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why do we hate school –

why do we hate school

Bạn đang xem: why do we hate school Tại

Are you looking for the topic about Why I Hate School Hate School? Watch This Why we hate school isn’t it? If so, you can check it out right here.

Why I Hate School

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  1. Proactive Thinker

    Like all of you, I have been in school as well and unfortunately it wasn't the most pleasing experience. School simply takes all of our childhood, its the place where we spend 12 years of our life and I am confident that these 12 years can be used much more effectively. I mostly talked about my personal experience in this video and would love to know yours as well!

  2. Spyritic

    honestly, its not teaching us anything. like reading, talking, writing and the basic stuff are important and easy to remember because you use that everyday. but when will you use things that you dont even like and wont remember anyways? school isnt about intelligence, but about remembering. teachers only just tell kids what to memorize, they dont even teach. school is honestly just… child jail…

  3. Breezon Stefanyshyn

    Nailed it!

  4. 1z3

    Thx 4 having a brain 🧠

  5. JJGL


  6. Anad hgan

    uhhm im 8 and is this true

  7. The ramen behind The slaughter

    school is useless they give me useless information that I dont care about. and information that i already heard like teach me something that will help me in life whats the point im just gonna forget it all at the end of the school year i learned stuff from youtube and the internet school doesnt give me any knowledge it repeats facts that i already learned before its just stupid they teach me useless stuff that wont help me in life…I Hate School. Some times I wish I was dead..

  8. GlitchyAnimates

    I love school but grades sucks

  9. wrenchonabench

    Whenever I feel stressed about something I always swear at myself like "F**k you, you suck at this"

  10. wrenchonabench

    Quick! Your best friend is going to fall of the edge of the cliff! What do you do? Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

  11. diduardnoob

    Yes cuz school is for 1 year old or 5

  12. DogeWithVr

    I hate my school schedule. It is literally 7 hours of school and only 3-4 for me (1 hour spent on homework). I guess my school cares more about our time there than at home.

  13. Val

    Me watches videos in school.
    Teacher: answer the question
    Me: stfu I watched a video what’s the point!

  14. Mason Rosecrayons

    After 7th grade english should be replaced by another language.

  15. The Rabbit

    Why are people constantly saying that school suppresses our creativity besides we use our creativity for cheating

  16. Voldy356

    I did reasonably well in school last three years, but then I got into a new class which is filled with nerds and overachievers. Now I'm a below average student because I can't keep up with them. Makes me feel absolutely worthless.

  17. Hendry Purnasidha

    Me that has to wake up every day at 5am

  18. kopereact

    and it takes forever ill just say let it end i wish school wasn a thing

  19. kopereact

    the worst cuz my dum class ends at 3.33 and it starts at 11.55

  20. Athirix

    Because school is hard for some people like me u know and every time I get a bad grades my parents beat me man and today I got another bad grade and my dad said he's gonna beat me

  21. SFC. Depression

    What school even mean though?

  22. WM

    School SUCKS!!!
    School is the destroyer of your creativity and curiosity.

  23. Mason Williams

    Let’s be honest it’s a waste of 12 years of your life

  24. Holly Anisworth

    OK I may be a school council but I love watching hate videos on school because I dispise school so much

  25. Swifty

    When i was younger i loved school!, until 5th grade, when i was like 5th grade people that talked about Legos and lil toys talks about Gaming computers now, and i tried fitting in now but when i was younger we was all chill. i use to be enjoying answering homework and studying now i feel like its torture.

  26. Memazov

    School taught me how to end my because of the constant bullshit

  27. TJessT

    Oh ur famous! But ive never heard of u..
    Oh! Thats strange Im very famous because im the guy who created homework!
    do u know what you've done

  28. K.E.N.E.I

    My experience in school is complete trash only teaches teach us boring lesson and memories which we forgot very soon and mostly no great activity and creativity and life skills are held only sometimes only think of getting good grades and make me so worried and sad to get low marks and get corporals punishment if I fail 😭😭😭

  29. Little

    If I were to sit here for a whole hour I wouldn't be able to think of anything good about school

  30. MADAME D.


  31. MADAME D.


  32. Cheers Audu

    You really understand what i am going through watching this vedio made it better

  33. Kevin Hewitt2609

    School fucking pissed me off

  34. Efdy Depp

    I read novel , comic well. But bro , say no to others book. That's must be the reason why i failed in school.

  35. Louis Steffen

    my school is like hell with dumb jokes and they are nothing but psychopathes and stupid.i'm always hate it!

  36. Kiema Des

    School makes me want to die I have no friends and it's so boring.

  37. Fearful Harmony

    Schools be like:
    "take off your hoodie"
    "no chewing gum"

    School doesn't care when someone gets builled, they only care when the victim is fighting back.
    School turned me from a happy kid to a suicidal kid this is why I want digital school back, don't have to deal with bullies

  38. Izham

    Trade offee:
    I receive:ur money…
    You receive: depression,anxiety,a lot of shit to deal with….

  39. Titanic Nerd

    I hate school

  40. kyle Montera

    Schools treat us like slaves

  41. Lil’Fox The Hylian Warrior

    I freaking hate it and imnforced to do it…I'm tired…I'm freaking done


    I learned English from Youtube,Videogames. School was Torture 4 me. I dont know who i really are or what i want.

  43. Sonali’s Kitchen

    I don’t get happy as every time I want to inner smile I remember my parents will punish me for not studying

  44. Hanna Rosedoll

    I LOVE school

  45. faresblox

    Me: i hate school bc i know English better then the teacher
    Teacher: HOW SAID THAT

  46. Aray Perez

    I just don’t want to go to school😢😭😭 you should enjoy every minute of life

  47. Aray Perez

    I really hate School I have to go to school and it sucks course school😤🏆😤😡😡 i’m going to and school one day

  48. ~Serina_Afton~

    Dont worry i gonna go to highschool next month

  49. Daniel

    School is a stress for me. I hate school

  50. Glvosy

    if i made a video like this, it would last atleast 6 hours.

Hate School? Watch This

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02:32 – 2. Measuring Progress \u0026 Immediate Feedback

03:10 – 3. Full Concentration

03:31 – 4. Challenge \u0026 Skill Development Balance

04:03 – 5. Control

04:29 – How to Actually Enjoy School

04:50 – 1. Measure Progress

05:43 – 2. We Enjoy What We’re Good At

06:27 – 3. Embrace Competition

07:24 – 4. Make it Applicable

08:14 – The End Goal: Autotelic Studying


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  1. Med School Insiders

    What are you going to change so that you enjoy school more? Let us know!

  2. James T. Gonzalez

    Nope! Still hate school

  3. AwesomeAshton

    Why school sucks:

    -Waking up so early
    -Lasting a killing 8 hours that feels like a whole day
    -Learning stuff in 3rd grade that I learned in 1st grade
    -Learning useless facts that we will forget like in 1 day
    -Homework right after we did a devasting 8 hours of school
    -Not having fun time with my family or friend etc

  4. Jack Tinney


  5. Kim possible

    ok but a couple questions:
    what if u like the subjects (or at least don’t hate them) but never have energy to pay attention or do work?
    what if u don’t have any hobbies/ passions/goals to relate subjects to?
    what if u hate most of the people in most of your classes and can’t stand dealing with them everyday?
    what if u have a terrible sleep schedule and can’t fix it cause school keeps going and you can’t just take time off so you’re constantly sleep deprived?
    what if seeing friends is the only thing keeping you going and trying still but you’re not allowed to see them cause your grades are dropping?
    idk man i’m trying my best

  6. Isa

    I love learning but hate school💁. The structure of classes and the culture at my school sucks a**.

  7. hello

    I see my teachers more than my own family

  8. Aubrey

    school is just so dull and boring. It's just the bleh tired mood

  9. Harnoor aujla

    Thanks a ton for this. I watched a medbros vid where he says he entered flow in step 1 prep and I just couldn’t agree w that. Your video supports my doubts regarding that

  10. Théophil Lalonde

    this video is way to complicated for my dumb brain

  11. Icantthinkofagoodname


  12. casy walter

    Actually my grade is entirely depended on things I can’t control in my classes we use ib so in other words my grade is based of little tim in China with a 6.0 gpa so naturally my grade falls because of it

  13. Anonymous S

    I nolonger like school and i've become lazy😔😔
    I hate myself

  14. Maliha

    My homework isnt even that bad. Its the fact that school takes up so much of my time to the point where i can barely enjoy my life as a kid. I have other things i wanna do, education isnt everything

  15. Zenahh

    I like school, i just don't like math

  16. Victor

    Not only do you try something more if you enjoy it, but you also don't feel scared by it. Because you enjoy it!

  17. Classical Sheet Music

    My biggest problem with school is that it's not flexible enough.
    Imagine, if you could go to school at 8am if you wanted to. You could go to school at 11am if you wanted to.
    Imagine if you could make your own schedules, you could decide when to leave, on any day.
    Wouldn't that make school a lot better? Well, the Netherlands actually has a school like that,
    students make their own plans, and that school is truly fantastic. But other than that,
    if every school would work like that, then it would be the best thing on the entire planet earth.
    Imagine, if you would be in school, and you could just decide when to leave.
    Every month or every 2 months you could change your schedule or keep it the same.
    That would be fantastic because someone who is planning on being a musician doesn't
    need to learn algebra. Or someone who wants to be a designer shouldn't have to learn
    physics. My point is, that if school would be just a bit more flexible then it would be a lot

  18. KING

    I hate school but I love learning

  19. Antonio _O

    School system is well done indeed. But the test man. Why the hell they even exist? I enjoy learning just as it is.

  20. Night Light

    I actually love learning, but I hate the gruelling repetitive system. I feel trapped in a time loop, as well as burnt out, which causes low motivation to study which causes even more stress. A lot of the things we learn should be explained to us on why we are even learning them. For history actually explain why, and not just say "history will repeat itself if you don't educate yourself" because sure it may be kind of true, but would it seriously need over 12 years of education to learn to not be a jerk?

  21. jisoo’s face is illegal

    why I hate school (I got transferred to a new school one or two months ago btw)

    – my social anxiety causing me to not talk or participate which make me feel the odd one out of the class
    – demotivated because of all the incomplete work piled up
    – having a feeling of being left behind in studies because I have trouble focusing while other students are bright and smart students
    – having a very tough sleeping schedule (sleep at around 2 am and wake up at 6)
    – 10 hours of school day, every. single. day (except the weekends ofc)
    – not being confident enough to talk to other people which makes every school day really boring for me
    – not being interested or involved in anything
    – I don't like school 🙁 I wish I could be homeschooled

    but I hope everyones school days go well and don't let this lower your spirits! I'm trying to make school days fun and better and promise me you will too!!! this is really hard but we all should at least try. stay safe and take care, never doubt your worth just because of your grades or class presentation, you are beautiful and unique the way you are, trust me. ❤️

  22. bby girl

    why i hate (dislike) school:
    – waking up early
    – 7 hours of school
    – kids (boys) that are noisy and can’t stop talking about things that aren’t actually funny. they talk every 2 seconds and can’t resist it.
    – having no close friends beside me for almost every period
    – some teachers are just so bad at teaching
    – my ambiguous friend group..?

  23. Aislin Z

    AAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDD I still hate school. I was so desperate that I looked this up 😫😫

  24. Dean

    I literally quit school in my sophomore year because I firmly believed that if I had to sit there and hear about the same information in school as Everykne else I would not have any original thoughts. I fucking hated school. I was bullied and I just didn’t believe I’m making every fucking child learn when Christopher Colombia came to fucking america. I said fuck that. And now no body will help me because I’m fucking uneducated because I had no father like this isn’t fair

  25. Icey Sunflower

    I cant pin point why but i try to like school but theres always something that makes me hate i want to burn my school which i wont do because well people need education but i do want to :/

  26. Johnny

    There is some aspect that you like, but when you have to spend a lot of time in school, not being able to speak with anyone unless you get permission, not being able to go to the toilet, being stuck in a room without having the permission to wake up from your chair, having to wake up early, not being to sleep well enough, having a lot of homework, rude teachers, getting punished for almost anything, loads of exams, not being tested on your skills and abilities but being tested on your memory capacity, sometimes not getting a single rest in a day, having to hurry, rude kids or bullies.

    In school, you may find some good teachers or good friends. I loved to read books, but now I hate it just because school forced me to read books I don't like and now have a bad image from it. The education system must be reformed, compare a photo from kids in 1989 at schools with kids from 2021, 2020, 2019, etc… at school, each one is sad, laying on the desk, writing something in their notebook, NOTHING changed, maybe that we have internet now or maybe the air conditioner, but the education itself hasn't changed. We hope that in the future all these nightmares don't exist and a school is a place where we actually learn and don't suffer.

    All I can say to you is: Stay strong, sleep enough, and don't get in any trouble, you choose the rest. Good luck!

  27. MrBanana

    My Problem is That Wake up early come to school half day is gone in school and then we came to home they gave us so much homework and pressure us after 3 to 4 hours of home work it's just evening and it is night I can't play games some times and then go to sleep and I is soo boring

  28. Dakarai Williams


  29. spencuhhs’

    school teaches useless things. if we're being honest, you're not going to major in social studies and geography

  30. Noku B

    I actually like learning i just hate or strongly dislike the teachers, students, tests, general school environment and how repetitive every day is

  31. xXAnonymousGirlXx

    WARNING: Rant

    I can't even focus on what they teach because it's boring to the point a I can't think a wall is more interesting and that results in me failing. And then stressing about getting good grades so sometimes you have to stay up late and you can't get enough sleep. You also see everyone around you and they're always doing fine and getting good grades and it's so frustrating. You don't even get free time and weekends are only two days and I spend time worrying for Monday.

    Sorry for the rant. I'm on my way to school now.

  32. Jett Jones

    So far college is far better in not having as long of days in the classroom (however I have more hw), it’s just annoying to take generals or med requisites like math which are challenging for me as I’m more of a creative thinker.

  33. Jonk-Rat

    Honestly I got so lost in what were saying 2 minutes in

  34. Lil’Fox The Hylian Warrior

    Nope..that doesn't help me

  35. mushroom door

    I hate school. I have to go tomorrow. I just wanna learn and get the hell out. I hate going to school and actually meeting other people and working with them on work. It’s sucks.

  36. umair ghazi

    I hate the people in school 😔

  37. ୡଌ ଚ୍ଚୁ

    all i hate of school

    .home work
    .takes a lot of years
    .takes a lot of hours
    .some of the poeple there
    .the system of how school works cuss it is all forgotten after the test or the year
    .the useless info
    .waking up too eurly
    .and i want 3 days of weekends not 2

  38. Queen Jennifer The Great

    In my school you have to ask for everything, like you can't even stand up without asking

  39. AngxlicSunsetYT !


  40. sussy_balls


  41. Zozah ♡

    i have ADD and seriously i had the best teachers, and that somehow made school way more enjoyable. that kind of shows what teachers are like, not even an ounce of respect 😪

  42. Olivia

    I’m at school right now

  43. Jahnavi Mishra

    I like school.but I don't like some toxic teachers and toxic classmates that's why I don't like school :(((

  44. Mochi Mika

    i used to like school until middle school, i’m so embarrassed when i forget to bring something to a class and i have to run back to my locker, i hate getting in trouble it embarrassed me sm

  45. Mochi Mika

    why i hate school
    embarrassing myself
    not being able to use my phone and play games on my computer like i use to in 5 grade
    getting in trouble
    so much work
    having no time at home
    teachers expecting so much from us
    not being able to spend time with family
    work getting harder and harder every year stresses me out

  46. NJG

    2 reasons why I hate school:

    Repetition. Every single day is the same torture that never changes. Life goes on autopilot, I never think or do anything on my own, and I’m trapped in an endless cycle of sameness. It’s hell. There’s no control or freedom. Doesn’t help that I feel like there’s always someone breathing down my neck for “results.”

    2. School values working over education. I love to read and learn, however, school makes it a chore. Sure, the material may be interesting, but the execution of how it is taught and assigned can really bog it down. School makes me feel like I’m chained to it, and the only way out is to keep working my ass off, eventually to be released to go be a slave to something else. I really hate thinking that that’s not only my future, but everyone else’s. It’s dystopian.

  47. Mbenza Maziamu Léon

    The reason is because it is hard and me mom is always being mean to me because of school and I have amazing dreams and my dad wakes me up 😡😉

  48. The Colored Oc

    Do a video on how to skip school plz

  49. dystcpiaa

    It’s not that the work in school is boring, it’s firstly having no motivation to do anything in life, yet I have to go to school so I can support my mom in the future. Secondly, I want to get good grades but seeing as I try and study and grasp the information is so scary because I’m worried those information fly past my head or I miss some important ones. So everyday as I attend class, my heart is just racing and I don’t know whether to cry or find it something to be motivated about. I also had a meltdown in the middle of this year and my grades started going up and down. I skipped school a lot and now, I’m trying to catch up but it makes me even more stress and anxious to go school because I hate that overwhelming feeling after school and always going home to think of ways to die even when I don’t want to. My only friends are slowly drifting away from me and I feel so alone. I try finding online friends since I’m a video editor on instagram but all of them are also busy for their own real life friends. Tbh, I just wish we could pick our own courses we want to study and focus on that. Because once you get bad grades for many subject, you’re deemed as stupid or not qualified to work.

  50. Kakashi Hatake

    I enjoy school but I hate memorizing and exams one of my lesson is so annoying bc the school is basically ALL story’s and my teacher LITERALLY says write the WHOLE story even if it is 3 pages and my teacher says u have to memorize every single poem in the book and my teacher talks in Arabic for Arabic lesson but it was our FIRST year and now it’s our 2nd and they give us tests all Arabic and I’m like WHAT HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO KNOW (I wrote a LOT)

Why we hate school


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  1. Skyler

    School it’s a living hell

  2. Lorraine

    I dont like to go bed early on time

  3. embry ervin


  4. embry ervin

    Because it a waste of time and how much money you have to spend and it's a waste cause people bully me and I wanna punch them Soo much and it's bacicley wasting you're thime it's a goldigger trachers

  5. Bop Pob

    In Thailand, school is really suck. School starts at 7.40 and ends at 17.00. We have to stand in the sun for almost 1 hour to sing the national anthem and Thailand is almost 96 degrees. Also tons of test that every student have to take like o-net, a-net, gat, gatpat, pat1, pat2, pat3, pat4, pat5, pat6, pat7 and MORE not including final exam tho🤧 the teachers don't usually yell at the students but they'll hit the students. Fail? I'll hit you. Talking in class? I'll hit you. Forgot your homework? I'll hit you. They won't even let us explain. Like no opinions no explanation no talking😬🤧 we have to cut our hair and nails short and
    No makeup
    My school uniform is really ugly. There is one time, guy from 12th grade was saying like our school uniform looked like Pizza deliveryer then he got hit and punished by the teacher

    Also sorry for bad English
    It's not my first language hehe

  6. Amira El sayed

    STEPH PAPPAS💘💘💘😍😍😍

  7. Kelsey G

    omg “doing the whip.” this is so old hahaa

  8. Kelsey G

    OMG STEPH U WERE SO CUTE WITH UR BRACES UGH. honestly idk why people don’t like braces it makes ur teeth sparkly lol

  9. Alondra Mulero


  10. Emily Ann Sonnheim


  11. Life with Lily

    I like how the girl to the left eats 😂

  12. QQTrick1QQ

    Steph don't work fast food, It will scar you for life!! lol

  13. Noorie

    Im shocked that she got bracesss

  14. Sodapop

    Know what I hate? That one wannabe badass in your class. Oml

  15. Cierra


  16. Money\haul’s Channel


  17. Coolcutey 09

    I'm in school for 7 hours and I'm in third grade and I hate waking up so early in the morning

  18. Dream msp

    I hate everyone in school EVERYONE (except 6 people)

  19. Sumukhi Devi

    I hate school because I have a learning disability and panic disorder and most teachers don't understand or help at all. They think it's something I can control, and I can't. I just want to rip this stupidness from my brain 🙁

  20. OneDirectionLover777

    Am I the only one that cannot stop watching this video

  21. Ashley !

    Steph:"the middle school was not fun at all"
    Me:oh shoot im going to middle school

  22. Ryan Totterdell

    I had an annoying geography teacher she gave me lunch detention for burping 😅 how pathetic I was also threatened once by a teacher with a detention for farting 😂 I was like bitch no way am I having a detention for farting

  23. Amrita Ruthu

    I hate school too

  24. Rachel Lawson

    I hate school so much! I have to go tomorrow! I hate learning I hate socializing with people and I hate the teachers!

  25. radi raihan

    you are not alone guys lol xd

  26. sammmmm

    you guys are so bland

  27. Angelica Romero

    So sad to see kids talking bad about school but they don't know how fortunate they are even if they are joking

  28. Aoife Triggs

    I like school it's not that bad

  29. Dat Tieu

    Why I Hate School…

    Teachers that yell at you and won't let you to go to the bathroom or sharpen your pencil

    kids that say I'm not your friend anymore

    People that wants your snack or Money

    Teachers that always pick on their favorite kids that is good to them

    Kids that gets you in trouble and talks to you in class

    People that doesn't admit they are wrong or Mean

    People that makes deals on snacks like say I have a snickers and somebody says I will give you my twix if you give me your snickers

    People that makes excuses

    kids that pushes you and fall and they laugh at you

    kids that wants to get attention from their friends or teachers

    people that always think they are smarter and always corrects you when your wrong

    People that asks you dumb stupid questions

    There's a lot more reasons I hate about school but My hands are tired xD so yeah

  30. Sylvia Smitha

    Sorry but it DOESNT MATTER if a video Is prerecorded!! Omg three fourths of YouTubers and beauty gurus and nail artists all prerecord their videos and edit them

  31. mary mallery

    thx for the tips:( im going to gr.6 and now i am just freaked out!

  32. Morgan Rogers

    I start August 22

  33. Jolene Macasieb

    My birthday is on August 19

  34. Samara Foor

    or are u just weird?

  35. Samara Foor

    are you sisters?

  36. Zoey Cordoba


  37. Abbie

    Stephanie your so pretty

  38. Brooke Thompson


  39. King Lionel ALT

    school: Wasting 6 hours of our day -_-

  40. I am your father

    I HATE SCHOOL!!!!!

  41. moonlight

    Middle school is the worst

  42. Eloise Saunders

    she got pickle in her braces

  43. LaylaJo

    Your school was horrible😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😯😯😯😯😁😬😁😬😁

  44. Ethan Swearengin

    When u have to poop at school that is what I hate

  45. Morgan Doss

    you are so write

  46. Mele Laume

    If you live in New Zealand or australia school starts in February so your kinda lucky !

  47. Amelie Boa

    what does prefilmed mean?

  48. Odety Barrera

    WOAH!!!!why did you cuss?😳

  49. chloe jones

    to be honest I think she looks prettier in this video then she has in any other video of hers I've watched

  50. absolutely not

    Btw you can get in trouble for talking about teachers quite rudely! I'm just saying!

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