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why do we need to know math –

why do we need to know math

Bạn đang xem: why do we need to know math Tại

Are you looking for the topic about Why Should You Study Math? Do You Really Need Math? Why Math is Important isn’t it? If so, you can check it out right here.

Why Should You Study Math?

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Is math actually boring? Join our summer conference for a Classical view of math.

Classical Conversations supports parents and students in Christian, classical homeschooling with weekly academic programs held in local communities.

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  1. Beth

    Summary :


    it worked , it made me hate maths more

  3. edoc esrom

    I suffer from dyscalculia.
    When i see big numbers or calculation my brain feels dizzy. Not very good with retaining numbers as well.

  4. Tennis India

    Thank you for this 🙌❤

  5. KzeY


  6. Indu Singh

    You are what we thought what homealone boy will grow up to be like

  7. shivank mathur

    All because of my buffoon teachers all ill equipped i ended up miserable in maths

  8. Woopity Scoop

    Honestly education is a cult if this can convince people to study math.

  9. Xavier Kreiss

    Watched the video again. I'm sorry but it's ridiculous. "Simple rules"? The "beginning of the road to the love of ideas"? l love ideas, but maths makes me feel sick.

  10. Lightning

    Being excellent at math is the closest thing to becoming a real life wizard. Think of mathematical signs and symbols as runes and glyphs that you write in the air before you cast a spell. I bet I made you nod you fkn nerd.

    For real though, math is great.

  11. NOT YET


  12. geddon436

    Can you be my tutor?

  13. secrekt

    I think the problems goes even deeper, the idea for the importance of the essence of math had faded for generations already and i dont even think fixing it will be that easy either, like even how people teaches it these days are pretty bland which inately is the cause of the degradation or most likely because they were not taught properly as well either,

    I know most people kinda realizes math might be our key to achieve the next level of intelliegence but at the same time it also kind of make us realize that it might take us a real while to even get to the starting point judging how the current situation is getting worse by the day, but i guess ill stop rambling for now- we can only hope for the better.

  14. Xavier Kreiss

    Is maths boring? Stupid question: boring is subjectiveI I find the subject very boring indeed but that's only the way I see it.
    Governed by simple rules? Who is he trying to kid? The rules of maths are anything but simple.
    A good training for the mind? I train my mind too- there are different types of training.
    I can't do maths beyond the four basic operations and it's never harmed me.
    Other people enjoy the subject? Good for them.

  15. Pranav

    Without math you won’t be to get money or get college and nollege

  16. Pranav

    Math is important because it helps to make money and more collage and nollage

  17. ñpp I o gaming

    I'm always low score if it's math

  18. Zoe banlaoi

    Thanks good vid i still hate math

  19. Ken tròn

    I regretted not loving maths earlier 😞

  20. Rousan Jamira

    No, I love maths

  21. Zai

    I know how to do every single subject except for math. I always just feel dumb and have a mental breakdown.

  22. Kuldeep Bishta

    you're not bad at maths
    Your teacher didn't teach you well enough

  23. jen jen

    Yes i understand why is math important but i will still hate it ill just do the things


    Underrated Video! Good Work Man! I subscribed….

  25. jc

    This is the most generic narration voice I've heard 🤣🤣 I love it !!

  26. Craig

    you make 1 mistake and your entire body of work is invalidated and you get no credit.

  27. Boba Sniep

    i mean: having all the abilities of a mathematics phd would be great. but sitting down and actually finding the time to learn it is hard. and i am not talking about being the average teenager in an average household. try re-learn it while working 80h a week constantly, and hitting the gym 6h a week (physical health and maintenance becomes EXTREMELY deceisive to your job performance once you reach your 30's) while having about 5h of sleep EVERY day… i may got "time" on the week end but guess what: thats when i do the houselhold chores to maintain the nest and a human being needs to recharge, before entering the next battlefield…. so what i am saying is i cant wait for brain-pill to come out that just grants me all the abilities :,(

  28. J.G. Finch

    I got the reason why we don't learn to apply math as much: because it takes a longer time just to learn the procedures and rules because the very large number of details it involves. Then after that, when you can apply it, it becomes a language. Love the video. I suck at math, but loved it. This is my second year studying and I am only at trig!!! However, I can't wait to learn calculus 1,2,3 etc. I really enjoy it because to me it is deep and not commercial. I get that same feeling I get listening to Bach. I think different people study it for different things, but I want to start off as a tutor and then get an education to be a teacher.

  29. Joseph Maria


  30. Dr. ChickenFingers

    I hate math ew

  31. Suzanne E

    What an incredible speaking voice! I hope you get a lot of voice over work!

  32. Aloy Perez

    Well no… math is not boring. Its cruel. Why do schools force us to learn about it anyway. Some lessons in math i wont even use in the future because i have a specific dream job that doesnt contain it at all. The only useful lessons in math i find is The Basic Operations, The Metric System, and Geometry. Thats it. No algebra. Algebra sucks. Its like an object from hell created to torture someone's mind and thinking about problems.

  33. ReducedCellz

    I am a programmer and anyone can learn programming with very basic math knowledge.

  34. Md.Naziur Rahman


  35. Mr. Banana Grabber

    Love it! r/ClassicalEducation

  36. Steven Ace Maglalang

    gg tatay ko yan

  37. Avada Kedavra III

    That's how I stopped caring about the difficulty of mathematics, as it ceased to exist in my perspective.

  38. University Prep Online Mathematics Academy

    I think propositional logic is key. I like your thoughts though. I think students should learn introductory real analysis in junior high or high school and be introduced to the ideas of inverse operations in the abstract. I think the abstraction should come first and then narrow it down.

  39. Will Day

    Sad to say, mathematicians are just dogs owned by evil masters…

  40. Teena Jain

    Thanks sir

  41. Mind Explosion

    Sir si Jb perez ni peri wala gihapon jo kasabot tabang

  42. Andrew Miguel Virtudazo


  43. Jordan – Somhye Owen

    Thanks a Lot!!!

  44. William

    when your teacher forces u to watch this vid

  45. VISION

    Gonna be honest, this did not do a good job at selling the idea of why mathematics is worth studying

  46. Dnyanesh M.M.

    Thank you Friend 🙏🙏

  47. Random. . .

    In short:

    How do you go to the shop to buy a snack when you don't know when you're about to be cheated on (on money)

    (Or can someone please rephrase this properly please?)

  48. Prabath

    really amazing..!

  49. nagalakshmi muthuraj

    my problem is ,ididn't think as new. how to do it?(you are very very handsum.)

  50. Francolit77

    So cool

Do You Really Need Math?

keywords: #maths, #doweneedmath, #whylearnmath, #whydoweneedmath, #whoneedsmath

An argument as old as time. The student asks the teacher. “Do we really need to learn this stuff? Do we really need math?” And the teacher thoughtfully responds. “Yes” That’s not incredibly satisfying and I think many students just don’t believe it. So in this video I’ll do my best to answer the question: Do you really need to learn math?

First off, give math a break, everyone’s always hating on this particular class. Maybe it happens, but I sure don’t hear everyone bashing other classes the same way. I don’t think you’re asking if you need math because you actually want to know the answer. I also think you could ask this question about any other class you’re taking, but you don’t. It’s also a little unfair to ask the teacher this question, I mean, you’re the one who signed up for their class. Maybe a better question is, how can you use what you’re learning. Everyone is going to have a different future, how can someone determine what each and every person will do and need to know? Maybe the person sitting next you to in class will really need the information.

On the other hand math is one of the most abstract and least concrete subjects with little or no ties to the “real world” at times. At least with history it was real events, English and language you need to communicate effectively, and science you can see and do experiments with. (Of course you need math to do science, but we’ll let that slide). I think this is the heart of the reason the question is asked – it just doesn’t feel like there’s any point to math. It can be super hard and doesn’t seem like there’s any real point. Admittedly I feel your pain to some extent, there were many upper level math class I took which I just could not get behind. I knew I would probably never use the material again and at a very high level of math there is no way it has application in day to day life.

So to actually answer the question: Do you really need to learn math? It depends, but probably not. I think everyone should know basic arithmetic, percentages , and I think it would help a lot of people out to be able to calculate things like compound interest. But even that there’s online calculators. Before computers, it was probably much more important to learn all the math behind things, but now most computations are already programmed into software. Of course if you are going into a specific STEM field you will need math and many of the things you learn depending on what you’re going to do. Most people probably will not need much of the mathematics they learn in school. Okay happy everyone?! A math teacher admitted it!

But I would argue that the “do I really need this?” question isn’t even a good question. We should be asking “why should we learn math”. The fact is you need math as a means to an end. You need to get through math to get through school or get a certain degree. And asking this question isn’t helping you. Regardless of the actual practically of math, taking math courses can be VERY beneficial to you. You’re building your problem solving skills and logical thinking, which are HUGE skills. The fact that math is hard means you’re also building grit, your training yourself not to give up just because somethings tough. That’s character! If those aren’t good enough reasons to learn math, I don’t know what is.

Some of the links below are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If you purchase through these links, it won’t cost you any additional cash, but it will help to support my channel. Thank you!






  1. BriTheMathGuy


  2. aash syed

    Mine turns black like button

  3. ChrisHatesYouGaming

    calculator AND google. yet we still sit in a room for 20 years to learn the area of a fucking circle. its right here thanks to google. The area of a circle is pi times the radius squared (A = π r²). Learn how to use this formula to find the area of a circle when given the diameter.

  4. Claud

    But we still don't need geomitry 🌝

  5. The Biber

    As a physics teacher I'm confronted with this question too. Then I ask: Where and when do you need literature? Or what about history? For me personally literature and history is way more far away from my real life or more "abstract" than math because the latter I see everywhere in physical phenomena. But history and classical literature have such a large temporal distance to my everyday life that I simply don't feel connecting to.

  6. aaden george

    the 4 people who disliked were probably teachers 😀

  7. Schizo Framia

    The fuckin annoying kid who asks why do we need math for the millionth time.

  8. David Shechtman

    I have a question. Cantors diagonal argument requires a square list or matrix of all possible combinations of the universal set – what ever it is- to allow the diagonal to cover every entry. But he posits the list as permutations of the universe. Such a list is never going to be square unless it is limited to the binary case eg; {a, b} -> (a, b) and (b, a) excluding repetition, arranged in rows and columns. Such a list will grow by the factorial downwards as it iterates linearly sideways. BTW diagonalization fails miserably in this and all finite cases. We are only 'guaranteed' the initial case of Aleph null by (Zermelo) iteration. Cantors diagonal argument seems a pernicious case of sophistry. What gives?

  9. Petrolera Mexicana

    I'm going to become a mexican narco for CJNG

  10. Quran reader


  11. Happyduderawr

    Math is actually useful to me because i enjoy doing math, and anything that allows me to enjoy life is useful

  12. Happyduderawr

    i have math degree and no you don't need it. There are plenty of things to do with your life that require no math at all! However beware because you might change your mind when you get older, and then you might be interested in doing something that requires math.

  13. Melany Anguilar

    Hi! This is not really related to the video but I’m doing a project in my English class where I have to find out how writing may be used in my future career. I’m currently a freshman majoring in math and for a potential career I am thinking becoming a mathematician for NASA. Do you know how writing is used in this type of field, or in just math careers in general? Or if you know of someone who might? If you don’t that’s ok thank you anyway!

  14. mathwithjanine

    Haha I’ve heard this question a million times! I love math and don’t understand why there is so much hate!

  15. Prism

    Math is the best subject in school. It’s the language of logic and the universe.

  16. Stenarsk

    I don't care if I need it. I like it. That's it. lol 😂

  17. bekomone

    Would u make a fast tricks in all derivative ideas or double of an angle lesson? 🙂

  18. bekomone

    Creative way of thinking! Appreciate it! I like the way of thinking in math problems it gives a good idea.

  19. Benjamin Linnabary

    As someone who taught math at the highschool level, I believe many won’t need the calculations themselves, but everyone can benefit from learning how to think mathematically. It’s especially useful for how to structure proper arguments and to begin to grasp logic.

  20. Robbie P


  21. your math tutor

    The amount of times I’ve heard this! 😂

  22. eccentricorgan

    Very good points; I like the way you think!

  23. Cza r

    I wish my teacher would have responded like this.

  24. Premlal Mahto

    Bro, can you review physics by randall d knight? Plz

  25. Premlal Mahto

    Bro, can you review physics by randall d knight? Plz

  26. Allegra Kabamba

    My family is discouraging me from doing Actuarial Science because they think it's too hard for me. Any advice about the course and the journey that comes along with it?

  27. Alexander Townsend

    The "How am I going to use this question" is in my experience mostly used by high school students looking for a way to get out of having to learn math they do not understand.

Why Math is Important

keywords: #whymathisimportant, #whyismathimportant, #UpandAtom, #mathvideo, #Math, #mathematics, #mathclass, #whyshouldilearnmath, #whyshouldwelearnmath?, #whydowehavetolearnmath?, #ThePowerofMathematicalThinking, #Howtonotbewrong, #JordanEllenberg, #whymathsisimportant

If you’re in or went to high school, you’re familiar with the phrase “When am I ever going to use this?” when talking about pretty much anything you learn in math class. This is the answer to that question. The real answer, not something like “one day a stranger might point a gun to your head and ask you to recite the quadratic formula”.

Hi! I’m Jade. I’m an Aussie with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Physics. After three years and over 100 lab sessions, I realized I’m terrible at experiments. So now I make physics and maths videos on YouTube 🙂 Check out my channel and subscribe if you like:

*Education Collaboration Playlist*




*Let’s be friends :)*



*Other Videos You Might Like*

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Einstein’s Pole in the Barn Paradox





  1. Himanshu Thakur

    You are so great Mam.

  2. Metro royale veteran

    Another reason to die

  3. Rahul Studios

    Sucker player 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. spaceLem

    Thank you, even though I'm an applied mathematician, I've often struggled to answer this problem!

  5. Geo Gaming


  6. Chelsea Salido

    Thank you so much!

  7. Jo

    Makes sence

  8. Krad

    I didn't understand anything

  9. Dani Belu

    This is total nazi propaganda .

  10. KEEVVY

    As a scada engineer I barly seen anyone using functions, I remember one top engineer calling me up just to copy one function so he could transfer it in word, while another had a white internet paged full zoomed on the screen and didn't knew why the screen is white , all it's done by software, I would understand the use of math for the people that made the advance software and even so they still were using google to do it and still had little errors.

  11. SnowBorn1

    Switch out math with philosophy and you pretty much make the same argument.

  12. Hassan Arif

    after watching this video made be confirm that there is no point in math for me. Like it does sharpen the mind but math is a lot of stress and very important to get into a good university but what's the point of it if you never gonna use it in what you want to become in the future. And I do not know how you can make better life deciosoions by doing math.

  13. Batuaan Ahmed

    What a chick! , I can't hear what u say

  14. Miky97it

    This video is garbage as biases are not taught, math is

  15. xozaku


  16. Ramesh Jaipal Academy

    Mam you type this whole lecture or story here in comment please b/c i can not understand with your speaking..

  17. Healthy Living Trends

    Such a simple way to put why maths is important. I would have put all my spent years into some thing very fruitful .

  18. Abhijeet

    Bullshit video

  19. Officer

    Sorry didnt help maybe i do really have Dyscalculia
    I can do something else to improve my mind on common sense
    But not on numbers.

  20. Bitch with Rich

    Cool video, where I come from we call it Maths not Math

  21. Zsaitisl

    im in 6th grade and im bad at everything

  22. Abhishek Patra



    I agree with you
    math is for everyone who likes it
    yes if you like it personally I like it as a toolbox to understand our perceived reality better (because nothing is absolutely real)
    but I see people suiciding in my country because they cant pass the class because they failed math
    people developing low self-esteem because they think they are good for nothing because they can not get what euclidian geometry or topology is that is hugely flawed society perceiving that math is something really needed for life which you can clearly see in the Asian countries
    I do math because I like it I can perceive the world from its lense but I don't think everyone should do it

  24. John Collins

    Thanks you, Jade. I'm a private pilot and former EAA member who used to fly experimental (amateur-built) aircraft. And had an interest in statistics. One of the statistical stories I read about involved the question of where to add armor for carrier-based fighters. They were being shot up in the engine compartment and the fuel tanks but some were still making it back for landing–or sometimes ditching near the carrier and being rescued. But not a single plane had been shot in the empenage (tail cone) where the elevator cable pulley was located. If you lose your elevator the nose pitches down and you crash into the sea. So that's one of the places where they added armor. It was practical because the empennage is so small it involved little weight penalty.
    I once saw a British aerobatic pilot (Manx Kelly, sponsored by Players–as in "Players Please") lose his elevator while performing a Cuban Eight in Corona CA (early 1970's). He did not survive.

  25. Joel Roy

    People say that maths is abusing their brain… My family, my friends, strangers on the internet. However, I can't relate, because I'm a MATHS TOPPER. But and then again, I searched up careers related to maths, there's not much. The most famous one is teacher. And I asked myself, what's the point of maths? Thus, I'm here.

  26. Dani Marie

    Still doesn’t make sense

  27. Jean Brethous

    You are fantastic-

  28. Syed Tanvir

    your so beautiful and smart i cant keep an eye contact with keeps going to your lips

  29. Never gonna give you up

    basic math is important, advanced math is not important
    cuz we not gonna use it at real life

  30. Anne van der Bijl

    wow. this video makes me love math EVEN MORE

  31. Soggy Sandwich 🅥

    + – x ÷ and fractions are important, but algebra and everything else is useless, you can use a calculator for that

  32. EdenSeen’s Indestructibles


  33. KBdotHAQ

    That's just bias. If he's the only mathematician to figure that flaw out, that doesn't have anything to do with math. He may have helped mitigate costs a little but he didn't help win a war.
    Anyone who's used to solving problems like gamers or detectives could have figured this out. 🤔

  34. Zeyad Al-Hakim

    Love it thank u so much ❤️

  35. Nalnish Azad



    Belive me i was thinking the same as useless after going through bachelor in mathematics major but now after i have almost completed Masters and assume many things according to my idea

  37. FearlezGMZ

    Mr Van ness sent me

  38. Juan

    Well, it depends. Most of the time math is taught as a collection of nonsensensical rules and formulas. That doesn't develop your thinking at all. So I disagree.

  39. susy may

    The Math of Good Relationships:

    1 plus 1 = 3

  40. Fred Bloggs

    I'm not sure why – tell me. "Math" is used by 4% of the population. The rest of world uses Maths – especially Australians.
    Be proud and don't sell out to just 4% of the world's population.

  41. Henry Postulart

    LOL 😍

  42. David James

    2 things: fyoo suh laazh is how you are supposed to pronounce fuselage. The most vulnerable part of the plane I think would be the pilot, since if the engine is shot out, there is still a chance the plane can be landed (or ditched) safely. With no pilot, that doesn't seem likely.

  43. 𝐃𝐄𝐀𝐓𝐇 𝐍𖣠𝐓𝐄 📓


  44. Trade Hut

    The maths I use every day is BODMAS.

  45. Kevin Dudson

    Why is math inportant? Because creativity ain't.

  46. Goti rajasthani

    You are so beautiful

  47. Parv Mewati


  48. 吉米

    this is what I asked my teacher back in school and THIS is the answer I was expecting to keep me motivated…

  49. Xavier Kreiss

    I have never understood maths above simple calculation. I was "bottom of the class" in maths for years, and since I left school (to become a journalist) I have avoided maths as much as possible.
    I don't think I've missed anything, it's never been "important" to me.
    I've certainly never needed it (apart from some very simple calculation from time to time). There are other ways of exercising and using the mind.

  50. Zipp

    I still wonder what is the point, computers are just made to do the math and humans are not. Why bother when you can just type it into your silicon friend?

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