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why games are good for you –

why games are good for you

Bạn đang xem: why games are good for you Tại

Are you looking for the topic about Why Playing Video Games Is GOOD For You 10 Reasons Why Video Games Are Good For You Gaming is Bad for YOU? isn’t it? If so, you can check it out right here.

Why Playing Video Games Is GOOD For You

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There are so many lessons you can learn from Video Games.

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  1. Ramen eater

    Games have more negative effects on you in the long run than positive. Gaming is a drug that everyone shouldn't play unless there a grade school child

  2. Bagdar Of Life

    I always thought video games were just an addiction that we can’t resist but I guess it does actually have something beneficial in our lives

  3. Noob

    I play video games every single day
    And mostly within quarantine

  4. JevilJevs

    Amongst the abyssal sea of hatred & shame there lives a soul, a soul who bares a light to shine society to a better, more honest sense of self.
    I heard this from sm1- and it was genuinley useful anywhere, just as long as one part fits the other.
    And i think u just got me back into minecraft, christ i need to play that more

  5. TootiePenguin

    I swear that most of people that is watching this video are teenager or child. Also the most of people that will dislike the video are parents.

  6. Nate.Chambers

    This helped me type a paper, I appreciate it

  7. Jaymzofsteel

    I dunno, a few episodes of South Park are coming to mind.

  8. Looking_For_Game

    Great video a trust, as you say both the bad and good.

  9. Jazun Munro

    Never thought why there was different difficulties till this video

  10. Monsieur Moby

    Video games gave me a storytelling skill and online games taught me better grammar than school lol

  11. Joffa99 M


  12. Bladed 21

    not me sending this vid link to my mom

  13. Money guy

    Video games pay you zero dollars per hour, time is something you will never get back, spend your time on sleep and work and cooking

  14. Anonymous

    The dumbest people ever will say watching TV is better than playing video games 😂 when you watch tv you don't even do anything, you just sit there but video games you have to react quickly

  15. Quilter Skilter

    Who else learned Italian from sheet music, and being a musician?

    If u learned English by video games don’t tell me I didn’t learn Italian from music.

  16. Bazzyman1234 Yt

    For me, lockdown was not even that bad, cuz I got botw right before it and played it s o much. People that say video games are bad are stupid

  17. Jaymantuber

    Use some facts about how it makes you smarter wgen your parents tell you to get off

  18. TXP91

    This video is fantastic and it needs to be shown to every single narrow minded person who thinks video games are bad for you and a waste of time. I am a better person today for having played so many wonderful games =)

  19. Pieter de Beer

    Wholesome! Love this!

  20. Lieutenant

    I can't live without video games

  21. kyxiledits

    games helped me to be a nicer person. I play a game called roblox and im not gonna lie. Because I learn English there and my language accent became more better since I talk to alot of ppl online. And also Games aren't that bad. In games, kids just wanna have fun. It takes out stress and makes us forget how alone we are. And I learn in games that when you die, you get back up again while what I learn in school is that your life and your intelligence depends on grades. Still though, school isn't that bad either

  22. Callum Drummond

    Beautiful video. One of the best things about human beings is their ability to tell stories. Through cave paintings or the written word or motion pictures or music and song. For me, video games are the ultimate story telling medium, because they give us the one thing that none of the others can, interactivity. We're not just watching or reading or listening, we're shaping.

  23. Charlie Huss

    Nice vid dude

  24. Francesca Greetham

    You’re the best jules. Your messages are so wholesome and kind – could listen for hours.

  25. crispy nuggets


  26. Karen Army & Political

    I feel negative playing video game. I feel positive without playing game

  27. Toast is sigma

    for me it’s something for me to forget this cruel wireless and escape reality and it is the only thing keeping my depression back whenever i feel horrible i think of all my freinds i’ve made and what i will do next in ark it is truly heart breaking that most people think of them as something that hurts kids and adults mental health when in reality it’s the only thing that keeps me from breaking down it is the whole reason i can go about my life smile ing being happy rather than being sad around the world they truly helps and for me it is hard because of people saying and criticizing me for playing video games since i have depression they all say that i need to get off and talk to people socialize to help my depression when in reality i do that more than your average person ever will i evan learned ow to comprehen spanish from video games and it’s not like i don’t ever go out side ether and in my opinion all who criticize need to sit down find a good game they would be interested in and play for an hour or two then come back and talk to me it’s like trying to talk to a wall they won’t listen so please if ur against video games please just try to put yourself in our shoes

  28. Toast is sigma

    thank you 🙏straight up made me cry sines it is everything i could never say thank your so much

  29. Fuzzie

    Pokemon got me through Latin in high school. Ursaring. Vulpix. Lots of cheeky latin names

  30. Marc Gelo

    Dont trust things in the internet you will be like me i bad person not listening to parents thats what the internet does to you now your me if you trust them

  31. Talk The Talk

    As an art and literature prodigy in high school… I can’t rly relate because I was always ahead of the class in reading because I always read and wrote…. I might not play any video games and would never date a guy or girl who actively played them but I don’t like to judge

  32. Sasha Soltys

    Whatculture to Youtube is what Messi is to Barcelona.

  33. Richard

    Honestly, Jules always leaves me a tear every time but not in a bad way. It gives me hope and even helped me change my life for the better so to the whatcuture crew. I say give Retro Jules a raise! Thank you Jules and keep spreading the love.

  34. Dynamation

    I need show this 2 my mom

  35. 7he7ast70ner

    All LIES!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Trippy Siren

    Gaming has helped me to break out of flashbacks or dissociative moments and process how they came about when I'm calm again. Sure I suck at every game, but they've kept me from dwelling on bad memories and driving myself nuts over them.

  37. Tadeu

    You know it will be a serious vídeo just by the Voice of Jules

  38. Ivy Besmonte

    The dislikes are from those parents who disagree

  39. Colonel Overkill

    I used to be a person that would require instant gratification, but over 10 years ago now I started playing Eve Online. The game had me hooked but its slow pace and inability to do anything about it (at the time) was a sledgehammer of patience to my face. After a few months I began to develop a longer time frame view for most other things and still maintain that outlook.

  40. Alistair debris

    I love how majority of footage is sekiro in the never give up part😂

  41. Siva Tharmalingam

    Thanks for this good info and explanation but you can also advertise the games you've shown in your video at the edge because we would able to know more games.

  42. Héctor J. Román P.


  43. Tiaan Botha

    It also increases your reaction time 🙂

  44. Madalitso Kumwembe

    Very deep and touching piece. Don't think we get many of these. Thanks Jules.

  45. Henric Häggqvist

    As a non-native English speaker (Swedish) I can really attest to improving my English skills (grammar, but more vocabulary) through videogames. Almost no game was ever translated, so growing up you had to learn quite a bit of the language to understand what you had to do in games. Great video overall. Jules, you big ledge.

  46. David Chapman

    Great video Jules!! 👍🏻

  47. Aran Erem

    I've always loved playing video games. It feels good

  48. ryproar11

    I have bipolar depressive disorder and PTSD. I play games and it helps me to socialize and feel "normal". I hear voices, have painful flashbacks, and have self doubt everyday. However when I play games I have none of these issues. I can be anything I want and make friends while doing it. I have hundreds of people from across the world I get to talk to and play with but when I was a child I had very few friends. So I agree with this video one hundred fold. Thank you for this video and with that back to Nioh 2 I goes. 😃

  49. Smugpittbull With a channel

    Most media is just filled with lies

  50. macgillicutty188

    I think video games are the most varied and immersive art form that exists

10 Reasons Why Video Games Are Good For You

keywords: #videogames, #goodforyou, #makeyousmarter, #videogamesandyourhealth, #preventdisease, #betterreactiontime, #videogamesaregoodforyou, #study, #whyvideogamesaregoodforyou, #waysgamesaregoodforyou, #viral, #new

From boosting reaction time to building confidence and social skills, we count down 10 Reasons Why Video Games Are Good For You.

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10 Reasons Why Video Games Are Good For You


  1. Chiao-Ying Kao

    Finally a reason to make my parents make me do more playing and less math

  2. michael brice

    Gaming is basically a religion

  3. Patrick McMullin


  4. Veorader 678

    Playing games showed me that I should never give up and I also became more social to community

  5. Shinobu木水

    10 reasons to tell my parents and to live me alone

  6. wefiweg wefiweg

    I was the only one in my college class who was able to answer a question that none of the other students knew the answer to……and I got a good mark for that….how I got to know the answer?
    From playing the campaign of Age of Empires 2 😅

  7. Rohan Chakraborty

    I am gonna show this to my parents Thanks a lot broooo

  8. Love ME Senpai

    What what about fortnite

  9. Military.Respected –

    hshhhshshahahah this is so stupid… it is scientifically proven that video games slow down reaction time from experience with sports, if any of you even know what the outside is whoops. video games are a waste of a life and quality family time, because someday your parents are gonna Die and your going to regret not spending Time with them

  10. I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that

    THAT'S the spirit!

  11. Msr220

    im glad this isn't and april foooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolz prank

  12. Nyemah Fuzzell

    Now all pf you know that this isn't true because my brothe plays to much and he can never find a job and i was playing roblox so much that i struggle in highschool now

  13. Daryl Miller

    I love video games❤❤❤✅

  14. Conan the Destroyer

    This is bull shit. If you play over 2 hours of video games a day then your addicted. Good luck stopping, cause you will have the same withdrawal symptoms as any alcohol or drug addition withdrawal. Turn off the game and get your ass in gear with the real world.

  15. Smiggy

    Since when was Scrabble an action game?

  16. Terri Kääriä

    For your own health, just gonna say that Video Games are more badders than good. And for real, video games just lowers your intelligence. Video games makes you angry, your neck will get down, you cant stop playing… and your focusing that you need in every situation.

  17. Chicken Nuggets 999

    That's helping me because I have dyslexia

  18. Melexxa

    no csgo ? wow yur gay

  19. gamer HD Gage

    My life
    Kindergarten=average kid
    1st grade (when I started playing games) pretty smart kid
    2nd grade one of the smartest kids in the class
    3rd grade smartest kid in whole 3rd grade

  20. LRY On the Come Up

    Having fun in general is good for you.

  21. Discovaria


  22. Discovaria


  23. sdjnwhyNZ

    Watching this after playing Rise of Nations, hahaha

  24. Denizo

    10 dyslexya Honesly Im bulgarian soo evry game is englesh BUSTED well minecraft have the lueanguege

  25. Andrewuu

    i have number 1

  26. Apple

    Who's watching this because your mom keeps on bugging you about this crap?

  27. Nøbødy

    I speak really almost perfectly English and perfectly French and i'm arab, 14, high IQ and i have the less luck can somebody like me can have :
    + i play good video games since 4 and i do 14
    + i get a pc a ps3 and a phone at my 10
    – my mother take drugs and decided to ruin my life : destroy my pc destroy my ps3 destroy my phone and she's tv, you now the reason ? Because she's a *** bitch
    – since that day she punch me everyday for no reason and get me lost some time to go to shool
    – she NEVER NEVER punch my sister (12) i dont now why but she punch ME and my sister do and buy EVERYTHING she wants (but not cost more than 1000) and for me : nothing.. just something to wake me up to go to school and i have a bed and a little phone when i say that… but i think.. she gonna broke it because : I'M LUCKY

    or not :'(

  28. Marie Loiseau

    I won't let kids play anything but Nintendo games, because I don't want them to spark an interest for games with guns.

  29. Are You Fucking Kidding Me

    And these parents say they're bad

  30. Hisan Chowdhury

    Call of duty is really not competitive at all

  31. Raw Raw

    My parents will find a way to prove this video wrong or straight up call the video wrong



  33. TheNoobyPro

    Almost every time he lists games portal and portal 2 fit into the list and he didn't mention it once. 😡

  34. Matthew Goodwin

    yeah if you play them only for couple of hours, but if you play it for like multiple hours straight then there's a problem

  35. jilles van der Burg

    capitalism for the win

  36. Eduardo Worldwide

    Assassins Creed Syndicate taught me about the Industrial revolution in Britain☺

  37. Greenwolf Vlogs

    my teacher said "video games make you dumb and stupid"me"who invented electricity"my teacher"??? don't know"me"benjamin franklin"my teacher"where did you learn that"me" assasin's creed rogue"my teacher"you're an AAAAAAAAAAA-AAAAAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++++++++student"me"Mission acomplished!!!!!!!"

  38. bleb

    she holding a think pad

  39. Alexis Dedios


  40. Pete McJiggles

    Ha stupid parents

  41. Yazzy Jazz


  42. Artemis

    "memory retainment" vs. "memory retention"?

  43. G is for Grievous

    my two favorite type of media are Movies and Videogames.

  44. Ry

    If someone says games are too violent then say "So by your logic then we shouldn't watch violent movies or listen to violent music." (I have tried this and it works because their comeback was "Well that's different." even though it is not)


    Remember kids, don't play games too much before your device got destroyed by your family.

  46. Harris Affandi

    showing this to my asian parents
    They threw my computer :/

  47. Feline-gamer Flocket

    This is so stupid lmao

  48. VGGL SilverRoxetZ

    Ye gaming is good.. So i can play real life in virtual tv screen. N not be depressed bout work 🙂

  49. Alex Gjerovski


  50. Yummy Burger

    Jack septic eye made me love science when I watched his old ksp vids and now I'm in college learning :3

Gaming is Bad for YOU?

keywords: #videogame, #onlinevideogames, #games, #pcgames, #videogamesfor, #topvideogames, #benefitsofvideogames, #fortnite, #psychologyoffortnite

Do you wonder if video games have scientific benefits? We have you covered. Video games help with emotional stability, helps you be a better multi-tasker, helps visual-motor coordination, helps with social skills, helps with vision and even aging.

Side note: Sorry, we missed point 2 in the video. :'( But it’s essentially this:

“2: Gamers Are Better At Multi-Tasking

Multi-Tasking is something we all attempt to do throughout the day… With varying degrees of success. But what if video games could help? A 2013 study tested two groups of people, and found that those who played video games over the span of ten weeks were better at multi-tasking than those who didn’t. Even better – gamers were able to focus on secondary tasks without interfering with primary tasks. So why are gamers better at multi-tasking? Think about it. If you’re playing a first person shooter, you have to track objects, keep an eye on your ammo, and focus on the mission – all at once.”

#videogames #psych2go

Sources and transcript included in this doc:


Team Members:

Script Writer: Elliot Figueira

Script Editor: Steven Wu

VO: Lily Hu

Animator: Maxine Gando

YouTube Manager: Cindy Cheong

Founder: Tai Khuong

Need sources to prove to your parents? Here you go:

Chiappe, D, et al. “Improving Multi-Tasking Ability through Action Videogames.” Current Neurology and Neuroscience Reports., U.S. National Library of Medicine, Mar. 2013,

“Cognitive Benefits of Playing Video Games.” Psychology Today, Sussex Publishers,

Feng, Jing, and Ian Spence. “Running Head : HOW VIDEO GAMES BENEFIT YOUR BRAIN How Video Games Benefit Your Brain.” Undefined, 1 Jan. 1970,

Narme, P. “Benefits of Game-Based Leisure Activities in Normal Aging and Dementia.” Current Neurology and Neuroscience Reports., U.S. National Library of Medicine, 1 Dec. 2016,

“Needs Met through Computer Game Play among Adolescents.” NeuroImage, Academic Press, 14 Aug. 2007,

Przybylski, A K, et al. “The Ideal Self at Play: the Appeal of Video Games That Let You Be All You Can Be.” Current Neurology and Neuroscience Reports., U.S. National Library of Medicine, 1 Jan. 2012,

“PsycNET.” American Psychological Association, American Psychological Association,

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  1. Psych2Go

    Happy Saturday/Sunday where you are. Now you can show your parents or teachers the benefits of playing video games. Are you currently playing any video games? Name drop them below 🙂

  2. ShocK Mystery


  3. xinyue ren

    I loveee roblox

  4. 张佩佩

    Minecraft taught me to not light up tnt when your close or else BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM

  5. nihuux_.

    this is true, I always liked playing a lot of racing games and it taught me a lot about cars like tyre wear, aerodynamics, etc. I also once thought what my parents said was true but after playing for a few months, I discovered that all the racing games helped me have more knowledge about cars, some online games teached me english, spanish, and the games like GTA or RDR help me to not think about my problems. But my parents still believe games are really bad for you (strict parents).

  6. David Piko

    Manhunt 2 is my favorite game!!!

  7. Monster School

    It's not because games makes us mad.
    It's lag.(And a lot of other things)
    And I like a lot of games.


    My biggest shock of life was when this video was played in school computing class

  9. Ricky Orona

    I Feel like something gets really overlooked when it comes to gaming. People act like we are gonna spend every second of our entire lives playing a game. They think WE as gamers view it as our job or something… No. It's something we do for fun. Something we get joy out of….. We don't particularly care if it has team building, puzzle solving, or if it is some learning experience. We play games… for simple fun. It makes us happy… If I choose a jelly donut over a dry protein cube with the same nutrients, it isn't because it has any particular benefits… it just tastes good lol.

  10. The Evil Within Theory. [Medical Studies]

    Hitman's Absolution taught me to make a perfect assassination and make no clues how you done it.

  11. Ro Nin

    Praise the Sun 🌞

  12. Area 69

    Gamers rise up

  13. for fun

    Schools and parents be like: Okay let's dislike

  14. Gavin Cleveland

    Mario Odyssey taught me when things aren't going well then you can take control but use the to do good for everything thanks Psych2Go and Mario Odyssey

  15. Suzie animations, and comics

    my favorite video games are the Zelda series their the best

  16. REO T

    Rise of kingdoms ad before the video starts, how ironic.

  17. Sang puii

    Minecraft and farlight 84

  18. Phantom VR

    Thanks a lot really i could tell this to my parents and they are probably gonna let me on it a lot more. Thanks again bye!!

  19. Keison Sim

    My favourite video game is ROBLOX
    People ask what game?
    Me: FNF

  20. Jairene Cruz Pinkihan

    Genshin impact 🤗

  21. Emotionless

    I play shooting games everyday and I notice my behavior is getting bad so I decide to stop it already

  22. 『 tokyo the lazy potato 』

    I'm literally crying-
    I can finally prove my parents that games aren't that bad
    But i think they still acts like it's just a ridiculous lie
    (I'm a sad bc of them deleting every single games in my ipad and phone i lost all my oc all of my hard working oc in gacha club)

  23. The Midnight Otaku

    I’ve played videogames for so long already, “why are the benefits wearing down now that I’m older?” It does make sense though, playing videogames truly has no major bearing on the rate your body ages.

  24. Supsup Danjan

    that would be call of duty mobile 😁

  25. MetricLeader 824

    * 𝗢𝗽𝗲𝗻𝘀 𝗧𝗲𝘁𝗿𝗶𝘀 *

  26. Captain Obvious

    lolios i'm doing a paper for my Mom (she asked me to) on videogames. She's a classic 40 year old FB mom who says that "gamers grow humps in their backs" "once you start you'll never stop" (not like I'm doing drugs or anything) and so far the vids i have found say that while some parts are bad, there are benefits in moderational play. I will put all of this in my paper and hopefully she will finally understand.

  27. Thecasualist

    Wait, what was number two supposed to be? Did you forget one?

  28. Miruna Savu

    genshin impact best game ever

  29. MrTiny Gamer

    terraria the game that touches perfection for a real gamer
    also just want to say a real gamer does not rage or cry after losing OR saying that he is better than others without testing it

  30. anymusicc

    The essence of video games is to absorb your time and life and survive. That is to make more money from you. You give away the things of time and life. And his skills are completely incomparable with football basketball and any real sport. Learning to drive and practice sight climbing, as well as socializing to bars and playgrounds, none is better than the real world.

    Scientists nowadays are really shamelessly writing for money.

  31. Freddy’s Band

    Congrats, we have a total of 104 parents in the world

  32. Glasses Boi

    Mine is Pokémon

  33. Cyan Orange

    Skipped 2..?

  34. zarzycka100

    Roblox games that teach you things:

    1. Toh: Never give up
    2. Bloxburg: Money doesn't grow on trees…unless your begging for Robux 😉
    3. Royal high: Teaches you not to be tempted to buy things and save money

  35. Sergeant Door

    I’ve learnt a lot of stuff from Minecraft, years before I actually learn the things in school

  36. Striker Toast

    “By getting aggressive in the game world not the real world”

    Oh so that’s the guy who blew up my Minecraft base

  37. Striker Toast



  38. Striker Toast

    But practicing shooter games helps me at school

  39. Rinchen Dorjee


  40. Zhonglim

    I'm an extrovert so it's an understatement saying that I've been feeling less energetic due to quarantine. Good thing online games exist and I have a sister to play games with!

  41. EthanHasntBrain


  42. Gaming Bahini -bangla gaming

    90s time : don't play out side

    2013 – 2015 : don't watch tv

    2017 – now : don't play game

    future : don't use or play vr

  43. Wavy_Ghost

    Apex Legends

  44. jordanjamesplayz26

    im here 2021 as a legend

  45. MythicalDragon

    I enjoy Zelda and Metroid there's lots of other games I can't name and I'm an adult

  46. Zero Logic

    “Video games can blow off Steam”
    Steam: But I have so many fun games for you!

  47. Hyper Technologies

    i like fortnite !!!!

  48. 2k with no vid challenge

    My favorite game is standoff 2

  49. XxCyberhawk

    Parents:What did these videogames teach you?!

    Call of duty:Never leave a man behind

    Among us:Dont trust anyone

    Apex Legends:Keep fighting til the end

  50. I made this channel just to comment

    Playing Roblox helped me with social interactions in real life

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