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why is us history important –

why is us history important

Bạn đang xem: why is us history important Tại

Are you looking for the topic about Why is it important to study history? Why is History Important? Why Do We HAVE To Study HISTORY?! isn’t it? If so, you can check it out right here.

Why is it important to study history?

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Studying history is more than just memorizing dates and facts about long-ago events. It’s gaining insight into humans and their actions and understanding the impact of past events. In today’s ever-changing world, it’s more important to study history than ever before. Learn more about the importance of history and how studying the past can help you prepare for the future.

Southern New Hampshire University, a private, nonprofit institution, offers affordable, flexible online degree programs in American, European, Middle Eastern and military history. Learn more at


  1. umax umax

    your explanation is very well bro people need to learn history. because many people say forget about your past .

  2. Nandini J

    I had a exam today and a question came of what is history and this helped me soooooo much thank you!!!!!

  3. Berrall Congress

    Psychology got me here🤦🏾‍♀️

  4. Linh Thu’ Shop

    misson is to sub to history 🙂

  5. Marc Ward

    Readings in Philippine history Subject brought me here🙂

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    Ngec 2

  7. BALDEMOR, Froilan G.

    shout out sa mga taga PMMS

  8. J Saucy

    Freshman year first day of school Olympic tho

  9. Shravya Bhikshu

    Wow so interesting ! thank you

  10. deep mania


  11. Coolclipscompletion

    I study history cause it’s good to knows things in case something and you need to my friends say that they don’t care about history and it makes me mad

  12. MOH –

    There's a 99 percent chance your here because of school

  13. John Carlo Dacullo


    History is Subjective reaction of the past because it is based on what the author of history is interpreting but I do believe history isn't always trustworthy. It can almost never be, for we cannot analyze the different perspectives of the situations and people. We only go off of what was recorded, set in some kind of lasting case. And there have been things never recorded, still lost somewhere in the mist of history. adopting ideas from Morwen.. I also considerate his idea for not believing right a ways thus make a research that state the starement is scientificall proven and well manage


    It helps. Thank you.

  15. Captain V

    I’m I the only person that watch this because I’m actually thinking of studying history?

  16. Sudeep Rag

    You study history
    we create history
    -Sudeep Rag

  17. Colin214

    pov: you’re watching this for history

  18. • Its Kim •

    I am watching this cus my teacher put the link in the ppt for tmy school

  19. Chandra Vijayan


  20. FTB -Omy Ψ

    I am here for s.s.

  21. DevTech

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  23. Mason Sample

    Doing this for my school.

  24. queenz Onlyzone

    Tysm with this vid u saved my grade

  25. Lola

    Yup this is school 2020, we dont care about this

  26. Kinq Walid

    I know one of ya are looking at this video bc ya just started school

  27. tg

    Only here for online school

  28. Solvable


  29. ItaliaXmoon ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

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    Who came here from class?

  39. lifethedon1k momoney

    HIS-story not ours ✌🏾✌🏾

  40. 可乐学姐

    Thank you for sharing

  41. Beeg Yooshi

    Bro who else watching for online school?

  42. wyf

    only 2 comments ? 💀

  43. Jadyn Farley

    m ah nioce

  44. sxfia_xoxo

    School got me here 😭

  45. Androx

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  50. Endurance Forever


Why is History Important?

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This short video gives multiple reasons for why history is an important subject area. It is a great video to watch on the first day of school or at any point of the year to help students see the importance of learning the subject area.

If you liked this video, see the complete PowerPoint and short reflection activity at my Teachers Pay Teachers store:




  1. ˣғᴀᴋᴇ ᴋᴜʀᴏᴍˣ

    Bruh I just had history homework 😭

  2. Cream Chipz

    i just clicked this to make me look smart lol

  3. n0Kg


  4. Kitsune

    History is only good if it isn't changed to make something evil or broken or corrupt look like the hero American Education System im looking at you

  5. Yellowskin69

    trash video wouldn't recommend

  6. elysivn

    i dont need to learn about king henry and his wives to get a job

  7. 6ex


Why Do We HAVE To Study HISTORY?!

keywords: #whystudyhistory, #johnfea, #samwineburg, #socialstudies, #apworldhistory, #apush, #apu.s.history, #apeuro, #apeuropeanhistory

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In this video Heimler does his best to help you understand the answer to the question: why study history? Many of you are gearing up to take AP World History, APUSH, or AP European History, and you might be none too happy about it. For you, the best outcome of that time will be a decent grade and hopefully a good score on the AP Exam.

But if that’s all you’re hoping for, you’re missing the most powerful gifts the study of history has to offer you.

Sam Wineburg’s Historical Thinking and Other Unnatural Acts:


John Fea’s Why Study History:



  1. Roberto

    like this guy

  2. chris d

    Would you ever make a video on why knowing dates are important? If so i would totally watch it!

  3. Gadaf Tahiri


  4. Jeremy Stitts and the Journey

    Thanks for the motivation

  5. drip acid

    my history teacher is making me watch this

  6. Mr.Pistachio

    Im a student (ninth grade) and history to me is a very fun subject to learn because I used to never like it, but in the past year and really just when I started doing HEMA I learned a decent bit about european history. But as I was learning a lot of stuff clicked, the american revolution led to the french revolution which helped bring forth the events to rise the popularity of the a democratic system. Then napolean filled a power vacuum and showed even more how empires and monarchs cause destruction. All of this helped shape our entire modern world.

  7. Sandra Huerta

    Contact clues

  8. Undead Dark

    Hey seggsy

  9. Red Lipstick

    Patriots did not go to kill Pence. It was a set up organized by the speaker of the house Pelosi. This would've been good to show my social studies classes if it did not have
    The instructors political Progressive bias. How disappointing.

  10. Minchan Kim

    Well said. I was planning on going into STEM but now am narrowing my focus on History.

  11. reydo

    the whole 'learn from the past' thing doesn't seem to be working out very well

  12. Makayla Z

    I got a 4 on the apush exam after binge watching all your videos!!!

  13. Oveja

    Idk about this… All i learned from ap history is dad jokes and that Heimlers gets his beard licked by unicorns.

    No but seriously this video is true. History is an amazing discipline to study.

  14. Randomusly Generator

    History opened my mind to new people. I understand their pasts and why they act in certain ways; something that was never taught to me before I took AP world

  15. David Hickey

    This is great! I've been telling my Euro students that a big part history is increased empathy and love. Sam Wineburg is great and John Fea is a friend.

  16. Jimpy

    Amazing video! Thanks for it.

  17. William

    Hitler did not study history when he evaded Russia

  18. Anime Dimension

    Yeaah, but no thanks.

  19. BinaryOrbitals

    Be warned incoming History students; the sentence, “To help you get an A in your class and a 5 on your exam in May,” Is a lie as I only received a B in my class and a 4 on the exam.

  20. Wild Shrimp48

    History is the best subject. After looking at the past, you can see the future…and help you see what change needs to occur to make sure we don’t repeat it.

  21. BallOfCheese

    Who's teacher put these videos for history… only one?

  22. Aspiring King

    I am looking forward to using your channel as a resource this year! I want to be a history teacher in the future, and it turns out that my school doesn’t have many options when it comes to history classes, but they do have the best Education pathway. They don’t offer AP world history, but I am willing to self study for it. I was wondering if you could make a video to just give us self studiers a peptalk, and some advice on where to even begin when it comes to self studying for AP history tests. Like schedule suggestions and how doable it is. I am also on the discord and I would love a section for self studiers even if it is just a few people.

  23. Tender Milk

    Hey man. I got a five on my apush exam fully thanks to you (and my teacher). I honestly don’t think I would have passed without your videos. Thank you so much. Also to anyone reading this who’s taking apush next year please watch his review videos they’re one of the best resources out there.

  24. Arombell

    Im going to be honest Im only listening to this because you're the one talking

  25. Maliha Antara

    I am willing to study history but not willing to write DBQs and SEQS just to ruin my day

  26. Joshua Chen

    I'm done with history, at least in high school.

  27. Anne Thrax

    Heimler: "For many of you, school is starting next week…"
    Me, in upstate NY, where school doesn't start till after Labor Day: 🤤
    (to be fair, that means school ends the last week of June and we take AP exams over a month before the school year ends, so we miss a lot of time to learn or review)

  28. jen ten

    Heilmer! Are you going to publish ap gov or ap microeconomics content this year?

  29. The Paradigm


  30. Nick Reardon

    I think history is super boring but it’s necessary to learn unfortunately

  31. _vxx

    This is all true my apwh teacher from last year looooved Im telling you loved hearing our family’s history or if someone has a unique name she would ask if it’s from this place In the world and I think it’s so cool how she has so much knowledge abt the world around her and as you can tell though her course wasn’t my favorite she definitely was my favorite

  32. arjel_14

    When do u start ap us gov?

  33. Josh Boevers

    Well I got a 5 on my Apush exam so I agree with everything this man says.

  34. Wyatt Briggeman

    Got a 5 on APUSH. Thanks dude

  35. Parker Long

    Will we be seeing more retrospect? I really enjoyed the few episodes you put out.

  36. Matthew Rakestraw

    Yes! That’s it. That’s the comment.

  37. Lance Li

    What are you going to teach next year?

  38. Braden S.

    history is like philosophy and psychology put into real events and it's by far the most interesting subject for me, though i've been lucky enough to have great teachers for my history classes. i hope to become one too, thank you heimler!

  39. John Locke

    I got a 5 on my exam this year thank you so much for your help 😲😲

  40. Campbell Taylor

    …when your school started last week 😭😭

  41. Is Fat

    Hey, the guy that gets you good scores in AP History classes posted a video. Nice. Also thanks for getting me a 5 on the exam.

  42. artie_h18

    Every history teacher better play this on the FDOS

  43. Steven Marin

    Thank you for this.

  44. Alex Christ

    This guy gave me a 5

  45. Mr. Beat

    Dang that Sam Wineburg quote was tasty indeed.

  46. Yo

    This makes me excited to learn history. Going to take AP US History this year! Part of the heimler team this year

  47. Justice Elise

    This is exactly why I want to become a history professor!!!

  48. Lily Bug

    So im a fan of this book series called the seven realms series. One of the quotes in the book is related to this question, why study history? Someone asked why do we have to learn what happened before we were born and her brother said "so hopefully we get smarter and dont make the same mistakes again" if your wondering, the quote is in the first book, the demon king, pg 145.

  49. James Naylor


  50. RianTRD

    Heimler asking the important questions to all of his subscribers who have presumably taken at least one AP History course in the past.

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