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why is history not important –

why is history not important

Bạn đang xem: why is history not important Tại

Are you looking for the topic about Why is it important to study history? Why is History Important? Why Study History? isn’t it? If so, you can check it out right here.

Why is it important to study history?

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Studying history is more than just memorizing dates and facts about long-ago events. It’s gaining insight into humans and their actions and understanding the impact of past events. In today’s ever-changing world, it’s more important to study history than ever before. Learn more about the importance of history and how studying the past can help you prepare for the future.

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  1. umax umax

    your explanation is very well bro people need to learn history. because many people say forget about your past .

  2. Nandini J

    I had a exam today and a question came of what is history and this helped me soooooo much thank you!!!!!

  3. Berrall Congress

    Psychology got me here🤦🏾‍♀️

  4. Linh Thu’ Shop

    misson is to sub to history 🙂

  5. Marc Ward

    Readings in Philippine history Subject brought me here🙂

  6. Donato Leomar V.

    Ngec 2

  7. BALDEMOR, Froilan G.

    shout out sa mga taga PMMS

  8. J Saucy

    Freshman year first day of school Olympic tho

  9. Shravya Bhikshu

    Wow so interesting ! thank you

  10. deep mania


  11. Coolclipscompletion

    I study history cause it’s good to knows things in case something and you need to my friends say that they don’t care about history and it makes me mad

  12. MOH –

    There's a 99 percent chance your here because of school

  13. John Carlo Dacullo


    History is Subjective reaction of the past because it is based on what the author of history is interpreting but I do believe history isn't always trustworthy. It can almost never be, for we cannot analyze the different perspectives of the situations and people. We only go off of what was recorded, set in some kind of lasting case. And there have been things never recorded, still lost somewhere in the mist of history. adopting ideas from Morwen.. I also considerate his idea for not believing right a ways thus make a research that state the starement is scientificall proven and well manage


    It helps. Thank you.

  15. Captain V

    I’m I the only person that watch this because I’m actually thinking of studying history?

  16. Sudeep Rag

    You study history
    we create history
    -Sudeep Rag

  17. Colin214

    pov: you’re watching this for history

  18. • Its Kim •

    I am watching this cus my teacher put the link in the ppt for tmy school

  19. Chandra Vijayan


  20. FTB -Omy Ψ

    I am here for s.s.

  21. DevTech

    Why is there like no comments

  22. siddi in Pakistan


  23. Mason Sample

    Doing this for my school.

  24. queenz Onlyzone

    Tysm with this vid u saved my grade

  25. Lola

    Yup this is school 2020, we dont care about this

  26. Kinq Walid

    I know one of ya are looking at this video bc ya just started school

  27. tg

    Only here for online school

  28. Solvable


  29. ItaliaXmoon ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Who else was sent here from their teacher 🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗

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  33. Emoly

    No ❤️

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  38. Game Master

    Who came here from class?

  39. lifethedon1k momoney

    HIS-story not ours ✌🏾✌🏾

  40. 可乐学姐

    Thank you for sharing

  41. Beeg Yooshi

    Bro who else watching for online school?

  42. wyf

    only 2 comments ? 💀

  43. Jadyn Farley

    m ah nioce

  44. sxfia_xoxo

    School got me here 😭

  45. Androx

    Whos from school

  46. Anthony Reyna

    I wanted to be the second comment



  48. Perla

    really, 1 COMMENT AND 25,619 VIEWS

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  50. Endurance Forever


Why is History Important?

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This short video gives multiple reasons for why history is an important subject area. It is a great video to watch on the first day of school or at any point of the year to help students see the importance of learning the subject area.

If you liked this video, see the complete PowerPoint and short reflection activity at my Teachers Pay Teachers store:




  1. ˣғᴀᴋᴇ ᴋᴜʀᴏᴍˣ

    Bruh I just had history homework 😭

  2. Cream Chipz

    i just clicked this to make me look smart lol

  3. n0Kg


  4. Kitsune

    History is only good if it isn't changed to make something evil or broken or corrupt look like the hero American Education System im looking at you

  5. Yellowskin69

    trash video wouldn't recommend

  6. elysivn

    i dont need to learn about king henry and his wives to get a job

  7. 6ex


Why Study History?

keywords: #socialstudies, #education, #middleschool, #classroom, #elementaryschool, #highschool, #school, #whyishistoryimportant

Why study history? What’s the point? How does learning about the past affect my life right now?

Well my friends, those are all excellent questions which millions of people around the world have asked at some point in their lives. The answer might be surprising because in the end, the answer is always YOU.


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  1. Never give up!

    History also states that…. Nothing lasts forever! And that's what inspires me to study history

  2. iman yahya

    My teacher made us watch this video

  3. zina mohamed

    why study history❓

    well for me it's because school makes me🙃

  4. Torvu Anito

    Pov:Our teachers make us watch history and u see this comment ;))

  5. LovvinLily

    I’m only watching this because of my social studies teacher

  6. Shubhada Purohit

    My teacher makes my watch this video ❤️😃

  7. Aniyah French

    am i the only one here on their own actually wondering why tf i should give a crap about ancient rome-

  8. Frogged

    Im just here out of curiosity

  9. JoAnne Quist


    Read more

  10. Benson Sahagun

    hello, future educators. HAHAHA

  11. Sangeetakumari Gupta

    ||||Next video topic why to memorize history becuz that's what we do in school|||

  12. Small Fry

    "How does learning about the past affect my life right now"
    "The answer is always…. YOU"

  13. Wow Madhani




  15. Shravya Bhikshu

    Thank you pursuit of history !

  16. Shravya Bhikshu

    I am here because I love history and this video had inspiered me lot lot

  17. Shravya Bhikshu

    Very Inspirational
    Thank you

  18. Charlotte De Popo

    i thought this was gonna be like "oh yeah you learn history to get an understand of the global issues happening right now (sexism, racism, poverty)" but no it's just you

  19. kmaniscool

    This is a four year old video and our teachers still make us see this

  20. Reeve Keher

    my teacher assigned this aswell

  21. Salik

    " You can make inventions with the help of science but can't change a thing without history "…

  22. AlexysGamesYT_23

    i am study history because i want to learn

  23. Rats

    My biggest problem I have found in researching history, is this One saying that is so true on every single level.
    He who wins the war, Writes the History…
    So there is no sure way of knowing the truth when most, nearly ALL of it, is lies and half truths…
    I can't stand it and at the same time, I can't get enough…

  24. シ—!Marly Mayz!—

    POV: You have to do this for your class

  25. dat boi


  26. cmagoesbr

    Nah, my teacher didn't make me watch it. I searched it by myself 😎🤟

  27. Bikram

    I am in love with History

  28. DumDeapool420

    i cant believe they didn't list Will Ferrell when they said inspirational leaders

  29. Vedraj r.m

    So let’s learn how past generations made and corrected their mistakes.
    Why should we learn every little thing in detail!
    Why can’t we just take away the overall results of certain events. Why should we focus on ever little useless details like the exact date for example.
    Even in modern history, no body cares that the dot com bubble burst in 2001, just say early 2000s
    No body cares the financial crash was in 2008, just the late 2000s is sufficient.
    When You go back even further, variation in years seems very little. It does matter if someone did something in 1233 or 1234
    It should matter what we take away from what they did.

  30. Fisher n Biker


  31. Knightrow

    But its still useless

  32. Faith Zaira Sangster

    My teacher made me watch this +999

  33. Aestrics

    My teacher told me to watch this so, HI

  34. Jhon Rico Ferrer

    Hello classmates 😂

  35. John Rey Escueta

    To the people who isn't here because of assignments,

    I'm proud of you .-.

  36. Pamela Supilanas

    Bachelor of Arts in History is my course and I keep asking myself, why History? And I find this so thanks for your wonderful video.

  37. Natasha Packman

    nononnonoonononoonononononnononoonnonono cheese

  38. Tanaka Gono

    Lexi do u see me

  39. Natalie Langenfeld

    Is anybody else's history teacher making them watch this also.

  40. ydkm

    everything she's saying i put is my essay why should i study historyHHAHAASHS

  41. myst1c4lmyst3ry


  42. han stans

    I actually came here without being assigned it because I want to study history at university lol

  43. AH

    Probly a lot :/

  44. Shalini Rajawat

    Nice video

  45. soaad kadoos

    so…….. we all got here from school🙄😫 my teacher told the hole class to watch this vid like why

  46. Maxim Babără

    past and history are 2 different things we learn from OUR past the history of other people matters only if it's important and in this video it says that I'm making history why? so the future generations can suffer the same horrible fate of learning history again and again until there is so much history that we reach the capacity of history so why don't we stop history now and end thousands of peoples suffering and pain of learning history?

  47. Sad_Time Peace

    did that book said history lol

  48. Mariam Tarek

    Me tooo hahaha

  49. Jada Bess

    This is good news

  50. DJ Lorenne Zoe Barnedo

    Class mates in this YT😆

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