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why school shootings happen in america –

why school shootings happen in america

Are you looking for the topic about The US has seen 45 mass shootings in 30 days What students really think about school shootings The Evolution (Or Not) Of School Shootings In America Since …isn’t it? If so, you can check it out right here.

The US has seen 45 mass shootings in 30 days

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At least three people have been killed and two others injured in a shooting in Wisconsin’s Kenosha County, US.

#US #Shooting #WION

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  1. Kyle🌽Pop😎

    Stop playing with guns 😆
    Actually, carry on…

  2. qjtvaddict

    Invoke the insurrection act and remove the lunatics by force end the violence

  3. Phillip Mulligan

    Few Americans can afford a good education, mental health assistent or medicine but booze and guns are sold like candy

  4. Nithish S

    You're not supposed to show your expressions while reading the script just read the fing script

  5. Horst Schlemmer

    Sounds more like war

  6. Hensarling Gyoza

    Biden won't let you forget the mentality

  7. utkarsh choudhary

    It surprises and horrifies me at the same time.
    the richest
    the most industrialized
    the most developed
    and such a beautiful nation with such good people has has such a horrific past
    45 shootings in 30 days!?
    that's what i would expect to occur maybe in venezuela or other stricken countries
    maybe India couldv been on the list but then it shocks me personally instead of making me feel better as an Indian that we dont have any recorded mass shootings because such shootings havnt occured
    instead they are militant attacks or attacks from radicals. (example the indian communist party)
    Its genuinely scary to think about.
    I pray for the poor souls who have lost their lives. I hope the USA will do something to change their laws.

  8. Raymond Davidson

    School shooters elimiting other possible school shooters. Good stuff here

  9. B. Fett

    Taiwan says suck it

  10. B. Fett

    God I love America

  11. B. Fett

    There was mass shootings everyday in Compton back in the 80s and 90s. We just called them drive bys. You'll never know what your capable of until you have 3000 fps projectiles flying at you. I love my G2 Rippers. 9 separate wound channels.

  12. B. Fett

    "Those that would give up essential liberty for temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor saftey" – Benji

  13. The Franchize

    “It must come to an end”. Followed by zero action or change in gun laws. Again. At some point it’s just more words.

  14. Jeremy Cornwell

    Dog/animals inside city limits is mass murder. $hit apocalypse, Covid-19, Cholera – Salmonella – E coli

  15. hamishmc24

    America is fucked

  16. 아드리안

    Greatest country???? When your own people are your biggest enemy. How shameful

  17. derrrick 77

    America loves chaos and violence. 🇺🇸

  18. derrrick 77

    Funny we put more money in our prison system than our education. Murika buddy! Hehw-WEE!!

  19. alex black

    Gun control measures? Does India have dagger control measures? IGNORAMUS

  20. laos85

    Oh they shooting people. They definitely must be mental ill or playing shooting games

  21. ugly like ur mumma

    Fkin awesome KiII KiII KiII KiII KiII KiII KiII KiII KiII KiII KiII KiII

  22. Richards Family

    George Soros Prosecutors & DAs allow gang members & rioters to walk the streets without opposition. Mass shootings and destruction go unchecked so Demoncrats have an excuse to take guns away from law abiding Americans. Little do they know that Americans will NEVER surrender their only means of protecting themselves from Marxist Socialist Demoncrats Power grab.

  23. Morris Phillips

    In America, most men are empowered by money, knowledge and wisdom and good sex skills. Others are empowered by their skin, small penises, a gun and racism. Which one is you?

  24. Feleti Pula

    The Police and the Fire departments are all responsible for these shootings. They are literally using witchcraft to set Americans on Americans. A disgrace to the American name. They are trying to make it so that they would not not be erased from the face of this country.
    This is what happens when you put a poor man looking to make rich friends in office so they can control him and it takes him months before he wakes up and sees what the country is dealing with.
    The Police should be all put in jail and so are all the witches in this country and let them feed themselves and grow their own food in 1000 Acre Lot and the country should not give no more money to feed prisoners they should grow their own food and not the tax payers pay for it. The Police is trying to make themselves and the fire departments a must need so when you root for more cops the more you are disgrace to the Lord Almighty saying cops and fire departments are your heros? You say cops are your protectors? Where were they when the coronavirus was murdering people ? Exactly in their little cocoon hiding.
    America WAKE up and see the TRUTH….

  25. Midget_X

    Thank Biden and Harris

  26. Slim Jim

    Almost none of these are "Mass shootings" a mass shooting is where someone goes out with the intent to kill as many people as possible for the sake of killing people. A drunk guy getting thrown out of a bar and then shooting it up isn't a mass shooting. It's just a shooting. Likewise about 99% of all the other "mass shooting" reports are just typical summer gang shootings but I guess it's not PC anymore to assume they're gang bangers just because they're black. So now they just call any shooting involving more than 1 victim a mass shooting.

  27. Alex Gordon

    USA has the 2nd amendment of the constitution which gives citizens the right to be armed… so they can fight against tyranny.. like corrupt govt etc. biden is a national embarrassment. he has left our border open to latin American cartels… where the most gun violence is in the world…look it up. also, biden and his communist cronies were responsible for defunding police in many cities. here in austin texas our mayor sadler cut police 1/3! less police downtown, etc. and yes, i am a texan and yes i have enough guns for myself and a few neighbors and carry on everyday… 🙂 and you should too (unless you are insane or a criminal)… just in case

  28. Michael

    Wisconsin sucks anyway

  29. Amadden mind

    No racist in the comment section for this one 🤔

  30. Braydon Tinsley

    The comment section is so funny. No one cares about the victims. This is why so many people are resorting to MS <3

  31. Abadan Ali

    Why WAR OUTSIDE, if you have WAR INSIDE?

  32. Shoaib Khan Studios

    Hindu Troll=It Must Be Pakistan

  33. James S.

    It's very simple. Americans LOVE mass killings. (especially of children)
    We could stop it, but we won't. I thought for sure after Sandy Hook something would happen, but NO THING happened. Just "thoughts and prayers".

  34. Wuerito

    Remember after 9-11 the key word to imstill fear was "terrorists" in 2020 "c-19" now in 2021 "mass shootings." Its called predictive programming.

  35. John Wick

    At this point we might see united nations soilders, Chinese and or Russian soilders on American soil. They will say america has lost all conntrol m they need outside help for martial law think about it a Chinese soilder wont think twice to shoot us n with china joe as president i see it possible

  36. gary smith

    "The killer is still at large, but the public is not in danger"….right on…happy normal times…

  37. Joyce Schroader

    You actually are a f**** embarrassment? I think you have sometimes. Which if you Google is like a Alzheimer's and not time. There is something truly wrong with you. God help us

  38. H3LLD1V3R Films


  39. timtrfny timtrfny

    Pretty sure those dumb reporters count any gun shot as a "mass shooting" these days.. smh

  40. Itismwa

    You wonder why? Cops harassing and killing people? Instead of doing their jobs.

  41. xi drip ping

    there is a chinese bot named 张伟 Zhang Wei in the chat

  42. calvin smith

    can anyone tell me why is when the democrats are in power their is like magic mass shootings them and the media are hand in hand trying anything to take away good peoples rights so they can control your very life down till what time you go to the toilet people you better wake up before it is to late so many blinded !

  43. Lazarus Blackwell

    The politicians and corporations have destroyed peoples lives for money.

  44. zesar

    a normal day in the sick and drug addict usa

  45. confederacy states of America

    In Pakistan and India crimes are not even reported

  46. Spirit Rich

    There are several shooting in Los Angeles , Ca This Week April , 2021 Including (Figueroa Mass Shooting) .
    US Better Do Action Instead of talking . They need to Start Caring by Taking Action !
    evil people with guns are killing innocent people . GOD Please Help Us !

  47. Henry Widjaja

    And America is worried about the Muslims in Xinjiang. I thought America first? Biden talked about changes in gun laws, but as always the American leaders are still talking and talking and do nothing.

  48. Matthew Caughey

    My primary objective is going to be to escape from this should it ever happen to me. That being said if I have to fight my way past a shooter between me and the exit then be assured I will do and use any means at my disposal to ensure my survival

  49. Joe Hiden

    It only happens when Democrats push gun control. Almost like they are planned events. Hmmmm Another data point. We see a pattern.


    it will not.

What students really think about school shootings

keywords: #marjorystonemanstudents, #schoolshooting, #guncontrol, #USguncontrol, #USgunlaws, #USgundeaths, #parklandshooting, #emmagonzalez, #marjorystonemandouglas, #parklandfl,, #vox, #explain, #explainer, #marchforourlives, #marchforourlives2018, #activism, #studentactivismparkland, #studentactivismguncontrol, #studentactivism, #gunviolence, #parkland, #parklandflorida

We asked students across the US to share their thoughts on school shootings. Over 1,600 responded.

Read more about the movement that led to the March for Our Lives:


Subscribe to our channel!


To see how students across the country really felt about school shootings, we put out an open request for students to send us their thoughts. Here are some of their responses.

Gun violence, particularly school shootings, ranks among the most contentious issues in America. Since the February 14, 2018 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, mass shootings have again become a staple of the news cycle.

This school shooting is distinguished from previous ones, because students around the nation have rallied to organize for safer schools. Whether that means stricter gun control, metal detectors, regulating ammunition sales, or arming teachers, remains unclear. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what’s really driving the events in the headlines. Check out


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  1. Vox


  2. fade chilly pep

    I honestly feel bad for the shooters tbh

  3. Renegade Ace

    "That's why I'm credible." Lol, sweatheart being a victim doesn't make you an expert.

  4. Mason Meaders

    i think arming teachers is a great idea. if a school shooter comes into the classroom and you don't got a weapon, whatchu gonna do?

  5. Jacqueline Perryman

    The real problem about this is that we hear about shootings so often that we aren’t surprised anymore.

  6. Natan Oliveira

    "Greatest nation on earth" 🤣

  7. Swirlee Lish

    People in my class be like “oh I want something bad to happen so we can go home early or we can talk about it” bro the chances of death is very high and likely then yeah it’s gonna be funny then right when you see a dead body in the hall way and maybe one of your friends dead they don’t take it seriously

  8. Ulysses

    I think teachers should be aloud to carry weapons on them and be trained to use them properly and how to be safe. It would make me feel much safer. Guns are not the problem it’s the people behind the gun.

  9. Fern C

    as a Canadian and going to high school, the only thing I have to worry about is not having the soap dispensers (weird TikTok challenge)

  10. ANTI_MxGIC

    you all realize you created these shooters right

  11. Roger Ball

    If anyone's interested, I recently wrote an ebook on school shootings entitled, Know the Truth! Is Liberalism to Blame for School Shootings? It will be free on Amazon from 9/14 to 9/18. I believe this book can help shed light on an elusive topic.

  12. Zephyr

    id say, if you bully someone, you go to jail

  13. TheAbele992

    God Bless the NRA

  14. TheAbele992

    You're not a "survivor" if you weren't shot at, let alone even if the shooter didn't even come into your room.

  15. Unknown_User

    Nahhh, even the voting is rigged

  16. Dylan Gil V. Alviola

    Capitalism everyone

  17. Crypto Bandito

    This is why you make freinds with the quite kid

  18. Ben Lu

    School staff should be more observant of their students' interactions.

  19. alex taylor

    My friend lived in America, and was at school when ten minutes away, a school shooting happened. She had to go into lockdown, and left the USA a year later. She still has the trauma from that fear tears later. She was only eight.

  20. Nakama3rdeye

    America be like "perhaps we have a problem with guns… well, i'll use my Glock 17 to resolve this"

  21. Declan Baglin

    One kid said “Stop taking money from the NRA” when the NRA is the problem

  22. Manthan Vlogs Original

    Wow is this the freedom that US wants. Omg US was the safest country in 20th Century and now in 21st there is killing in School, For Political Reason. Now US is in top 50 Unsafest Countries in world like man Guns allowed for civilians is just opposite of what u shuld do.

  23. Manthan Vlogs Original

    What the f is wrong with USA
    I thought the song 'This is America' was just a joke but now I think its not insult of USA, its sad reality of USA

  24. Renegade Ace

    Homeschooling is the answer.

  25. Theodora Yuuki

    America needs to ban guns, at once, I grew up never need to worry about school shootings and other gun violence crimes, and absolutely not something absurd like the need for school shooting drills. I once argued with some Americans, and their thought is that it's worth the death in the frequent school shootings if that means they can carry a gun to protect themselves, but the safest thing I know, is to walk outside knowing no one has a gun other than the police, and the fact that the police force is actually functional.

  26. luna

    and yet you sometimes hear people in countries that don't make it easy to purchase a gun complain (from canada)

  27. Uppada Saravan

    "/disable pvp"

  28. 𝔳𝔢𝔫𝔲𝔰

    The solution is this problem: 𝗿𝗲𝗺𝗼𝘃𝗲 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝘀𝗲𝗰𝗼𝗻𝗱 𝗮𝗺𝗲𝗻𝗱𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁.

  29. Chaos Insurgency

    “Never again” thats what you should do to bullying.

  30. Ferdinand Andre

    "If your right is apparently harming the lives of other students, it shouldn't be considered a right anymore"
    She's right fam.

  31. Bari Hanthorne

    Props to these kids! I think we should put them in charge of America. All us adults just think of ourselves.

  32. Lt. JoeAnimatez

    Worst ways to get out of school in the US:

    School shootings

  33. Roger Szmodis

    Don’t bring a textbook to a gunfight.

  34. Paul Taylor

    This video made me really appreciate Vox

  35. Oniikaji

    i am so glad i wasn't born in america

  36. William Vaux

    I'm glad adults are seeing this. No student feels completely safe, except the most privileged.

  37. Edwino

    Next time you bully, remember it could add the chances of dying from a bullet

  38. Jack Bears21


  39. Kevin

    For starters American schools should stop protecting bullies.

  40. Joaquin Northsider

    You only show the opinions that match your.

  41. AnimePlz 178

    I know this is serious but I gotta give respect to the guy with a anime poster in the back

  42. Matt Doak

    There have been 247 deaths as a result of school shootings this year.

    No… Wait… This decade?

    Um… Looks at notes o…oh… It says here that, since the first school shooting over 100 years ago there have been 26 school shootings, 16 of which saw less than 6 killed, and the total body count of which is 247…

    Oh my… It looks like we're only focusing on this because it's visceral, tragic, and can be used to sway public opinion toward repealing or severely limiting the right to bear arms.

  43. Dale Burrell



  44. Thrao Mistblessed

    We're forced to go to school, so we just have to accept it. We don't really have an option

  45. x

    I love Canada

  46. Ben animates

    In America you should only be able to punches a gun at 21

  47. Speed Snake

    till the teacher gets mad at the class actin uo and fires a shot

  48. That random Guy on the internet

    USA needs to copy Icelands gun laws add some little changes and the shootings would probably decline dramatically

  49. Harris Syed

    Virgina Texas is like "America you're not that special learn for your betters before were dead maybe"

  50. LittleR

    From an outside perspective harsher gun control especially on assault rifles and shotguns seems like a pretty obvious solution. "B-but muh' government can't take away muh' guns n' muh' freedom", right?

The Evolution (Or Not) Of School Shootings In America Since …

keywords: #schoolshooting, #shootinginamerica, #schoolshootings, #VICENews, #VICEonHBO, #VICENewsTonight, #news, #vicevideo, #vicenews2018, #columbineshooting, #columinehighschool, #schoolshootingsurvivor, #massshootings, #gunviolence, #massshooting, #activeshooterdrills, #parklandshooting, #publicsafety, #guncontrol, #gunlobby, #gunlegislation, #stonemandouglashighschool, #education, #weapons, #firearms, #protection, #columbinesurvivor, #parklandsurvivor, #vicenewshbo

When the Columbine shooting happened in 1999, the survivors had no concept of what a school shooting was. Neither did most of America.

“We thought there was some sort of unknown or undisclosed senior prank going on,” said Zach Cartaya, now 37, who survived the shooting and has since started an organization that helps survivors of mass shootings. “Something to do with fireworks in the parking lot.”

Twenty years later, school shootings have become a staple of news cycles, and active shooter drills have been put into place in schools across the country. School shootings have become a thing all students know about, and to some extent, expect to happen.

“It’s sort of just an unspoken fear that we all had growing up,” said Marisol Garrido, who survived the Parkland school shooting.

But even as shootings at schools have become more common, little has changed in terms of either policy or the public’s ability to reckon with them productively.

“I thought it would end after us,” said Garrido, now a junior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. “I thought that it was enough to make any sort of change but it’s a year later. I don’t really see anything done. I guess school shootings will end when America wants to. They just don’t want to yet.”

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  1. VICE News


  2. Viktor the Bird

    Rifle operators in schools could do the trick:)

  3. BypassMobileHelp

    wt ppl kilin wt ppl lol

  4. TheYoutubeGuy

    America is strange. Us intellectuals in the UK have not experienced a school shooting in over 20 years, while I was in school we never did a single armed intruder drill and we never had a gun in the school.

  5. Bambim

    I love seeing NPC's talking about ending it. So pathetic. Can't even do the job properly.

  6. Evan Johnston

    school shootings will end when the world ends . As long as there's schools and people to attend them they will get shot up just reality , get over it .

  7. Drew James

    You can take all the guns you'll still have a mass murderer to deal with

  8. Secular Institute Headquarters and Guild


  9. Rob Something

    And yet you can still buy a gun in target ? Like wtf America ? Your school's are shooting ranges do something about it, stop making up excuses and force your government to change

  10. Carl Earle

    See this is why I learn about shootouts so I'll know what to do in case there's one at locals me such the school that I go to right now you're my school my classroom is like on the second floor so I'm like alright it's either risk breaking leg or risk dying out there I choose breaking a leg cuz I will to jump out the window I am not joking I will do it and maybe on the second floor underneath you not care my work is on but matters right now to me like fudge Pikachu's like audio School

  11. randomhumor1

    A dying American dream, A civilization in decline, the abandonment of masculine ideas will lead to violent acts by young (and older) men who feel as if nothing is worth anything anymore.

  12. david johnson

    omg, poor guy,i think he in a better place.r.i.p.austin…….

  13. Roger Szmodis

    At least you guys can keep the King of England out of your business.

  14. Throbs


  15. Skaatje

    Really amazes me that so many immigrants want to move to the USA. Such a horrible country.

  16. kavizzi

    Arm the kids, arm the teachers, arm everybody! Turn the schools into bunkers and make sure someone is making money by selling more guns and don't you spend a single tax dollar on some preventive socioeconomical bullshit!

  17. Zuzu Makiu

    Whitney Spears?!?! WtF!?! 😂😂😂

  18. Asa Stone


  19. a a

    Santa Fe was the last mass school shooting

  20. Euthanized Ghost

    What a bunch of drama queens

  21. Cry More

    There are over 400,000,000 MILLION guns in America. Gun bans won’t work. The genie is out of the bottle.

  22. Karla Key

    I am thankful that in Puerto Rico school shootings don't exist

  23. Jebus Goes on an Adventure

    They got time for school shooting drills but not for mental health awareness
    The US and many other countries fail at addressing extremism
    These are young people mostly young men and young men are very susceptible to these things just look at the gender ratio in other extremist groups that fall into a toxic mental crisis and begin to become more and more extreme, yet, no one no one tries to help these people. I think the only place I saw something where they tried to prevent young men from joining ISIS was in Denmark where they tried to give these guys psychological help.
    Often these people are bullied, lonely, angry, frustrated with the world and this makes them a vulnerable target for extremism
    This trauma just breeds more trauma and lets the circle keep going

  24. Big Riley Cross

    there is no politics to a school shooter. You guys beg for politics but the same things happen, so ?? Try something different. It’s not a politics thing , it’s a schooling and simply the environment of a child or children

  25. halxy444

    i consider buying a bullet proof vest sometimes, not even joking

  26. Devin Reis

    My friend KNEW Nikolas Cruz personally in middle school. My friend told me that he was obsessed with her in a way that was almost psychotic. He tried to pursue her, and she thought he was creepy. If it wasn't her that he was obsessed with, iwas also killing people. She didn't talk to him at all after middle school. I remember her calling me and crying her eyes out. The day after, we went to the mall and she just cried nonstop. It's scary when one happens literally in your own backyard, but it's even scarier when someone you know actually KNEW the person behind Parkland.

  27. Ricch Burglar

    This needs to stop I want every child to own a glock minimum.

  28. UnapologeticGrape

    America: pray for us
    Me: enough praying and start acting.
    America: Nah, well keep praying cause we don't want to do the work so we shall let God intervene.
    God: you are all on your own, as you already know and are capable of fixing it yourself.
    Me: Well, I'm never sending my kid to school in America, school in another country or private tutor here I come.

  29. Leslie

    I think before we change any laws. We as a country need to look at how we react to these horrible tragedies. Media needs to not help the perpetrators gain notoriety. Just like they don't publish other peoples names for different reasons naming the shooters needs to stop. Focus on the victims. The only way media will do that is if society clicks on the story about the victims or the crime itself vs a detailed description bio video on the crazed killers. Just a thought. Of course I realize mental health also is a big role in all of these shootings and needs a lot of work to.

  30. ᔕɧყ Luna

    I’m Canadian and kids shouldn’t be going through this at school!! This is heartbreaking! I just can’t imagine! Guns are an issue in America, plain and simple!

  31. Meme Sartorius TM

    Rest In Peace Austin

  32. whenindoubt mutemyownmouth

    Publicly funded schools specifically for autistic children would also help fix this. Yes more "forward thinking" countries like Canada, Australia, and England have more gun control laws, but they also have more than one zero cost school to send kids like Nicholas Cruz, and Dylan Roof to, rather than just waiting for them to explode and get kicked out.

  33. sueV333

    It's so strange that most students couldn't even wrap their heads around that they were hearing gunshots. "We thought it was balloons popping, books slamming," our minds just won't believe this could happen. Well… can happen 😭. God help us all

  34. a. evelyn

    I remember lockdown drills after Columbine. Terrifying. I was 7. I remember locks on the doors and coverings next to the window that the teacher would stick over the window during drills. We had a bomb threat at my k-8 with less than 600 children in that school, maybe 60 or 70 a grade max… maybe only 50 though… so less than 500 possibly….

  35. a. evelyn

    Wow… I wonder how those who glamorize the shooters would feel watching this. The differences between how most refer to them as “perpetrators” or by numbers and he who refers to the Columbine shooters by their names is…. I don’t know what the adjective is honestly…

  36. god

    Kids wear backpacks, but kids in USA wear backpacks with bulletproof paddings. Columbine changed everything, VT changed everything by fatalies.

  37. problem solver3

    Guy has gun gets under table😑

  38. Hyde Van Helsing

    OK, I dont want to be THAT guy, and it appears that the video focuses on High School shootings…but what about Virginia Tech?

  39. Ciera M.S.W.

    teaching kids to hide better 🙁

  40. Robert Torres

    So Columbine had school shooter drills before there was any such thing ?

  41. red_egale_29 bro

    Is it just me or is there growing mental heath crisis and it's made worse with the easier accessibility to guns and modifications to make them fully automatic

  42. stijn Kluppels

    The fact that there are school shooting drills before 1999 means that america has always had a big gun problem

  43. network

    smh i feel bad for them i make things to prevent these if i'm being honest they really need to change gun laws like why do you need a gun?

  44. MACABRE L.A.


  45. Raden Roro Firzany Nabiilah Hapsari

    and there are teenage girls that romanticize these school shooters. disgusting.

  46. T Money

    The guy in the blue shirt not dismissing there names and tried to not bury what happened to him. Personally I think he was the wisest person.

  47. James Freeman

    Why have everyone cooped up in a school. We all know high schools are incredibly toxic environments.

  48. Sean Carroll


  49. Lily Vaughn

    i wish we could get an interview from a kid that was in the sandy hook shooting. i’m about the same age as a lot of them, and i really wish i could hear their input.

  50. Terry finesse anderson

    We have to protect our kids

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