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why do we go to school for 12 years –

why do we go to school for 12 years

Are you looking for the topic about Why Do We Have to Go to School? How School Makes Kids Less Intelligent | Eddy ZhongBefore You Go To School, Watch This: What Is School For?isn’t it? If so, you can check it out right here.

Why Do We Have to Go to School?

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Mr. Beat presents a brief history of school, starting with the question: “Why do we have to go to school?” and then narrowing to the focus of school as an institution, especially as a public and mandatory institution.

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Market Education: The Unknown History by Andrew Coulson

Traditions \u0026 Encounters a Global Perspective on the Past. by Jerry Bentley

Renaissance and Renewal in the Twelfth Century. R.W. Southern

n the beginning, for hundreds of thousands of years, we didn’t go to school. During the hunter gatherer days, when humans just gathered wild plants or chased wild animals, that’s pretty much the main thing we did, and we learned it at a very young age. At that time, children learned to be good members of their tribe, or clan.

Around 3500 BCE, civilizations around the world began to develop writing systems, making it easier to teach others stuff so they would, what’s the word, uh…forget? Yeah, forget. (I should write that down) Formal schools, usually revolving around some kind of written language, popped up in places like ancient Greece, ancient India, ancient China, and ancient Rome.

But usually only certain people had access to these schools, and those were the Three Rs: The Rich, The Religious Leaders, and The Royalty. Other than, you pretty much just starting working when you were three, and worked your butt off until you died a few years later.

There were exceptions, of course. In the city-states of ancient Greece, anyone could open a school, and even the poor could sometimes afford to send their sons to school. Notice how I said “sons.” Yeah, girls rarely went to school. And the schools were not mandated by the government. It was voluntary, although a dude named Plato, kind of a big deal, first popularized the idea of making education mandatory in his book the Republic.

The first universities popped up during the early Middle Ages. Students there studied specialized in one thing. Usually the arts, law, medicine, and of course, theology. It was during this time that the University of Bologna

was established. That university, in modern day Italy, was founded in 1088 and still exists, still kicking butt today. But that ain’t got nothing on The University of al-Qarawiyyin, which opened in 859. It’s the oldest existing educational institution in the world and it’s also still kicking butt today.

In Europe, most universities, and schools, for that matter, were Christian. In 1179, the Catholic Church gave free education for the poor. Well I mean, poor boys, not girls. Universities would spread throughout the entire world during the Middle Ages.

The most important leader of the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther, called for mandatory education. Across the ocean, in modern day Mexico, the Aztecs already had mandatory education for every child. While the poor there did not go to the same schools as the rich, they still had the opportunity. And girls could go to school, too. The first country to kind of do this in Europe was Scotland. Its government passed the School Establishment Act 1616, in 1616, which forced all kids there to go to public, church-supervised, schools.

During a period known as the Enlightenment, schools all of sudden were cool. One person I should probably mention from this time was John Amos Comenius. Comenius, who came to prominence in the 1600s in central Europe, promoted the ideas that everyone deserved an education, regardless of how much money they had. This included women. He also looked for ways to make instruction more universal and practical.

The New England colonies in North America were ahead of the curve regarding public education. Sure, public schools, schools for everyone in a society and also paid for by everyone in that society, had existed here and there before, but in New England in the 1600s they were all over the place.


  1. Mr. Beat

    Thanks for watching students/former students. Just wanted you to know that I am using the excuse of Labor Day today for taking Friday off, so I'll see you next week.

  2. JIGGLYPUFFthejigg

    wow mr beat talking about school indoctrination. what a topic to cover right now

  3. Jaye Ellis

    A good basic knowledge, but entirely glosses over the gender disparity in a significant number of nations in regards to period poverty. It's not a small problem, and it is, in fact, global.

  4. Kip Pierson

    miss your class tho mr beat. you made school more than indoctrination

  5. MidWestOutlaw 420

    To pound propaganda repeatedly in our sponge brains so we can be modeled into the Perfect Member of Society. So fucking cookie cutter it's not funny.
    I can't wait till everything goes to shit so everyone freaks out about not being able to access their social media echo Chambers.
    Fuck everyone.

  6. ASJ 478

    I’m in 8th grade rn, but I can’t remember not one thing I learned in 3 years of middle school. I’m in honors classes, but I have learned anything useful for my life

  7. mishal Adara

    School gets us used to prison

  8. mishal Adara

    :34 school gets used to prison

  9. Jackson McMahon


  10. Software Agents TV

    Blame the Sumerians

  11. Patriot Mapper [CDP]

    Fun fact: Prussia actually does still exist as the Kaliningrad Oblast of the Russian Federation.

  12. Joseph Nash

    We don't have to go to school.

  13. Robert Boisvert

    Thanks for the video, Very interesting!

  14. Camilla Ackers

    To please others

  15. Reginald Bledsoe

    I have learned so much from you Mr. Beat

  16. Harry

    What are your thoughts on school choice?

  17. Sir. SuperThunderGoodGuy lll

    I’m fine with free education being paid through taxes. Yes taxes suck but the benefits are bigger than the negatives by a long shot. I think college should also be like other education. Paid through taxes so we can eliminate student debt.

    But that’s my opinion. (Tho wish it was that way)

  18. Itz Fade

    I don’t think we should need anything more than middle school. All you really need is to read and write and be decent at practical math. I think the rest of what you would need you would learn from experience and throughout life.

  19. lazy_gamer

    Me: and what after I learn to write

  20. Otto von Bismarck

    Plato did NOT want mandatory education. In his book "The Republic" he says "compulsory learning never sticks in the mind".

  21. bubble and squeak

    Friday night funk the law

  22. Jason N

    No, the reason why kids have to go to school is so they can start brainwashing them starting at a younger age.

  23. LorenzoMii123

    I learn more on the internet than school

  24. Bradley

    Who needs school when I learn everything on the internet

  25. benightedstxrmz

    youtube is my school bruh. i learn way more shit on youtube then at school.

  26. Let’s Know !

    Oldest university in world is Taxilla present day Pakistan which is more than 2000 years old

  27. steve bacue

    Mr.beast 😂😂😂😂😂

  28. Fell Man


  29. Fell Man


  30. Fell Man

    Basically we go to school for 2 main reasons, indoctrination and revenue generation for the state.

    This is a well established fact yet the people who run society still think the school system is not only good but should be forced. They are wrong and uncaring because of this.

    I hope to end forced schooling in my lifetime if anyone here could help me in anyway that would be good.

  31. Bruno Bucciarati

    It feels like the sun was actually just a giant lazer.

  32. fadedcoconut

    and so are u

  33. fadedcoconut

    school is fucking retarted

  34. fadedcoconut

    school teaches me knowledge that i don’t need nowadays and if we needed school for better jobs someone could be taught the lessons for the job and now they know how to do it school also doesn’t go about teaching in the right way there no awards for be taught and they talk for twenty mints wasting are time then they throw a packet in front of us while barely going through the lesson school is unnecessary to teach we can learn without it

  35. Because Y Not


  36. Fernando Barduchi

    The best book I read about school was
    Education: Free and Compulsory

  37. Hiwot Ekubay

    Mr.Beat yes you Mr.Beat you

  38. lapuchca

    You must be Dr Beat?

  39. Martha Thompson

    Being on zoom is boring but being In school is not boring but on zoom no I hate zoom

  40. m

    My grandpa always talks about how his dad only went to high school because he was too small for the farm. He went to the same private school that I did, but his tuition was a sack of potatoes!

  41. The Life Of Cal

    we need more charter schools

  42. Dimethal Tryptaman

    i’ve learnt more information in one night on psychedelics than an infinite amount of school days

  43. ILoveCoffee

    Outrageous euro-centric historical revisionism. You literally did not even mention ANCIENT EGYPT, the first civilization that actually HAD advanced school system, and citizens DID went to school there, and where do you think ancient Greek "scholars" like Plato got their ideas from!? Plato and Greeks were all educated in Egypt. Even they themselves admit that in their texts. But it's also outrageous to claim the Romans made it mandatory because of Plato. Seriously? Do you think coming up with the idea of making something mandatory takes a genius? It's literally COMMON SENSE to make something mandatory. It's not an innovative idea making stuff mandatory. Ridiculous to suggest they all got "inspired" by Plato's book of making it mandatory. You also did not even mention China and India, where they too had schools WAY BEFORE EUROPE.

  44. J Chr G

    Because the proces of going to school gets you in a steady riddim , to wake up early start the day etc etc…go to school and maintain it doesn't matter if your bad at or in some courses…

  45. ahmed mohamed

    Thank you for this great video 😊

  46. Alan Saxena

    " you pretty much just start working when you were three, and worked your butt off until you died a few years later" 😂😂

  47. DankRose36

    I learned almost all of my history knowledge from the internet than from school

    Edit: I suck at spelling

  48. elchucabagra

    Your deadpan delivery is phenominal and I applaud you educational and creative efforts

  49. pjhoody

    you took the time to explain how education spread around the world but failed to explain why it reached africa last. speaks to the narrow perspective that history is often talked about from

  50. Phillipe

    Benefits of school:

    1. Raping your Creativity

    2. Destroying your Self Confidence

    3. Bullies

    4. Physical fitness bad

    5. Junk food is THICC

    6. Sexual Relationship is taboo

    6.1. Phone Bad

    7. No Questions against the Useless Books

    8. Shut the FUCK up and only listen to me

    – Said by a Asshole Boomer Teacher

How School Makes Kids Less Intelligent | Eddy Zhong

keywords: #English, #UnitedStates, #Education, #Career, #Creativity, #Curiosity, #Educationreform, #Entrepreneurship, #Highereducation, #Leadership, #LifeDevelopment, #Personaleducation, #Start-up, #Students

Eddy Zhong, successful technology entrepreneur, dives into the truth behind our K-12 education system. Eddy strongly believes that the education system diminishes creativity and confines children to a certain path towards success. He contends that kids are taught to believe college is a necessary step in life and that it is mandatory to achieve one’s goals. His talk challenges the commonly held beliefs of our entire education structure. Eddy is the founder of Leangap, a summer program that helps high school students start their own companies

Eddy is an aspiring technology entrepreneur and the founder of Blanc, a smart-watch company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His ideas have been featured in numerous publications and he is passionate about empowering youth to think differently. Eddy is the founder of Leangap, a summer program that helps high school students start their own companies

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  1. no one

    School is a tournament instead of a place to learn

  2. heavenly

    Parents be like: If I suffer you suffer

    Pain from Naruto: If I suffer you must suffer

    People whom never experienced suffering: What am I supposed to expect?

  3. heavenly

    4 billion people prove school doesn't work and does this wrong

    The government: what was that? Say it again I was wearing these cool new Airpods

  4. IQgirl

    The only thing I learned from school was how to deal with bullies and make true friends

  5. giga chad

    Istg i learned english just in 4 months by watching animes w english subs,and i wouldnt have learned to speak or understand english at school.

  6. metishan-9ol

    I've always sucked at math and once in my class I wasn't able to do one question from algebra. It was really easy for others but not for me. I asked the teacher and all she could say out loud was : "why are u not even able to solve this easy of a question, it's so easy. Try it yourself" and then she left. Like, wtf???

  7. Hamza Warsi

    school is good at one thing, making us learn tons of pages especially for history and then forget it 10 minutes after the exam

  8. Agha Mations

    This kid is even more intelligent than the guy who spelled red lobster

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  10. Lelouch v Britannia

    I am Chinese but I am nothing like any of those Stereotype I am terrible at school but super out going and social. Also school takes so much of my life up that having experiences that I will remember when I am older won’t happen. School is great but I think they shouldn’t take so much of a child’s life up

  11. PizzaCrust

    Speaker: “makes joke”
    Camera: let’s point to the guy in the crowd who’s not laughing

  12. Grayson ?

    I learn more from a 4 min khan academy video than I do from 2 hours of math at school

  13. ldnbusenthusiast_65

    school: shows every other ted talks video other then this

  14. Account that I’ll use to comment

    I apologize but I need to say it: His voice could be used as a voice over in a comedy film where the main character (him) is an alien

  15. M@hit@

    "no one has ever changed the world, by doing what the
    world told them to do"
    i wrote this on my class board as "THOUGHT OF THE CENTURY".

  16. Eliteinngan

    This onion will not make me cry. The Onion: Schools don't teach you how to be human.

  17. Lucio-OHS

    It's crazy how were forced to take the main subjects for all of school and given a few electives that are locked for the whole year, you get no flexibility for exploring your interests to find what's right for you. The reason it seems like much fewer people do jobs like art, music, etc is because students aren't given a chance to be themselves in the most critical stages of their development.

  18. hatice yildiz

    Leaders have even stopped us from travelling

  19. Ace

    Im not American or anything but I learned 80% English of my English from the internet. Why did I say this I don't know

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  23. vairav

    they are saying about best schools imagine the schools of India in small towns where I went it was a mental torture

  24. Chandani Senaratne

    School's depression, Eddy Zhong, I AGREE! It's killing me now, I have 2 days work…

  25. Aren

    Why do they keep zooming in on random people from the audience

  26. AlicePiu HeartlyLiu

    No you are not the only asian kid in the world who does not understand why and who tf felt the need to add alphabets next to numbers and ask us to find X. no i will not find X, shes gone and she's not coming back. get over it Y.

  27. Dharshan KR

    School: im gonna pretend I didn’t see that.

  28. Ryan Martin

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  29. Ryan Martin

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    So adorable!!!

  31. KewI Man

    Once I used a word a little too high vocabulary for kids my grade and the teacher assumed I cheated :(((

  32. bruhlookatmycommence

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    99% of teachers in the world:

    Wait, that illegal

  33. Victoriaa

    i cried bruh

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  35. Milagros Rosales

    As an educator, I tell you that kids are questioning what are they gonna use all they learn in school for. So, we have to adapt the things we teach to real world situations, and also open our minds and ask them what they want to learn so they feel free and exited about future life.

  36. محمد اديب

    There are many complaints and facts in the comment but the government pretend they didn't see it.

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  39. GUSGEISB Sgshshsh

    "No one has ever changed the world by doing what the world told them to do". Perfectly said!

  40. GUSGEISB Sgshshsh

    Nice to see most of the people who understand school students in the comment section.

  41. •Jade•plays•with•animations•

    "I think i'm the only asian kid who doesn't understand math"

    Me who's a 8th grader that still haven't memorized the times table: 👁👄👁👌

  42. RETR0 ♪

    “The school curriculum is making me depressed and i started getting panic attacks” – me, 2019

    “Haha lol. I have 80% of ADHD symptoms and i get at least a panic attack a week! haha, things just keep getting better!” – me, late 2021

  43. Aaron Austrie

    Some ppl think for you to be successful in life you must attend college and that's NOT true! We need to remove that of our mentality. Break out from that

  44. Aaron Austrie

    Worth sharing. Definitely got to share this 🗣

  45. Martin Apaloo

    My mom is angry

  46. yes

    In my opinion we should be educated based off of dreams we hope to achieve, jobs we hope to have as adults, along with basic human knowledge and common sense. We shouldn't go to school to memorize long stressful math problems or what is the power house of a cell, it doesn't help us in the real world, we'll end up forgetting it anyway. All throughout school I've been taught to think inside of the box, my thoughts aren't important, and that I'd fail in life if I didn't do this or do that or go to college. I feel very strongly that the only reason I've gotten by is through the support and love of my family, and through the power of God, Alhamdulilah. I was really low at one point in my life, I even had thoughts of suicide because I felt like a failure. I just pray the school system will change their ways of "teaching."

  47. RD


  48. 8D GROOVES

    Well if u feel for other education system, think about INDIA

  49. Akyuu

    in SEA, highschool teaches students how to assemble and disassemble an AK

  50. BonRoblox

    I just want to say that Literature is way more easier than Math cause for me some of works are really filled with emotions, knowing the moral of the story and it also help you talk more professionally in business, with boss…(im from vietnam i know that and maybe it will not same as your country) It more interesting and more inspiring than Math

Before You Go To School, Watch This: What Is School For?

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Recommended Reading:

1) What School Could Be, Ted Dintersmith

2) The Element, by Sir Ken Robinson

3) How Children Learn, John Holt

4) The Global Achievement Gap, Tony Wagner

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  1. Prince Ea

    What difficulties did/do you have with school?

  2. Erandioパオロ・ジェームス

    as a person who's struggling from my ADHD behavior, its hard to remember things i learned due to my lack of focus and memory, which caused me to fail some subjects in my highschool years, but now it didn't change anything because all of the lesson those subject thought me, it didn't mattered in my life now

  3. Joseph Joshua Julim

    why does he always ryhme?

  4. Catroo

    A piece a paper, just to tell me I’m useless wow..
    Math and science aren’t my strong suit

    I’m a creative type so I’m not useless like the school system has branded me

  5. Vinh Hanzu

    There’s millions who didn’t go to school. You’re right, but here’s the tip to be successful. Instead of focusing on grades, focus on your passion in life and in getting the skills and knowledge you need to achieve your goals and make your dreams come true. No body else gets to tell you your success, not even that piece of paper. We’re gonna need more passion and compassion.

  6. YashneilxG

    Idk why im crying but you spitting facts!

  7. Think creative!

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  8. Think creative!

    even though I am a 6th grader I face 100% of these problems

  9. SoloGv

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    But school wants me to learn how to be a scientist,mathematician,musician

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  13. Monochrome Orb

    Thanks school for- Depression, Anxiety, Fake Friends, Bullies, Useless Knowledge, Taking away my time, Making me feel absolute trash when getting a bad grade, Making my parents scream at me for my grades, And ruining my life. and Last And people still wonder why kids hate school.

  14. Umi Thapa

    awhhhh! These 12 cruel hours I am facing is so difficult, this video made me realize to speak against useless multiply underroot stupidity!

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  16. Lucian Caster Entero Salas

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  20. DemonBoy Halo

    i have HUGE problems in school
    1. i am only seen by others only thanks to…lying about my self and even if i say the truth no one will believe

    2. even if i did home work my math teacher always says "Write how you calculated it. you used the internet because nothing is written but the answer." AND WHAT DO YOU THINK I WOULD DO, YOU ARE LEARNING ME CRAP LIKE 1/2 = 4/2 OR ETC.!

    3. when i asked my teacher "Where are we gonna use it in life?" her answers are just STUPID! her answer was "when you will want to know who ate how many pizza" and my classmate said "For diffrent exams in high school above" okay i understand but… when it will be used AFTER school

    4. my mom always said to "Ignore the kids that bully you" and she does to this day… but it doesnt help i just cant ignore when some one is calling me dumb etc. ignoring its like prooving that they are right!.

    5. my mom wanted me to study before my History teacher would to ask but after my History teacher asked i forgot it ALL!

    6. it may be stupid in the eyes of girls but there was a subject that was ment to learn us about our body parts and growing up and a WOMAN learned us! (it was also about Private part and how it affects that bla blah blah) my mom was mad as a woman teaching a boy about diffrent body parts? okay im not mad for teaching body parts but teaching private body parts!? and if you girls think its okay make a man teach you about this if you have the subject

    7. girls are the "Fav" gender of schools there are in my opinion to much more women as teachers than men and they ALWAYS win arguments by telling to the teacher

    8. in schools i saw that… the more the people are telling the more true it is and i was in THREE schools and im in 6TH GRADE! and the most of the time I WAS RIGHT when i was bullied and the most of the class where saying diffrently

    and finnally LAST.
    there are more girls in class like a LOT more it is not okay with me and the girls are lik "You cant hurt me but i can hurt you" and its NOT OKAY!

    i just want boys to be treated the SAME as girls they might be "Stronger" (NOT calling girls weak) but they can be injured a LOT to and there are girls strong as boys



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  23. Jinee Boo

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  25. starknlestrange

    Here's what's school is really for. Everyone thinks oh well I don't see why I have to take this oh well I don't need all this when I grow up oh why can't they teach life skills other than these random useless wars well I'll tell u why in math you learn so many things that you will surely need now don't disagree and go saying oh well why do I have to know the square root of a hundred or how to turn a decimal into a fraction well you may not need it then but you will in the future now just hear me out in science we learn about the world around us, different particles around us, I mean how can you be successful if you don't even know where you are or what's around you. In history you learn about different war captains different presidents and historic events but people find all this useless but in the end think how your supposed to find out about the evolution of humans without it, you can't just go and tell me you can just search it or read about it but you can't deny it won't happen, people keep saying well all this stuff is on Google well how do you think it is without some people who actually put in the effort into searching about it and learning, the information itself was already in books without some caring enough to educate themselves about google wouldn't be a thing, how are you supposed to teach generations later on about you if you don't put it in books, you should study your past before you become one for others to study school definitely does need some work when it comes to teaching but that's on the teacher definitely not on school itself it's teaching methods that make it hard on children to study and so they blame it school as a whole the reason you learn all this in the first place is for you to have enough education to have a secure choice to what you wanna be which is why when you enter highschool you get more a of a choice cause in highschool your completing your knowledge and deciding what you wanna be
    School isn't useless the problem is with humans because the truth of the matter is you think when no pressure ismput on you will actually study, well that's not the case people these days are toxic, kids are lazy the truth of the matter is we need a good push but if the person pushing you in this case the teacher doesn't find a way to make you enjoy it and understand in the same time in the end it's not the concept of school that's making it impossible for students to efficiently learn it's the teachers cuz when the kid truely enjoys it they'll put in the effort and learn efficiently and easily

  26. kady aoufi

    what is school for? depression homework and pain.

  27. jeon rojine

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  31. Sir Mation

    Theodore Roosevelt did have school, and so did many other people you listed. Bill Gates didn't drop out of College it was Harvard.

  32. Stephen AviaSpace

    My most stress in school is the lessons are "walls of text" and "some spam on a book" instead of application and inference.

  33. Ash ketchump

    All the people who disliked are teachers

  34. Sophia Miller

    In reality school is really for creating mindless robots working a desk job to get the government money, or so i'm told by my dad who is one of those mindless robots working a desk job, giving the government money.

  35. Legandary Beast

    What is school for

    To get depression and to be bullied

  36. Faust

    Some teachers tell us to ask questions but when we actually ask them, they say we weren’t paying attention and they’re not repeating again (happend to me in the first year of middle school)

  37. Deen Khlil

    Adding on to this, you don't remember half of the stuff your learn minutes after your test

  38. Celiopane

    Yeah I have 7 hours of school not six
    3 year later nothing changed.

  39. AlishaAnimations *


  40. AlishaAnimations *


  41. David-J Llander TV

    you know, i may still a kid today but the society is the real problem, like the teachers they judge so much of how the students gonna do the equation, project, or even an natural disasters, and still most the school teaches isn't USEFUL, and we only need to lived with a simple life. What the school thinks that we need uawuawuawua of apples?
    like it doesn't needed THAT much of USELESS things that school teaches us.
    EVEN the GOVERMENT is the PROBLEM too, like teaching the kids how evil that 1 President before but through hours of research on the internet, everrything becomes different.
    I may write too much here and the grammar is mostly incorrect, but im just telling of what i experience and what the truth is

  42. SmartWydraGamma

    Shut up, Shut up SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!! School "is" for education, if you wanna be something useful like smart scientests, engineers,

    You live because you ARE special. we all have are places in this world. Your specialty makes you who you are and not just humans, but animals, objects, discoveries and so so so much more! Why do you think we are in this world huh? just to… EXIST??
    NO!!!! I want to bosh you so hard so so SO SO HARD! Who have not found out who you really are and your specialty is how you are alive. I know why your SO SPECIAL! Being the most annoying person to live.

  43. PROTOTYPE007

    I tought that i am the only we learn 8 hours btw + homework

  44. CEE

    I hope the school system change one day

  45. TheBottleCutter

    3 years and nothing chainge

  46. our tamil nadu

    School is the graveyard of children's passion,desires,imaginations,creativity, development.

  47. Parthan D Nair

    Let this video open Millions of Eyes… 💀

  48. Zereen Shah Syeda

    At least school taught us english. Without that we couldn't have played gamesssssssss. Also, before you look at your A's… Just think about what you want to pursue, then think about what subjects are important for you to able to do that. If I want to me a fashion designer, I will focus on art, design, and mathematics. Why would I focus on science and history?

  49. Pato Chu

    Ive actually learned more about life and how to do important stuff in youtube than knowing what date ww2 ended thanks to school 💀

  50. Ethan Dafivbiroro

    This guy really hates school

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