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why is college enrollment dropping –

why is college enrollment dropping

Are you looking for the topic about By the Numbers: College enrollment on the decline College Enrollments Plummet As Pandemic Drives Students …Undergraduate enrollment continues to decline at US colleges …isn’t it? If so, you can check it out right here.

By the Numbers: College enrollment on the decline

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A new study finds that college enrollment is down this year overall, and particularly at the nation’s community colleges.


  1. Ricardo d’savant

    College is overrated and too expensive.

  2. Aubrey

    Millennials aren’t sending their kids to college because they got fucking burned. Oops! Guess colleges messed up!!

  3. Blue Lotus Organic Red Wine

    A construction tradesman can make 1,000 a day without college… their own house…have a nice life. Think about it.

  4. Kevin Tón

    With Skillshare Being 90,000% cheaper than college, why would you spend US$26,892.00 per year on tuition, when you can just get a premium membership on skillshare for $29.88 ?

  5. Engineered Mind

    Why spend 10k at school when your business focused and aware of debt and poverty. You better change your immigration laws to be more inclusive or you might die off

  6. Krillin

    You go into debt for a house.
    You go into debt for a wedding.
    You go into debt for a college "education".
    You go into debt for a car.

    It's almost as if the system is designed to enslave you through debt. Weird.

  7. kelly Goodman

    I don't want to go in debt and plus forcing people take the jab was just plain wrong

  8. Rabian Harris

    I am glad I went and on the other hand I am thinking it was a waste of time, but tbe good must cover the bad!!

  9. Kelvin W. Kiger

    Since 4g, college is a scam.

  10. Joseph Ybarra

    I'm going to a trade not college.

  11. Victor L

    ABC usually doesn't air good news. I'm shocked.

  12. 123 123

    I’m happy the next generation is waking up to this. Good for them.

  13. Doggy Style

    Unless you want to be in medical, legal, architecture, engineering, or accounting, you don't need to be in college.

  14. Untap Potential

    Cause you guys love to waste our time and money while having classes that was design to fail students. Let's not forget the mental health issue + debt slavery that college put you in. You have coding bootcampsthat can teach a stack in 3 months but i have to take 2.5 year of learning general studies, which has nothing to do with my major… And don't forget the god awful professor who just their to cross of checkmark. School kill creativity, passion, cause mental health issue, make you a debt slave, and your not gurantee a job…… No thank you. I take my college dropout ass out and work on a remote part time job while I travel and work on my passion.

  15. Morning Glory

    Good for them. DO NOT GO TO COLLEGE!!!! society wants to rip you off, so don’t contribute

  16. Biglilvest313 Biglilvest313


  17. OneForAll

    You mean to say people are finally seeing that going into millions of dollars in debt right after high school is stupid and senseless? GREAT!!! I hope ot declines to 0%. And this fall the interest rate goes up for undergrads attending. Smh how you higher interest rates when we're all out here fighting for lower costs of education? Its actually the interest rate that many have a problem with!!! Without it, it may actually be possible to pay off student debt before death, but not at the rate its going, not at all. Stop going to college, get a trade or anything else other than college, it doesnt guarantee you a job, the professors dont help you get a job, hell they dont even help to make sure you got all of your credits to graduate!! DONT GO TO COLLEGE/UNIVERSITIES, ITS NOT WORTH THE LIFETIME BURDEN! IT DOESNT LEAD TO A BETTER LIFE, BUT ACTUALLY A WORSE ONE.

  18. Roma Skincare

    Thank God!
    If someone absolutely needs a degree for their career, such as medical, law, engineering … etc, then it makes sense to attend college.
    If not, you're much better off attending a trade school where you learn a useful skill. Everyone I know who went to trade school is now earning WAY more than anyone I know with a college degree. Even those with 2 or 3 degrees.
    It's time for society to accept that attending college just for the sake of getting a degree is outdated.
    And forcing thousands of 21 year olds to take on $100,000 of debt, clearly shows who is truly benefiting from these degrees and who is being played.

  19. Samah Juana

    Stem degree are the best to get.

  20. Jessica Smith

    I dropped out of CCBC (Community College of Baltimore County) at the end of 2014 and I have no plans of returning. A college degree won't save you from poverty or homelessness. You can have a Master's degree and still be on the streets.

  21. Gabriel Lopez

    Finally this new generation is thinking smart. Colleges are nothing but greedy scams and this is coming from someone who graduated from one 4 years ago.

  22. ElementJonny

    I'm just investing at this point

  23. Abel

    Just buy doge coin

  24. WhiteBuffalo Designs

    Of course it is. At the present time there are many more families that can't afford to send their kids to college. The pandemic sucked many peoples savings down to zero!
    This should not be sensational news, huge national emergencies cause problems like this, not really any news in that.
    The WEALTHY don't have this problem, it's the lower middle class and low income people that are affected. They are the ones who have to struggle to get back to their pre-pandemic standard of living. They are the ones who lost jobs, jobs many of which will never be seen again.

  25. Guero Villalbaso

    Everybody doing onlyfans

  26. MyNameIsNotImportant

    Good. Lower the cost of college and the enrollment will go up

  27. Florida Man Scents

    Debt and lack of practicality…but yea im good

  28. emily anderson

    lower the cost and ppl will go

  29. evos469

    Anyone played The game of life I literally beat the game by skipping college 🤣.

  30. Markist Choicee

    To all the kids watching this, it’s not worth it. When you get your first job (or 18) start putting away $500 a month. Then buy a duplex or some kind of rental property where you can live and rent out the other. Charge someone rent and get some passive income then focus on whatever else you want to do.

  31. Mega Watts

    Good most people should do a apprenticeship or go to trade school. The diploma factories are sending grown spoiled children into the work force. Stop getting worthless liberal arts degree and expect to be able to pay back 100k in student loans.

  32. Wesley Rudd

    Because the woke joke is gonna kill the schools fools

  33. happyhooliedaze

    Aside from the fact that it's ridiculous to accept a life as a debt-whore, it should be pointed out what LOWLIFE TRASH are usually hired by both public colleges as teachers and administration. They are liars and sneaky backstabbing POS that shouldn't be allowed in our neighbirhoods. I personally have had some DESPICABLE teachers

  34. TeaTimeTibbons

    I'm not paying 1000 dollar tuition for a class them be told I have to sit at home and participate because of Covid. VIRTUAL LEARNING SUCKS!

  35. Thomas Robinson

    With Universal Basic Income on the horizon, young people will expect to be paid for doing nothing.

  36. 2000 D

    I'm an artist and I realized I can just learn on my own instead of paying 40k

  37. Balderrama Chilling on YouTube

    Because nowadays College sucks so bad that they’re just making Students stupider and homeless instead! People save that College Funds $$$ for a good House and buying Stocks!

  38. Lp78Ch

    There are many reasons:
    1) College is way too expensive, Tuition + room and board = bankruptcy
    2) The Office of Admissions is racist against whites and Asians,
    3) Zoom is not the same as in-person schooling (so why charge the same price?),
    4) Too many universities are overtly liberal–progressively liberal. It's a turnoff for many conservative students.
    5) Many of the degrees are literally LITERALLY useless.
    6) Standardized tests are being eliminated, so there's no point to work hard and study.
    7) Virtual graduation ceremonies just don't cut it. It's not the same.
    8) Many professors are old and out of touch with reality. Think ivory tower.
    9) The horror stories of student loan debt are very scary.

  39. vi3tewok

    Why would you want live in a dorm during covid lol, colledge is only useful for fields in stem.

  40. OnlyHonesty

    Why strive for anything when everything is in the palm of your hand? The numbers will only get worse.

  41. David Smith

    Good! Americans are finally waking up to the fact that colleges are just liberal brainwash institutions! Teach you nothing useful!

  42. jish55

    Covid mixed with obscene prices and an economy that no longer benefits those with higher degrees all lead to people wanting to find alternatives at this point, to where if things continue the way they are, higher education is going to lose so much that many universities will have to close down due to being unable to afford to remain functional.

  43. Justin Santos

    Wonder why is it how expensive it can get or college party’s or college deaths It could be anything or no reason at all maybe bullying or cheating….🧐😒

  44. daypayton123

    College is over rated

  45. Moni Hunt

    I'm surprised it ain't zero it's a pandemic people want to feel safe, why not Lower tuition for up to 4 years. And freeze increase to get people to come back and allow people to do online if that's what they choose. 😇😤🤦🏻‍♀️🗃️🗑️🏧📽️👀🗞️📠🤔💸💸💸💷😷😵📰🗞️ I think in light of the pandemic it should be loans being covered for a minimum of two up to 4 years if you're in a college or community College as well take it off your student loan to get the people to feel uncomfortable of going back to school and back to work that would be logical but that's too much like right 😤👎🏼👀📠🤔💸💷💷🗃️📰🗞️🏧📽️💯‼️🥴🤷🏼‍♀️

  46. Steven H.

    Not surprising.

  47. Kwang Meng Lim

    Don't go there they hate Asian.

  48. 24james

    Terrible! Now who will teach the American youth to hate America? Oh, to be woke & stupid💯🤣

  49. Matthew Walton

    Make it cheaper and more people can afford to go. This isn't rocket science. It's basic economics. Most (like myself, I didn't even attempt to strive for an elite university like Princeton or Brown because I wanted to avoid all the debt) will weigh the cost and benefits and decide it just isn't worth it. Your Gender Studies major isn't going to impress any employer, at least in the private sector. Sorry.

  50. The SW Family

    Too expensive. I’ve been accepted into Grad school and the breaker will be the cost. I love to learn, but too expensive.

College Enrollments Plummet As Pandemic Drives Students …

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  1. Epostle Gaming

    It's also the systemic hate against white males, as they embrace all these liberal ideologies that I have to apparently apologize because I'm a white male No thank you. I am not supporting anything that systematically hates me for what I am.

  2. stewart97ful

    It's bc people are investing now on crypto.

  3. BJ Chandler

    DID YOU REALIZE: In Squid Game One, Red-Light-Green-Light, more contestants survived the game (44%) than students who entered U. S. Colleges and successfully complete a 4-year college degree (40%).

  4. Matt Haines

    College is a waste there just Marxist indoctrination camps at this point.

  5. Ricardo d’savant

    Drop out!

  6. Master Pooshi

    This is great news. People are waking up to scam schools.

  7. Eli R.Torres

    2018 graduate with a B.S in info sec and secure software engineering. I am still unemployed . Wages are too low and I am experiencing RACISM at interviews. The racism is off the charts. I also get less call backs than my peers. Don't do it.

  8. D Jones

    Hmmm…wouldn't have anything to do with colleges' radical agenda would it?

  9. Semper Fi

    hey poor people this is the best time to go to school lots of scholarships for those who need it

  10. Sage Fields

    College is a scam. Many of them aren't even places of education anymore, just indoctrination centers.

  11. Jason DeNise

    This is big business for big tech. The college scam just got even more crooked.

  12. Brandon

    All these poor students taking out loans for a degree, only to graduate during a recession with no opportunities.

  13. Climate Fascism

    Race baiter

  14. grod805

    Jobs just aren't there for college graduates. For most people it isn't worth it

  15. Noahide Warrior

    Those geniuses being produced by colleges are destroying this country.

  16. RobiXOXO Love

    The student loan day is the most discouraging part about higher education education is extremely important and I think it is the most important thing but it’s very hard to sell the benefits of people about college when you’re not guaranteed a job but you are almost guarantee debt for the rest of your life

  17. C-Rance

    The college experience is not as attractive since Covid hit. Kids are weighing their chances now. You can't totally focus on your higher education when you have to worry about getting infected with Covid from those around you and possibly dying.

  18. GREG CRAIG JR Sagas

    I wish I never went to college myself. I just paid off 120,000. Now I have a job that I'm going to get fired because I refuse to show my vaccination status. F-EM

  19. Cynthia Poinsette

    Students like her deserve the country’s investment. The amount spent in endless wars could have educated millions of Americans and trained them for the jobs of the future. We need to fix this crazy education system so that millions of our our students can reach their full potential. So much talent has gone to waste because of a broken public school system and college system. Our country as a whole will be so much better for everyone when we INVEST in our own training and education. We are so far behind places like Singapore. If we treated this like a national priority then we each year we would be producing tons of well paid engineers, nurses, teachers, and great union jobs that do not require degrees.

  20. Adam Name

    They realize its all a profit based scam.

  21. D San

    Great our country is getting even dummer?

  22. Takemichi

    It's men especially white men who are not enrolling for colleges,
    It's crazy to see how politically correct this news channel is.

  23. Jess G

    That young lady isn't getting to have fun in her undergrad. That sucks 🙁

  24. Mason Watters

    As you all both illuminated while simultaneously deflected, it’s an income issue and poverty issue. Get serious people to report news or you’ll do more harm than good. We’re divide because news agencies are lazy and apparently need drama.

  25. Eric Bi

    Depending on state, college students should probably roll the dice and just take the risk of COVID in exchange for higher education (this doesn't apply to red, aka Republican Covid-positive , states).

  26. Kweku Williams

    I teach a community college the last time I checked chemistry and anatomy and physiology will not change in a different building. students don't pay more for the same subject

  27. Joshua mowdy


    Strange we have a huge part of the population guliable untrust worthy to make decisions and can't distinguish fiction from fact.
    We will have less educated young adults in the economy when there time to enter hits.
    Our country's intrinsic value rides upon our futures.
    Exactly like tobacco oil minerals tech etc. We are given financial credence in value borrowing power and ability to lead markets.
    The further we flail like Vitolik Butirnes arms in a symposium the less likely a market correction will happen
    This countrys "folks" need to be grabbed by there collars two handed and shook until they perverbial snap out of it.

    If they can't see the course ahead they shan't drive.

    Good luck.

  28. Ninja Nerd Student #69

    My college library rents out free Chromebooks and hotspots for any and all students who want/need one. I also work remotely as a student aide, while taking classes.

  29. Ninja Nerd Student #69

    That’s good. We need more plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, and carpenters. Demand for construction jobs is extremely high.

  30. Nubbley

    i didnt drop out of college to pay for people to go to college… stop going to schools who invest in sports

  31. Josh Wilson

    It was hard for poor people to go to college as it was, now it's basically impossible

  32. M0 Here

    Black female civil engineer also! Keep going girl!!!

  33. Cadre Deux

    Vaccination mandates cause students to drop out. Not Covid.

  34. Jessica Mears

    Here’s a bail out idea: make college free

  35. Veganpotter Thevegan

    It's ok, these are the people that would only graduate thanks to lowered standards

  36. Kiara Helen

    I'm going to stop you at racial wealth gap. College prices are expensive FOR EVERYONE! In addition to this weight crushing everyone, it absolutely affects communities of color and those with a lesser socioeconomic status. Keep pushing girl, you got this. We need to make college affordable.

  37. Goddard College

    Enrollment is up at the 150 year old experimental college where you can design your own course of study….just sayin'.😎

  38. Mayito

    I really wish Renika Montgomery graduates. From listening to her, I can tell she really needs school to succeed in the future. As a minority my self, I can assure you it is soo hard to compete with my peer professionals even with a degree. Please Renika, finish school and do well.

  39. Jess G

    Most degrees aren't worth a lifetime of crippling debt. (:

  40. patrick isles

    "good paying jobs"

    bro are you high? I'm working min wage and I have a college degree.

  41. Alvin Seay

    Get vacinated !

  42. ogmius2001

    so poor people are dropping out before all others?…could it be laziness?

  43. Teresa Ellis

    There are lots reasons why enrollment is down.Covid…and why would a white male want to go to a college that preach that they are racist…parents are not willing to pay to have their kids indoctrinated.

  44. Mra Larocco

    Republican caused recessions with high unemployment causing people to not be able to afford the cost of higher education?

  45. Al Hu

    she is hot

  46. MMO Archives

    i doubt the pandemic has anything to do with dropout rate considering the cost

  47. Mass. Worker

    I got my bachelor's degree in political science at the end of 2019 and have never been able to find a job that pays more than $2 above the minimum wage and that also does not expect me to have 4+ years of experience fresh out of college. Now, the only jobs I can find are in retail stores or in restaurants, Honestly, going to college was the biggest waste of time, money, and effort, I really wish I took a trade and these students may have dodged a bullet if they are able to find work during this time.

  48. Elijah Moore


  49. Billy Pardew

    That's the best thing that could happen to them

  50. keis Farrow

    That's a lie. There are plenty of people that have careers without degrees and debt.

Undergraduate enrollment continues to decline at US colleges …

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Most high school seniors have decided where they will pursue the next four years of their education, but some colleges and universities are struggling to fill spaces for new students. Doug Shapiro, executive director of the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, joins CBSN to break down the 4.5% decline in undergraduate enrollment compared with last spring.

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  1. Blarnix

    Cry me a river.

  2. Miahi Pop

    For the women without a diploma it is a good news.
    Men marry both women with and without a degree.
    Women prefer to marry men with a college degree.
    About 40% of women have a degree . If we look at the who gets the degrees, this is 70% of women and 30% of men.

  3. scout

    Oh no. If they don't go to college, who will indoctrinate them with leftist BS and put them into massive debt with no real skills for getting work. The education industry in America is morbidly obese and has milked the public for billions of dollars far too long. It needs to collapse.

  4. Robert Hoover

    This is pro-college propaganda that peddles to business elites!

  5. Robert Hoover

    Most American colleges are private businesses and I don't feel sorry for those price-gougeing business owners if no one is buying the over priced product they are selling! 🤬

  6. ZantiMisfit

    Joined the Navy, got my high school GED, was a 4.0 sailor, honorably discharged in 08, been an independent trucker with my own rigs, I work 4 days a week 12 hrs. a day and pocket between 280 to 320k a year.

  7. stewart97ful

    It's bc people are investing now on crypto.

  8. Clem

    People are starting to realize that America needs electricians, plumbers and carpenters. A lot cheaper than going to college and pays just as well as a college degree.

  9. Colorado Hockey League


  10. Gee purrs

    Guys you can become multi millionaires like me having never gone to college if you do a few simple things. One, go to trade school. Two, put every dime you can afford into an index fund as EARLY in your life as possible. 3, make your first home a duplex so your mortgage is covered by your tenant. Keep in mind that on average every 1000 dollars you put into an index fund at age 20 will be 64000 by age 62. That's 64 times your investment. This is all easy in theory but 99 pct of you will never have the discipline to do it. You will cash out, you will buy fancy cars, you will buy toys like boats and take expensive vacations. You'll eat out too much. etc etc. It aint easy but it is simple to do on paper. Just not simple for your emotions.

  11. SeaSasquatch

    I dropped out


    The arrogance of faculty is also a factor.

  13. Randy Coppola

    Kind of off topic, but college is not fun as it was back in the 80s. There's that.

  14. Mark Moreno

    I was one of the last students who got in just as prices were going up. At the community college the fees were $17 per unit and we were on the semester. Typical for me was 12 to 18 units. Later, at the University I attended, the fee was much higher, $163/quarter with the minimum at 36 units over the year. Books, supplies, room, and board were extra. I therefore worked during college which hurt my grades. I graduated with a degree in Biology. I unofficially minored in art, and marine biology. I graduated with roughly 230 units in total. It took be 2 years to pay off my accumulated debt of 3 thousand dollars. I was lucky compared to kids in school these days. I am no academic and would have been better served at a trade, but the subject was never brought up by any of my so called advisors. Still, I do not begrudge my days spent in school. I particularly enjoyed learning about the names of living creatures.

  15. Cracker jacker

    Great job Media👍 your god rejecting slander and promotion of hate and anti Americanism and anti masculinity. You've welcomed Satan in all of our schools young people and future even govt for decades. Finally your Sinful seeds of your crops has came in..hate , jealousy and envy . Our result is the price. DEATH. Look far and wide for your facts it's all there and more to follow.

  16. Selfish Capitalist

    They don't wants 10s of thousands in debt to get cultural Marxist indoctrination.

  17. The Music Zone

    Go to trade school first, then go to a city college why not.

  18. Ian Hipps

    Is this supposed to be bad news? Some folks have brains! Wow! Who would’ve thought!

  19. Republitarian

    Is it the high cost, the indoctrination or both?

  20. PJayRush

    The way colleges are enforcing COVID polices make colleges a scam. My freshman year I paid over 10 thousand dollars for room and board for a dorm I only stayed in for 2 months before going all online and moving back home.

  21. Donald Ahern

    Universities academia in general is just as greedy as corporations.Many have endowments and finances that rival banks .Maybe they should reevaluate their programs and tuition.Anyone who wants an education should have one without the snobby bias. HERE ME IVYLEAGUE.

  22. VeggiePlant Bruh

    I'm more shocked that attendance rates haven't fallen sooner and faster than it has. My only hope is that falls even more and pushes colleges and universities into a crisis.

  23. J P

    100k for a degree that doesn't guarantee a job. Damn right they ain't going! Trade school bby!

  24. Bruce Johnson

    The cost of a college degree has increased faster than the cost of healthcare. Did they really think they could raise prices forever? In addition, most of the degrees they are selling are worthless and the cost is not justified by any increased future earnings. Only a small fraction of the majors offered are for degrees are profitable for the student.

  25. Mark Agresti

    People learn on YouTube now

  26. Javier Pacheco

    I'm not going to college until it's safe for physical school again. I'm just gonna find a job and work until it gets better.

  27. Mark Os

    POOR PEOPLE SPEND ON JUNK THEY DONT NEED, kids the little money they have they always out there spending it on garbage rich make to sell to the poor.
    They program you to buy their new and new gadgets and latest styles so you can keep wasting on bull stuff and then brag you broke.

  28. Mark Os

    I had to pay my college while working and guess what I didn’t brag, these KIDS now day DONT wanna work hard ,Sacrifice and GROW UP,

  29. Brandon Kelly

    It's not just costs. Education, from preschool to college/university, is no longer Education. Instead of learning science, literature, getting a job, encouraging artistic skills etc, we are trained to hold Pickett signs, breaking windows and going to jail for burning properties in the name of social justice. That's now what our futures should be.

  30. angel yeas

    People rather be poor than in the negatives.

  31. JJ C

    Another reason is many kids, unlike in previous years, are unprepared for college, graduating seniors don’t meet the minimum college entrance requirements which many colleges has lowered already. Many that do go to college take remedial classes, before even taking the required classes for college graduation, spending more money and graduating later. That is not seen as a good investment. If society community, and businesses required degrees or certificates, for any type of job, college enrollment will go up. But also everyone wants a high paying job, with their degree but not to many out there, and it’s easier nowadays to graduate and get a college degree then before, so high paying jobs are not proportional to college graduates produced. Everyone can get a degree if they pay for it.

  32. Justin Schram

    I liked going to a community college. It was free since the Pell grant paid for it. Unfortunately, I made a big mistake going to a university. I've graduated with a Business Management degree and still can't get a job since employees value experience over education. What a scam. Worst decision of my life.

  33. The calm way home

    Maybe because people can't afford to rack up years of debt. People are in survival mode right now. Leave them alone.

  34. Righteous 101

    👉🏽Good! Colleges and Universities should close down. 👉🏽They hand out WORTHLESS degrees, and leave millions in gross debt.

  35. SaFeTy FiRsT 313

    Does anyone think the population decline is just beginning to show? After all, isn't that the main justification for immigration? Because we're not having as many children, no one to care for ageing population. I mean isn't that why they've been pushing the medical field in high schools since the late 80's? Maybe now it's finally showing up in college admissions rates. Not less interest, just less applicants.

  36. R. Jelly

    Trade schools should become the norm, instead of college educations. College just rips people off, and there is no guarantee of a good career afterwards. It is better to start early with a good company, work there for a few years to gain experience, and move up the ladder. Sometimes, those same companies will pay for more education, without the debt. The government should have been giving help with these loans a long time ago, if they wanted people to up the economy/skills. I am glad this is happening. Maybe now colleges will lower their prices and the government will help with such things. I am an elementary school teacher, who is promoting college, but always mention trade schools or acquiring a talent.

  37. p p

    I would take Some classes …WHY they are not free… CC..?..?. Like (mostly) every country in Europe..

  38. Scott Scott

    If you truly want to accept injection of the Covid-19 vaccine into your body, I recommend reading the label on the bottle/box the vaccine being injected into you originally came from. If it says nothing about "Delta" "Lambda" or "Epsilon" variants, it's likely not any kind of preventive aid for anything except the old covid-2019 virus. There is a reason they call them "variants". They're not the specific Covid-19 virus, even if they're still deemed "corona family" viruses. You might be disinformed that these Covid-19 vaccines currently on the market protect against all corona viruses. Don't accept that unfounded explanation. The current Covid-19 mRNA vaccine is too unproven to take just for the sake of taking it. Selah.

  39. shadowlaw809

    Even the young are waking up, it was about time

  40. Vince M

    I have been taking courses on Udemy and learning sooo much. A good chunk of college is filler.

  41. Lionel Turner

    Good… Not everyone should go to college and many are figuring it out.

  42. Xavier

    Go to college abroad. Much cheaper.

  43. Walt C

    Most university tuition used to almost free before 1980. Then capitalism and widening income inequality became stronger after president Ronald Reagan was inaugurated.

  44. lovinglife

    Community college for the first two years. Folks are figuring it out; and avoiding a mountain of debt.

  45. Adventures with Grandpa

    Colleges have priced them out of the reach of most Americans.
    People don’t see the value of taking on debt of $100K-$200K

  46. Karina F

    Good for them!!! There’s no such thing as a dream career when you have to work for corporations that don’t give a f*ck about their employees. If I’m going to work 60-70 hrs per week I’ll do it while I try to build something for myself.

  47. Kuangheng Hwang

    Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics. Can't go wrong with professions in those areas. Healthcare is also a job that won't ever go away because us humans will always have psychological and physiological problems.

  48. bob smith

    If they really want answers to their questions, they need to interview college-debt laden Millenials that graduated into the 2008 recession, not this doug shapiro guy.

  49. bob smith

    Undergraduate enrollment needs to drop 50% or more. We need a different way to get "educated" than the current system of giving loads of money to a corporation (college), helping them make profits, in exchange for no guarantee that you'll get a good career. Only to find out that employers don't care what you studied in school: they want years of experience for entry-level jobs in your area.

  50. Mighty Pac-Man

    All the requirements and the loan are too much to pay for and too much handle. This has nothing to do with COVID-19 it’s because school are becoming more expensive. How about they make learning easier . Instead of 4-5 years make it 3-4 years. Don’t give us classes that gonna waste out time . Make learning better and worth it for students. Stop putting them in debt and stop stressing them out .

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