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why do we study calculus –

why do we study calculus

Bạn đang xem: why do we study calculus Tại

Are you looking for the topic about Why is calculus important? │ The History of Mathematics with …Why Do We Study Limits in Calculus What is Calculus Used For? | Jeff Heys | TEDxBozemanisn’t it? If so, you can check it out right here.

Why is calculus important? │ The History of Mathematics with …

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Calculus is a tool for pushing maths to the limit. The results are pretty amazing.

Find out how to use calculus to approach infinity.

Philosopher Luc de Branbandère guides us through the history of mathematics, from Egyptians measuring with the Sun to modern algorithms for self-driving cars.

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#Mathematics #Science #calculus #HistoryofMaths

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  1. Joben Dela Cruz

    good example but then they use slopes and shit, idk i'm dumb please help

  2. marbm8

    I still can't remotely believe that 0 is such an unacceptable answer in calculus, and simple fractions being so extremely unnecessarily difficult to figure out with this factoring and limit bullshit

  3. mbada shehady

    אורט בראודה מישהו ?🙂

  4. brazilfootball

    Still not a reason to learn calculus

  5. RishiNiranjan

    its an impressive explanation of mathematics ,,,,but does it match with the titel "Why is calculas important" ?

  6. arunima singh


  7. Anil Shiram shetti

    I really enjoyed way of of u r teaching

  8. StarsManny

    What's the annoying music for?

  9. Constantine 12

    Bhut badhiya chacha

  10. martin woods

    I love integrals

  11. riacardi7011

    Algebra on steroid

  12. Tantianic Bobocop

    No need to study that everything now is available in china, ask anything they have it.

  13. boja rajan

    Very good explanation for why we study limits and what results we are getting from it.
    But it's underrated 😢😢


    This is the first time i smile by understand a math love calculas❤❤❤❤Thank you so much

  15. Ku龜。Tâibûn台文

    :0, I actually search for this, so it's important to push something to its limit, in a given condition?
    Why the limit is 1, not 10 or it doesn't matter? Is that mean we need a pattern(following certain logic) to understand things like the series mentioned in this video? Is chaos mean anything in mathematic, what I mean is, no pattern? Or is it really chaos? Or it's just not practical to solve the questions we wish to know so we found some patterns and apply them to the things we may well-known at this time?

  16. Mike New

    Discovering this channel has made me feel like a genius

  17. Sidra Zainab

    Why calculus is important in information technology??

  18. No Na

    I'm the 100th like 😀

  19. Munna

    That ‘E’ is exactly ‘e’. Pls don’t confuse kids in college

  20. Governor Baloyi

    Great video

  21. IRB Info


  22. rodney bernard

    Nice video. beautifully explained.

  23. Mind Math Money

    Calculus ❤️

  24. WeeWolf G

    next video ping ka karna plss ….. ping se kat jaata hai har game

  25. Ali Naimat

    1st comment again here man i hate MATHS BUT WHY do i always watch such things as always my friends lifes FUC..D

Why Do We Study Limits in Calculus

keywords: #limits, #calculus, #FireflyLectures, #jmt, #khanacademy, #brightstorm, #patrickjmt, #fireflylectures, #profrobbob

Why Do We Study Limits in Calculus? In this video we discuss the purpose of studying limits in calculus. We will also talk about the big picture topics we will see this semester.

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  1. ClumsyCora

    thank you. I usually can't learn anything without knowing the purpose, always an itch I can't brush off

  2. DELTA Z

    Thank you, you answered my question why do i need to study limits

  3. dkd0m

    Awesome video, thanks alot !!!!!!!

  4. Hamza Atifi


  5. Smoot Hawley

    Thanks, dude. Hugs from Brazil.

  6. Victor Todoran

    Thank you for the time invested in this video, it helped me a lot.

  7. Amit D

    Loved it

  8. Hem Singh

    Sir then why we need derivatives and integrals

  9. qualquan

    Cop out!
    You did not explain whether you made the h in the answer zero or not and if you did then you are dividing 0 by 0 which does not give a definite answer.

  10. 96-GCET-18 Ayush Kapoor

    Very nicely explained

  11. Squidward Tortellini

    thank you, my calc professor is the worst. ok class, for this semester I'll be regurgitating the same notes i have regurgitated every semester since i began teaching. I will be unable to answer questions in an intuitive manner since I have turned my class into a robotic recitation and i cannot compute anything that runs slightly off track of what im programmed to say.

  12. Wing Wong

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Hi, I'm Carmen. I think the Placement Math test
    is ridiculous because it test something that only requires memory and
    why do California government want to instill this useless things to

    Would you really use Geometric sequence in daily life?
    Would you face these variables in daily life?
    Would you really calculate the complicated volume at daily life? You have program to calculate.

    Math test is meaningless and it would only torture student and make
    them confused. It should be banned if the those Math is meaningless and
    only requires memorize.

    Also,why do a student majoring at Biology
    need to study Calculus. A smart student would notify this only  a
    memory problem and Calculus could not link to Biology. It's a waste of
    time! Physics also only an interest for a sincere and faithful doctor!
    Stop adding this useless things to a Biology interested student, you're
    destroying her dream.


    Yours faithfully,

    Wong Ka Man

  13. Zero Divider

    I just started Calc1. Im only a couple classes in but I was overwhelmed by the new idea of limits without a reason why we need them. Thanks for this video. 

What is Calculus Used For? | Jeff Heys | TEDxBozeman

keywords: #Montana, #Science, #Math, #tedtalk, #Technology, #tedxtalks, #Biology, #TEDxBozeman, #tedtalks, #tedx, #UnitedStates, #ted, #Medicine, #TEDx, #tedx, #tedxtalk, #Calculus(LiteratureSubject), #Doctor

This talk describes the motivation for developing mathematical models, including models that are developed to avoid ethically difficult experiments.  Three different examples from the field of human health are presented.

Jeffrey J. Heys is an assistant professor of chemical engineering at Montana State University. He received his B.S. in chemical engineering in 1996 from Montana State University, and his M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1998 and 2001,respectively.  His research area is computational transport and computational fluid dynamics in biological systems with an emphasis on fluid-structure interaction and multiphase flows.

About TEDx, x = independently organized event

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(*Subject to certain rules and regulations)


  1. marbm8

    I don't get why anyone believes in a subject that has a whole lesson with "theorem" in the title

  2. Greg J.

  3. sheldon blackwood

    I did not pass calculus but I will try again.thanks

  4. Divyang Vaidya

    Calculus is extremely useful for all applications of engineering. Position and vector functions, integrals, and derivatives. All these fields help us construct the world around us as well as our modern technologies.

  5. A Dalis

    Calculus teaches you how to calculate and solve mathematical problems already setup, but it doesn’t teach you how to model a real situation. Mathematical modeling is an area or skill that requires tedious practice and good knowledge of the physical laws and sound intuition. It should be taught in college as a sequence similar to that of calculus along with computerized methods to solve complicated models.

  6. Freddie

    "What is calculus used for?" It's used for figuring stuff out. Figuring what out? Stuff, ya know, everything. Everything? How? Models. Yes, but how do you use calculus to construct models? You just use calculus.

    I feel like this video is just circular reasoning.

  7. Paulo Ricardo Silveira

    As a chemist, we use calculus basically for everything. To calculate how fast a reaction could go, to solve Schrodinger's equation and derivate lots of equations that serve kinda like a model to represent some nature's behavior. My mathematicians friends don't like when I say that, but Calculus it's a really strong tool.

  8. Asun250 Asun250

    I use calculus on women, to either ask them for their number, or ask them their shoe size.

  9. MrGodfather

    guys, the same mathematical models are also what drives the entire social media world.
    calculus has it's own consequences. it is upto us how we want to deal with them.

  10. Tran Nguyen

    Mr. Jeffrey J. Heys’s voice is same as Mr. Sean M. Carroll, is American theoretical physicist.

  11. Little Johnny

    If anyone else is also forced to watch this for an assignment, just know that you're not alone and I feel your pain.

  12. David dk Kerr

    Told me what it was used for but then got boring… And then he started trying to use humor… I’m out

  13. STN Dx

    School system asked me to memorize formulas and I got out with A. Now I'm feeling bad that was not guided into the right way. 😢😢

  14. Merzayan Merzy

    Still dont know what it's used for

  15. David Fields

    So.. I’ve never taken calculus but been doing it without knowing it?

  16. Xya Oub

    1st person from 2021.

  17. Bryon Feliksa

    So calculus is for mathematical modeling

  18. Sebastian Hahn

    tl:dr very specific, niche cases, that are probably better done by AI anyway, so there's pretty much zero reason for almost anyone to ever learn calculus.

  19. Tejaswi_

    Nerds who are watching will surely show off in the comments
    people who dont know anyhting but watch the video and actually take it into real life.

  20. sajiktm

    yes … thats what they designed boeing 737 max….. and falling down from the sky………..mathematical modeling !!!!

  21. Johnson Mafoko

    Calculus is not directly used at career based courses like piloting, engineering, economics, business (at least the hard core parts i mean). If you are money oriented person learning science is not for you. Science or calculus sometimes feels like a drug even without money(esp the advanced stuff).

    Calculus is heavily applied at foundational courses like chemistry, physics, mathematical modelling(physics and chemistry are really math models). People do not live on foundations, so too careers(esp non academic) are usually not made from applying mathematics directly. Directly is key word there. Calculus is applied indirectly on high level courses like engineering and business. Take for instance computers. Computers are made from electronic gates which are transistors which are semi conductors which are discribed by maxwell equations(a bunch of calculus equations). So to understand how computers work you have to work down the ladder till you hit calculus. It does not mean you have to know calculus to write programs however. But if you want to understand what a computer is, or even what the ocmputer program is you will end up having to learn electro dynamics(calculus). Is calculus important? To tell the truth most people get to see how powerful math is at graduate level which is sad. Most math can only be appreciated(as in mouth gapping) at advanced level of applications eg in theories of big bang, quantum phyiscs. But these are taught at graduate level of which most unacademics never get to see hence live unsatisfied or wonder why they learnt all the stuff. But all is not lost, because learning is for a life time. If you have basic calculus you are able to follow most arguments that you may learn on a llatter stage esp fundamental principles of your subject or an entirely new subject. So is calculus useful? Yes it is.

  22. SaPi

    This video is kind of disappointing. He does tell you where Calculus might be used, one instance being the refinement of medical experiments. But he does not give a concrete example, i.e. he does not show or tell you how Calculus makes that possible. He just says you'll make mathematical models and it will happen.

  23. gaurav mhaske

    But how to do that all

  24. ViolinHz

    I'm studying Electrical Engineering and I studied math branches but for calculus I have the same question that's what's the use of it in real life

  25. Razoul

    What is calculus used for?

    Making money for your university

  26. Eric Christine

    I truly appreciate the comments that show the usefulness of calculus. Studying this stuff made me wonder whether or not life involves differentiation, integration, optimization, etc., and without even watching the video I already see the importance of learning these complex concepts; thx strangers

  27. Blank Plumbus

    I give this a 5/10…

  28. YouTube explorer

    Absolutely nothing for my degree so I don’t know why it’s required…

  29. Blueberry

    Calculus is made by Illuminati


    Injecting air bubbles into the blood vessels isent a good idea.

  31. Freakway Slash

    How does this tell the use of Calculus precisely?
    Very abstract and imaginary video!

  32. 7DK

    Ask this question atleast once every math class

  33. TrapGod

    Instead of smoking area and smoke, should have been rocket engines and rocket fuel ;\

  34. Didit Suto

    Calculus is used to make model. Because real experiment is too difficult. For example the model of human eye and human heart. We need more who study calculus because the world need more model. Mathematics model means one step closer to find the cure

  35. Anonymous User

    Seems joining the Army is way better than to take Calculus.

  36. Elena Komleva

    Why does he think there would be no volunteers for insertion of tiny needles to measure pressure and other variables in the eye, I am sure prisoners on death row or even those with long sentences would gladly volunteer in exchange for reconsideration of their sentence! Enough of them at least to reliably conduct the experiment and get the measurements.

  37. Indri Yani

    Nyusahin bgt uts kudu nonton ginian

  38. Bams Gian

    Can I use calculus to predict acceptable of getting a girlfriend?

  39. relentlessmadman

    If I smell the least hint of smoke I would leave with out doing any math!
    What else is it good for?????
    predict the future????? try again!! keep your transducer out of my eye please! damit!


    Thank you. Now it's more complicated

  41. richard pagliaroli

    the trouble with teaching math is people learn at different rates of comprehension

  42. Antiquarian

    overall calculus is used for creating mathematical models. just for people who skipped or didn't watch the video.

  43. kumaravel devarajan

    Still can't get how exactly calculus is used in these predictons


    You like one of the twins in Harry Potter

  45. Engr M Owais Kiyani

    I am a new undergraduate student of mechanical engineering and l have a lot of problems in mathematics

  46. P Kelly

    i learned calculus at school to a fairly advanced level, i could score highly on calculus in exams, but i never really got a good feel for practical applications – thanks for this video.

  47. Ori

    probably scared everyone off with that horrible presentation. very sad

  48. AA LL

    What mathematics should one know before Calculus 1?

  49. John Richard

    The speaker really needs to SPEAK UP if he wants to be heard!!!

  50. RodCornholio

    Poor attempt at selling calculus. Wanna know what calculus is used for? How 'bout every modern thing you idiots think is "cool" ?

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