are both a 4.0 according to the college board. Its not the end of the world If you didn't get a 97 on a test.

  22. Flutey

    School has taken more things (punishments) then given (random knowledge)

  23. Minh Phương

    I’m crying watching this video 🙂

  24. Jaded

    School is mentally exhausting… especially when you are in the bottom of the elite class,after most of my subjects dropped to a C (from As) because you don't feel like studying (because of various reasons ofc, like extra curricular stuff,tutorials and mental health) (my school decides ABCDs base on the performance of the grade and the top 45 students get A etc)
    and everyone flexing their straight As and saying how bad they have done just makes me feel miserable and less motivated to study more 🙁

    I just got my crappy test results today, lost a debate competition and now I have to finish my homework after getting home at 7:30pm with a headache, wish me luck.

  25. Abhishek Bhattarai

    I watched this video one day before my exam and got motivated
    Now It's my second year in final year of high school

  26. Golden Ashes

    This honestly makes me even more thankful for my 7th grade teacher. She actually cared about our mental health and didn't have test scores be most of our grades(it was about 5%). She even had us write about our problems so we could just vent.

  27. FlexLog

    This is like riding a bike with training wheels and telling them that you are an excellent biker.

  28. YourOldCoffin

    im veri smart i jusyt dotn chose to be smart t

  29. sulfuricsteam8

    The whole idea of grades is horrible. It makes me want to vomit.

  30. Snipes Vr

    How life went during school

    1st grade: oh boy o can’t wait to do math it looks fun

    2nd grade: wow I think I like reading now

    3rd grade: ok I can do these math problems on the board

    4th grade: ugh this test is hard but I can do it

    5th grade: these teachers are fkn strict bro

    6th grade: get me out of this hell

    7th grade: MORE DAMMN TESTS

    8th grade: ahhhhhhhhh

    9th grade: ok this is a new year you can do it

    10th grade: SCHOOL MAKES ME WANNA JUMP OF A Bridge

  31. Dark Blue

    "Study to learn, Cheat to pass"
    Someone in my country

  32. RLNTLS Unstoppable

    If the system changed for us to grow in what we love and what we are passionate about more people will live a better happier life being successful and not having to worry about money.

  33. CaKh Ng

    'Grades don't matter' is wrong. It shouldn't matter a lot but 'education' systems and parents exaggerate its importance.

  34. Alan Salto’s Lego Stop Motion

    I feel bad because I have to C's and an F and I always thought that if my grades were bad then I'm bad but after I realized it doesn't matter and I want to raise that F just so I don't repeat the class but I always thought when I would need this stuff and my parents always telling me to get good grades so that I can get scholarships and stuff like that but a while ago it got to the point where I just got depressed and lucky I'm not depressed anymore but I will pray for those who are in this situation

  35. H e l p N e e d e d

    Took AP psychology because I love studying psychology and find it interesting. Now I no longer feel excited to learn about it anymore. It feels like a chore :/

  36. qar_ty

    schools should notice things like this

  37. Rat Cube

    stfu im going to med school

  38. Nanax

    Ironic how Im watching it on a break from math practice

  39. homer derpson

    Strict parents after watching this:

    imma pretend i never saw this.

  40. Jan Golonkowicz

    Talking about why school is bad is like explaining that breathing is important.

  41. Miyu’s Little Channel

    Schools only care about the numbers on the report card
    Higher number, better student

  42. Tamia

    Well Perfect grades matter in medical school 😭😭

  43. Cursed

    I go to a school in Washington, IDEA(industrial design, engineering and the arts) where we are taking on a new way of learning and I love it. We get four classes a day and another four the next day with 8 periods. That way we get more time in one class instead of a ton of short classes. Midweek we have what we call mentor group with late start, and after lunch we have our workshop (we had a list of options from each teacher) one of my choices was shop leaders and in that class we are to find a project around the school (most of the time the woodshop teachers gives us options and we choose) and my project I am working on is a guitar case and we get to use all of the tools provided to us to make our projects. I just think this is a amazing school.🙃

  44. shroom appreciator

    I honestly don't know why I get so sad over my grades, my parents keep telling me that if I didn't do well on a test and practiced for it, it doesn't matter but I always call myself stupid even after getting a high grade. Everything that isn't a 100 score for me is zero in my eyes, and I don't know how to fix this mindset.

  45. Avary Azure

    my dad confronted me once about why were my mid-terms average grades so low (it was 7.8 / 10, a C-type student for short because idk how to explain the term). In my head, the reason was "I don't like school", but when I said it out, I had to change it into "I don't have any motivation for learning".
    This was his response: "I don't care if you don't have any motivation for learning, all you need to do is learning, it doesn't have anything to do with motivation"
    With all due respect, sir, you just lost the A+ in my eyes.

  46. XenoPizza

    Why we don’t care

  47. AZMasterGamer

    Basing a test on memory is kinda dumb

  48. Reventrev Gaming

    I am the only one out of my friends that has good grades. Yet I'm the least smartest in the group. It tells you something, and its really messing me up

  49. ralnyx

    "You see this America? Why can't you be like Finland?"

  50. Earl Magtangob

    i mean for me i have higher grades on activitys because i see them more practicle than test it is just a remembering contest than actual knowledge for me i only store very helpful information that can help me to grow as a person for example basic math i can use that everyday time management i use that to have time for me and to my work

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