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why technology is good for education –

why technology is good for education

Are you looking for the topic about Why Is Technology Important In Education? Technology, The best or worst thing for educationwhy is technology important in education? isn’t it? If so, you can check it out right here.

Why Is Technology Important In Education?

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Why is technology important in education? In this video, veteran educator Sam Kary presents 10 arguments why teachers should use education technology to educate the current generation.

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  1. New EdTech Classroom


  2. Tenzin Pedon

    Your channel helps a lot to keep pace wd new emerging tech in education. Thanks a lot!

  3. Tatiana_ Bachoco

    Thank you sir,I have understood it fast

  4. Neelum yasmeen

    Thanks for sharing your views .

  5. Tech With Fru

    Great video

  6. Neena Mehta

    You have started a wonderful series. Would love to see more in this series. Thank you so much for this.

  7. Shishir Sachan

    Good information

  8. Alex Segu

    How does a Librarian enters the field of Educational Technology? Any thoughts on this question?

  9. amanda

    I appreciate all of these points but extra emphasis on 8 and 9. As someone with an educator in their family, I see both of these simultaneously! Great points.

  10. Sabrina Fairchild

    You make a lot of great arguments! Some I hadn't considered before. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Creative

    Wow!!! I really never expect.. in YouTube Someone Teach like you..
    Keep it up Sir.. your Channel is Very Important for Old School..🙏

  12. G Russo

    Good information, and important for our current times.

  13. Farbod Deylamian

    Love this. Good stuff.

  14. Ileen Erickson

    This is very important, timely information for educators. Thank you for doing this.

Technology, The best or worst thing for education

keywords: #English, #Education, #Technology

This talk is posing the question of how technology is impacting the classroom from a teacher’s​ perspective and how there are many misconceptions about how technology impacts the learning environment. Teacher at Baldwin school of Puerto Rico This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at



  1. Agnieszka Wójcik

    Although it is informative, I find this speech a little bit messy ( I've seen many so far on the topic of technology)

  2. Jacob Hibdon

    Great talk that was made better by this guys big Matthew McConaughey energy.

  3. Bridget M

    Comments asking for a summary: The argument is, it doesn't matter what your positive or negative views of technology in a classroom is. Our students inhabit a digital world as a matter of fact, thus it is a moral imperative that teachers adopt technology because we are responsible for shaping how our children act and interact in their native environment.

  4. Pika Joseph


  5. Guild Tayson


  6. ArthurFernandez


  7. gabyzinha _alves

    What is the conclusion he arrives about what needs to be done to deal with technology in the school environment

  8. gabyzinha _alves

    What is the conclusion he arrives about what needs to be done to deal with technology in the school environment


    can someone put a complete summary please

  10. Samia Ali

    Q1- Technology can be dangerous, students can become addict and use it to cheat. I t is also a source of information and can improve learning.
    Q2- To use technology wisely educators and students need to use it responsibly to develop digital skills and learning

  11. Lock-Down Therapy

    Generation Z ( those who were born after 200) – interesting

  12. Lock-Down Therapy

    Generation Z ( those who were born after 200) – interesting

  13. Ciang Bullo


  14. Blue Wolf

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    Use adblock + image-block for pc.

    Use lightning browser for phone.

  15. Corruptify

    I got this from my tech teacher ;-;

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  17. miranda

    thats my history teacher lol

  18. Ari’s world

    Any Caribbean students here? English SBA?


    Actually cool!!!😌

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  25. Hi!!!!

    Surprised at the small amount of views. Because this is an AMAZING Ted Talk

  26. Leonardo Dio

    awesome talk

  27. ITouchTheSky

    Technology is useful, using it intelligently.

why is technology important in education?

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why is technology important in education?


  1. Rams Gel

    It's amazing! Hi, May I have your permission to use your video for my class presentation about technology. Thank you so much

  2. Caleb Rampeare


  3. Kymani Eccleston

    Thank you so much



  5. Soumya Mohanty

    really innoative

  6. Isabel Tarling, Limina Education Services

    Hi Stu – what is the licencing on this video? Can I reuse it on an OER?

  7. Awatef Bouledroua

    Excellent presentation!!

  8. Turgay Adem


  9. vinayaka SM vinayaka SM

    in those days knowledge got more importannce.every child needs technologyin its education.

  10. Rajeev Chauhan

    Hi Stu,
    It's an amazing piece of work.
    May I have your permission to use this video for my class presentation.

  11. Zahraa Noureddine

    this is really just perfect! I find it really amusing other than the other videos that just keep talking endlessly with every single boring detail! this is simple, useful, and VERY true! mind if I use it for my presentation about technology & education? 🙂

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    i will use it for my homework

  14. May Adly

    can i know what is the music's name ??

  15. liam baker

    you just helped me a great deal in my modern history assignment !!!

  16. Charlie

    it is amzing the only one I could find about this subject

  17. Seerat Taneja

    This is Amazing!

  18. Naomi Burley

    This is exactly the type of video I've been looking for! There are so many negative videos regarding technology

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  20. azharoslan

    this is beautiful

  21. Stu Lowe

    Hi there. The video is made in adobe After Effects.

  22. Jaeyoung Han

    Hi Stu, I wanted to say this is  a great video! I wanna learn how to make it. Do you use a software? Is there a name for this type of animation? Thank You and I hope to hear from you soon. I love this video!

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