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why is confucianism considered a philosophy instead of a religion –

why is confucianism considered a philosophy instead of a religion

Are you looking for the topic about Confucius and Confucianism EASTERN PHILOSOPHY Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism l HISTORY OF CHINAisn’t it? If so, you can check it out right here.

Confucius and Confucianism

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Sal gives an overview of teachings of Confucius and its impact on Chinese culture.

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  1. Chee Nou Lo


  2. Anwar Ullah

    Nice history

  3. eggizgud

    Did the trouble start when one religion 'claimed' to be the true religion? Before that, prosyletisation of new beliefs could flourish without being threatened with war?

  4. Caleb Lott


  5. Bastian McCabe

    i love ka

  6. Guy VanBuren

    Better dead than red

  7. uncleanunicorn

    I've come to the conclusion that Confucianism indirectly contributed to the palace intrigues that confounded several later dynasties. The problem appears to be the palace eunuchs. My understanding is that they were essentially volunteers, under the assumption that – without the ability to start families they would be selfless administrators, yet clearly this was not the case. Scheming eunuchs have been at the heart of corrupt intrigues, the An-Lushan rebellion comes to mind, as an example – dooming the Tang dynasty.
    The very fact that the highest positions in the palace required a man to be a eunuch ensured they would embody the ruthless ambition they were supposed to eschew. If a man would go through that… for power in the palace… yikes.
    The problem of scheming eunuchs could have been 'neutered' if a selection of older, responsible women could have been trained as palace administrators, less likely to have the same degree of ambition, and no threat to the Emperor's harem. But this was apparently unthinkable, because classical Confucianism would relegate these women to home life exclusively.

  8. Stephen Dominguez

    Lucifer Bright Morning Star Light Bearer Is Allah

  9. Gladys Garcia

    This is super boring

  10. 江炩鵑

    This is a good statement about the Ideas of Confucius.

  11. Mansoor aziz

    This blood philosophy has ruined my paper

  12. Kade Smith

    That moment when you realize that Uncle Iroh isn't just from a cartoon


    one of the videos for learning the best way of learning online, you really explain what I need to know and learn for my class.

  14. yes

    im watching this vid for hw. gg

  15. Keerat Sembhi

    dude take a break

  16. Panel Gapped

    This video is great, when you fast-forward.

  17. specifex

    I hate this class.

  18. 우리말한자공부,사자소학,사자성어

    He is the greatest teacher ever

  19. specifex

    Anyone else here from mr domkes class?

  20. ψιλός κύβη

    This is a great intro, don't get me wrong, but where is the part where you talk about what Confucianism is actually about? Needs a second part with more in-depth discussion of the sources. Confucianism is often misunderstood and misused by China's modern rulers.



  22. negi som

    Hi what book is that sir are teaching from

  23. There is only one KEK and Pepe is his prophet

    Socrates >>>Confucius

  24. Our Daily Dozen

    This is a great video! Thank you Khan! ♥️

  25. Andrey Georgiev

    Yesterday I watched your linear algebra videos and now I'm watching this. You truly are a polymath.

  26. shapla akhtar

    thank you for the great video and explanation.

  27. Yakov Matityahu जैकब मैथ्यू יעקב מתתיהו

    I am a Christian and i love the story of Confucius he was one of the most wise man to walk on Earth…

  28. kkikk11

    i like your video and the way you teach, it help build my knowledge of Ancient Chinese Philosophy for my presentation and myself

  29. martin simbona

    God bless Khan Academy!

  30. Ice Flame

    The video was quite Confuciu-ing

  31. Gavius Octavius Augustus Divi Filius

    己所不欲 勿施于人
    君君臣臣 父父子子

  32. Rolling Cloud

    Khan really learns a lot of stuff, excellence

  33. 魏振雄

    Wei Dao Wu Di!!😎

  34. I am Panda


  35. Joe Pup

    What a missed opportunity for Khan Academy, a company that is founded on the ideal of free, lifelong education for all!! For Confucianism is in fact rooted in the ideal of universal education. Confucius said it himself: "By nature, we are all basically alike. It is learning and practice that set us apart." "When people are educated, barriers between the classes disappear…If the children of kings and emperors lack quality, they should be demoted to the level of the peasants. And if the children of peasants have quality, they should be elevated to the ranks of the rulers." For Confucius, one's station in life was created through learning; one did not inherit one's status. To his credit, Sal notes that Confucius shunned laws and punishments, favoring the example of the learned and the enlightened to gently lead the way. Well, how do you get these people? Through learning! For Confucius (Kong-zi), the true scholar is humble and knows what he does not know (as Khan noted in the previous video)–sound advice for some of our leaders today! And because one is humble, one is prepared to learn from just about anyone: "Three people walking, one is my future teacher." So there is a strong sense of populism in Confucian thought, in that even the greatest scholars can (and must) learn from the humblest people. More important: ANYONE who wants to can raise his station in his life through EDUCATION. Anyone. And Confucius put his money where his mouth was, as he was the first to enroll poor kids free of charge in his Academy in the State of Lu. This principle of equal access to education is not even a reality in many parts of the US today (an issue that Khan Academy is working to ameliorate). And up to the last century, you had the caste system in India and a strict class-based society in Europe. Indeed, shows like Downton Abbey are based on the dying-out of this class-based society in the early 20th century. So, 2500 years ago, the idea that everyone could learn and improve their condition, was revolutionary. So if Khan Academy were transported 2,500 years into the past to ancient China, it would not be out of place. For Khan and Kong-zi share so much in common. It's a shame that Sal Khan does not point this out.This is not just about ideology or lofty principles, either: Confucius has so much to say about the process of learning itself that is echoed in Khan's teaching approach: "I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand" and "If I hold up one corner and the pupil does not return the other three, I do not continue teaching." In other words, learning is not a one-way street. You have to do the problems, interact, contribute your own ideas. In fact, after providing his listeners with a bit of intuition, Sal often asks them to stop the video and work things out. Just like Confucius would do to his disciples–explain a little, then ask them to go off and solve the problem. So, great teaching is another thing Khan-zi and Kong-zi have in common.

  36. Who is John Galt?

    Confucius say, crowded elevator smell different to midget

  37. kwanarchive

    Confucius once said:

    "So here's the real golden rule: I'm way above you weak rookies. Confucius say you can all hold these fortune cookies"

  38. yaz

    "putting so much central power in strong rulers who are willing to be quite violent in repressing other people in order to bring that stability…" doesn't sound so different from modern-day china then, does it?

  39. mahmudul islam

    hello,is the video is a part of a course of khan acheademy, how can attend this course.will i get any certificate for attending this course.i want to know details.
    can i share this video in facebook page.i also want to know the video sharing rules.

  40. ImRan Ma1ik

    What are books sal is using for World history videos any idea?

  41. Moisés Espírito santo

    Thanks Very munch, Khan Academy!!!

  42. Ayush K

    Amazing video that thought me a lot as always!

  43. Rami Barakat

    God sent hundreds of profets messengers… Each one of those mentioned could be one of them

  44. yobolion

    "Signs and symbols rule this world! Not words, nor laws" Confucius

  45. Andrew Kovnat

    Confucius for North Korea, 2018 (Or whenever North Korea has ele- Oh, wait…).

  46. Vtron

    Confucius once said that making a mistake and not correcting it is making another mistake I love your classes

  47. Fauzan Amjad

    I'm currently studying Confucius and many other notable religious founders in my World History AP class. This really helped.


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This great Chinese philosopher believed in everything we ignore nowadays: tradition, institution, obedience and order. That’s why he matters.

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  1. xlnt

    we are a lot smarter now, philosophy has no value

  2. Paris France Missions

    The hearts of the people are full of evil, and madness is in their hearts while they live, and after that, they go to the dead. For to him that is joined to the living there is hope. A living dog is better than a dead lion. For the living know that they will die, but the dead knows nothing, neither have they any more a reward and the memory of them is forgotten. Even their love, and their hatred, and their envy, is now perished, neither have they any more a portion forever in anything that is done under the sun. But for those who believe that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead, they shall live forever and the light of their hope is secure.

  3. Sang7


  4. death gamer team


  5. Quynh Anh Tran Nguyen

    It is not mentioned in the video but confucianism also has three obediences and 4 virtues specifically meant for maidens and married women and the 5 constants are mostly taught for men. This makes sense because these are teachings for rulers and rulers back then are only men. So personally, I'm not fond of confucianism, since it is partially blamed for the sexism back then and up until today.

  6. Confucius


  7. Brian Thomas

    I'm curious why you never mentioned Daoism or being in harmony with the Dao (Tao) at all? It seems that both Daoism and Confucianism are similar in this aspect.

  8. Khizer Abbas

    Video is great, thank you for letting us know about confucious.

  9. phatato


  10. Emily Lmao

    Confucianism is definitely NOT the only religion to preach these values. Idk why this video claims this is the only religion that teaches this, almost all major religions teach this

  11. Derrick McAdoo


  12. Ryan Marples

    Idk 🤷‍♀️ about any of this

  13. Despotic Waffle

    Didn't Aung sang Kyin or whatever thr Myanmar woman was support the rohingyan ethnic cleansing lol, and you listed her with ghandi and martin luther

  14. JRH G

    Fun fact: Confucius was a 190-cm-high slugger

  15. Lilitha Njisane

    U talk like u talk to the robots

  16. Aldina Fernandes

    Stressful video. The speed of the narrator is horrendous

  17. Shelley Harris

    Sayings. G Golden

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  20. theo orval

    Would you consider slowing down, so I won't get a nervous breakdown trying to keep up with you?

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  22. Jason Jackson

    My parents have excellent taste in music

  23. Sul Fa

    so confucius was a muslim?

  24. ouio iuoi

    its an over simplification to think creativity is akin to impulsivity and that it doesnt require work. it requires being organised, being systematic, creating archives, planning out ideas, testing things, working on something daily over time, research, practicing techniques and skills, networking with people. but I suspect this video is aimed at common held beliefs & to encourage younger people to see the value in historical systems of thought as a way to live.

  25. David Jacobs

    周禮全經釋原 卷八

  26. Ihsan Bajwa

    کنفیوشس کے مطابق رابطوں کی تعداد پانچ تھی۔۔² کنفیوشس کا اصل نام Kong Qiu تھا۔۔³ کنفیوشس
    چائنہ کا رہنے والا تھا ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔کیا یہ معلومات درست ہیں؟؟؟؟

  27. Silverobot

    HEY!! Enya is not bad music

  28. Dorian Grey

    Confucius say”when setting out on path to revenge,dig 2 graves.”SMART GUY

  29. jose algoso

    I like the way he interpretation of the golden rule"DO NOT do to others what you don't want done to you".It seems to be uncaring or not being thoughtful,but it is the other way around:Interpreting it this way (rather than "DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT YOU WANT DONE TO YOU"..means,that we are more respectful,aware of the differences amongst us,does NOT expect anything back when we do good to others, won't unknowingly offend people(specially of different culture)..All of these good things by NOT doing anything!.It is probably a factor for the promotion of what I we need most "Tolerance".

  30. Aman

    Set speed at x0.75. It'll be perfectly fine.

  31. Heliolisk Fire

    The teaching about the sheep and ceremony. It reminds me of the one time I had bought my classmates some refreshment as a way to apologize for some wrong I had done. There was almost a sense of ritual to my apology. But one of them commented to me, expressing his disapproval. For him we should have just prepared refreshments as it would have been much cheaper. I would have quoted this saying from Confucius but I only got to read the Analects yesterday.

  32. ash

    There is too little introduction to Confucius' educational concept.

  33. Henrí Omoeje

    Don't move far away from your parents? Oh ok… 😎

  34. Sean Lee

    So basically one of his philosophy is "no snitching"

  35. melihatisho

    Who came here after amogus meme?

  36. Dexter

    If you put the speed on 0.75x speed, it'll be normal

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  38. HereIgoAgain

    Where men are men and sheep are nervous.

  39. Tio Wu

    The philosophy of Confucius is welcome and heavily promoted by China's ruling party. I think that tells you something about why sheep is a particularly fitting reflection of Confucianism.

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  41. 窟 lasta

    The pictures are all from the Tang Dynasty, more than 1,300 years away from the time when Confucius lived…………

  42. Obeng Kuning

    Is there any god in this religion? or just like ideology?

  43. Yunghee Hong

    Confucius’s principles are still key part of current Asian culture and value

  44. Fight Fan

    Rituals can be stupid and don’t take critical thinking into place

  45. Julius van Dijk

    had to play this at 0.75 speed, lovely content never the less!

  46. Spritual Elitist

    Confucius, Caesar, Mussolini and Julius Evola. Based

  47. k s Seo

    중국, 인도,한국,일본,등등,학교들의 도덕책들과 윤리책들에, 십계명들도 넣을 필요들이,있는듯 합니다.예절들 관련한,죄들에 관한 감소들 필요.
    십계명중에 4계명에서 10계명까지는,예절들이 많이 포함되어있기에,들어갈 필요들 있는듯 함.
    God(Our Lord),given this messages.

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  49. JOYCE La

    I lost interest for your speedy speech. I think he did not teach you that

  50. Dr.Dinkel

    Where is uncle Iroh?

Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism l HISTORY OF CHINA

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The Three Teachings Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism have been a backbone of Chinese society and culture since the bronze age. The Three teachings are still intertwined strongly with today’s China. There are different interpretations to China’s chore faiths. Over time, different dynasties favoured different faiths, if only to define themselves against their predecessor. Ultimately though, its all about the philosophy of combining spirituality with every day life. All about the Three Teachings now on IT’S HISTORY.

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  1. Jeff M

    I'm the biggest Taoist in the world by body mass. And if you get a few drinks in me my spirit is the greatest or the least

  2. WinnipegDigitalPsychogeographer

    Taoism is NOT about the way of self… it is rather the way(s) of every selves… it is not a simplistic way(s) of looking at things, but rather a dynamic one(s) that moves with life with others…

  3. alex Lo

    To make it easier understanding. compare them to western system
    Confucius – > Newton physics. Try to classify and ordering setting rule of engaging.
    Taoism -> Quantum mechanic. Its be as its being.
    Buddhism -> Psychology. relief when felt being struggle.

  4. Tan H J

    There were other schools of philosophy and teaching – mohism, legalism, menciusim etc

  5. Naked Dharma

    What about Maoism? Is that a Fourth Teaching?

  6. Prince G.


  7. Contend4Truth

    I am a Greek Orthodox Christian and would like to introduce you to Orthodoxy. Read "The Law of God," by Seraphim Slobodskoi; and/or "The Orthodox Way," by Kallistos Ware. To learn about pseudo-spiritual systems and the coming one world religion of Antichrist, read "Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future," by Father Seraphim Rose. To learn about some saints, read "The Northern Thebaid: Monastic Saints of the Russian North." To see the evidence for Jesus's resurrection, read "The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus," by Habermas and Licona. To learn five good arguments for the existence of God, read "On Guard," by William Lane Craig. To learn about the biblical prohibitions of witchcraft and magic, read "Witchcraft: Exploring the World of Wicca,' by Hawkins. Pray, "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner. "Google the Holy fire. It is a miracle in Jerusalem every Easter, attesting to Jesus' resurrection.

  8. Christ the way, truth, life

    Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”
    John 14:6 (NKJV)

    Jesus is the only way to heaven.


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    Forgive those who have harmed you (this will free you from anger) as Jesus forgave you
    Believe Jesus died to blot out your sins and that He is your Saviour
    Believe He rose again 3 days later in the flesh by God's hand
    Be baptised fully immersed in water and be baptised in the Holy Spirit (if possible)
    Repent daily
    By grace you are saved through Faith (belief)
    Live pure and stop sinning
    Follow the spiritual laws:
    Love you neighbour as yourself and love God with all your heart, soul and mind. Believe Jesus is Lord.
    Develop a relationship with God to hear His voice.
    Be obedient.
    Do fruitful charitable deeds.

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  10. Eugene Rider

    This video is wholesome thank you

  11. Zwei Wing

    Thank you for making the video!

  12. Annabel D

    anoyone else find the guy speaking hot…? just me..?..

  13. Danny

    din-asty? bud- ist? doctreens?

  14. Evelyn Guaman

    Who else is watching this for homework 🙄

  15. Andrei Benedict Mendiola

    this man is FINE

  16. Thanos Z.

    If you are more Taoist like

  17. me

    I love this very outspoken I can literally hear every word your saying. 😌💞💞😍I have subscribed .

  18. Kishore Kumar

    Qing dynasty which made buddhism official to some extent. And used buddhism to control mongols

  19. zzzZz

    I'm sorry, but you are so handsome

  20. Saquibyu

    Jesus. Had to watch it slowly for an hour making ample notes to completely comprehend. Its like condensing an entire PhD. into a 7 min video. Lol.

  21. Jeffrey Sommer

    I don't mean to be a nitpicker, but it would be better if you learned how to pronounce Chinese. Also, the Ming was not the longest dynastic period.

  22. DeathFlameARMADA

    Confucianism is the extrovert karen religion, Taoism is the introvert emo religion, Buddhism is the so-so deaf boxer religion. So which religion dominated China the most often? Let's See:

    All Early Dynasties = Shamanism &/or Confucianism
    Han Dynasty = Taoism & Confucianism
    Jin Dynasty = Buddhism
    Liu Dynasty = Buddhism
    Northern Wei = Buddhism
    Southern Qi = Buddhism
    Liang Dynasty = Buddhism
    Chen Dynasty = Buddhism
    Sui Dynasty = Mostly Buddhism & Sorta Confucianism
    Tang Dynasty = Buddhism, then Taoism
    Liao Dynasty = Buddhism
    Song Dynasty = Confucianism
    Yuan Dynasty = Buddhism, then Islam
    Ming Dynasty = Taoism
    Qing Dynasty = Confucianism
    Yamato Dynasty = Shintoism
    Cantonese China = Confucianism
    Mandarin China = Atheism.

    TOTAL: Buddhism = 10, Confucianism = 6, Taoism = 3, Others = 1.
    Looks like the Northern & Southern Chinese people prefer to be Buddhists, which means they like foreigners & being punching bags?

  23. GlassesPHD

    I believe you have the chronology wrong. Laozi came before Confucius.

  24. Hikarey

    yeah this videos helpful but i dont like how this guy talks

  25. Walk With Simanta

    Buddhist from Bangladesh

  26. MELT UP

    And now the CCP is attempting to insert socialism as the fourth major influence of China, which is funny considering how socialism contradicts Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism.

  27. Abe Fanous

    “The East never had a secular enlightenment”!?

    China and Japan are the only countries to adopt state atheism 😅

  28. Pa Lor

    Dab Mai I am still in war zone muahahaha this time with magic and wine never thought chicken and eggs is so strong and hero reborn.

  29. The Starlight Symphony Series

    Good stuff but needs to be longer. Could use more substance

  30. ventactics

    Brilliant explanation. I do have to say I'm a Daoist. I think of these as philosophy not religious belief.

  31. Peter Khew

    All roads lead the Rome. The Three Teachings are but different paths to the same destination, on this journey we call Life. Hence, the amalgamation of the trinity into what we now know as Chinese culture.

  32. Blixen

    who else at school

  33. Blixen

    i am at school LOL

  34. James Green

    If only I could pull off a bow tie casually and not be chased down the street by ruffians

  35. Cassiope SYSG

    Chinese are natural secular believers, so we do not need a secular reform. Also we're easy to turn to atheist.

  36. Finn


  37. Trusty Taco

    You need too stop comparing the history of China to that of Europe. It’s a very Eurocentric view and it gets annoying because although similar very different history and beliefs are present.

  38. ZEN TANGO Oscar Wright

    Xunzi, 600 years before Buddhism's arrival, developed a central tenant of Buddhist philosophy and that is that DESIRE creates suffering in human life "!

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  44. Coron Nation

    Your mother loves you is not guaranteed. Abortions exist.

  45. Insert name Here

    I am confusion

  46. PotatoeConnection mohawk

    This is just my brain vomitting stuff out but to those who would like to read it

    Theres no true Way to life, simply because each human leads a different life, its only by admitting to ourselves that we dont have the answers that we can begin to look for them

  47. nev 👣

    Am I the only one who has to watch this for online school? Only me? Oh ok…

  48. mandeep singh

    Buddhism is Indian for your information.

  49. Angelica Dones

    So can you be a Taoist Buddhist Confucian ? And why

  50. Chuang Tzu

    This fella and channel or not knowledgeable enough to make a video in this subject. It would be better if this video was removed. It is full of errors. He cannot even pronounce Tao and it gets worse from there. Facts are mixed up and just wrong in so many places.

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